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  1. Dolly added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    I went to those kind of café a lot for birthdays and parties. It's usually ... not too bad but I have to admit I don't find the appeal (I'm getting too old?) because most of the time the food is average, if not mediocre for the price you pay. Drinks are most of the time okay. It's often quite crowded. I do prefer a normal but high-quality café.
    For the vampire café, the food was good though. Not amazing, but good anything and I was pleasantly surprised. There weren't a lot of people when I went so it was nice. The staff was nice (I'm pretty sure the waiter is in a visual kei band). On the downside, the toilets are terrifying if you don't like zombies. And I waited to go back to the train station to actually use the toilets. (that's the kind of baby that I am.)
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  2. Dolly added a post in a topic Taylor's "French" persona   

    offensive =/= racist
    Nobody in this thread have said (yet) it was racist), most of us that didn't like it just said it was offensive. I personally find it annoying because I had not very good experiences with English speaking people regarding my accent.
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  3. Dolly added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    "Japanese way of having nothing"?
    How condescending.
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  4. Dolly added a post in a topic Taylor's "French" persona   

    I ****ing hate her fake French persona. It was okay the first and two times then it gets very boring and quite offensive as a French person.
    Then tourists wonder why most French people don't like talking in English and complain.
    (btw, there have been actual studies in France showing that French people actually speak better English than they think they do but don't want to even try outside of classes because they're ashamed of their accents... especially in the work force.)
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  5. Dolly added a post in a topic Elbow-san revealed   

    It's written in the rules that we shouldn't drag family and friends here... The guy has clearly shown he wanted to stay as anonymous as possible. Well, whatever if he's a CEO or famous for his professional work, you'll just be shitty if you give the informations.
    Then, I personally don't care about Elbowsan, I found him quite uninteresting in the vlogs and obviously he would be like some CEO or something if he has the possibility to shower Taylor with all that money. Knowing exactly who he is wouldn't bring much to my opinion, anyway.
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  6. Dolly added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    tbh I kinda disliked the whole video just because of her stupid fake (and weak) French persona.
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  7. Dolly added a post in a topic Hayley Bui (IG famous)   

    urg the now pictures are hideous.
    She looks asian to me, especially in the first pictures (the first one with the blond hair for instance). My sister has a Chinese name because my dad is Chinese, but she looks super white and most people would never guess. genes, you know.
    If she's fully viet, yeah it can be surprising, then she seems to photoshop to hell and back.
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  8. Dolly added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    I didn't know she had another twitter account (well to be fair I don't follow her), but I gave it a look and it seems even more cringy than her usual account, oh my.
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  9. Dolly added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    It took me several minutes to get what she meant. oh so edgy, so artsy. (I don't think that they're very dirty/etc if she's actually making art/painting... mine always get worse... I'm clumsy though).
    Anyway, it looks like blanco children use when they write but makes a lot of mistakes at school.
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  10. Dolly added a post in a topic Dakota's videos   

    The question is a bit old but just in case and from the the very few video I have heard, her Japanese is fairly good. She doesn't use very very complicated vocabularies or sentences or grammars, BUT she delivers them in a clear pronounciation/accent to me which is a good point.
    She's not perfect and she still has to work on her Japanese (obviously), but she sounds more natural to me than most of the jvlogger community.
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  11. Dolly added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    I do think it really depends, I have been with friends, both foreigners and Japanese, and even in big chains it was sometimes difficult to request special things apart from "less rice please". Even some of my Japanese friends got a "no" when asked to take off a certain ingredient because they were on a diet or something.
    BUT, I do admit that it tends to change nowadays. When I was there 5 years ago it was quite a hassle, now it seems that with a bit of explaining it's okay. It still not as easy as in London or France for instance (the two places where I lived and can vouch for).
    I personally don't have enough energy to explain myselfs for too long and as I don't have allergies I consider it's okay. (which maybe staff would get use to make changes to their menu if people asked more for special stuff, ahah, but you know). -> I brought enough courage lately to ask for an all milk on my tea latte at the starbuck so it's a step.
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  12. Dolly added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    Shops in Japan are usually not very good with special requests, even when it's a big chain. So, personnally I gave up asking for special things a long time ago, as I don't have any allergy or else. The only special treat I ask Starbuck is "all milk" tea latte but that's it. ahah.
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  13. Dolly added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    At least she is constant, her Japanese is as bad as her English.
    I find it hard to believe that while she knew she was waiting for an answer concerning her visa she would quit her job and tell the immigration. Why not wait a bit more at least for the time to receive said visa if she was so sure to get it? Why would you waste months of procedures and files while you could have maybe waited just a little more ? Then, I didn't know the address of the restaurant where she worked was leaked but... it's Mira, not Beyoncé, would it really, really cause trouble to said restaurant ? I don't know, I'm a bit sceptical. And it's not like she was working for a big company.
    It does sound convenient to me.
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  14. Dolly added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Rodi's name is written on the description '_'.
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  15. Dolly added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    But if they're working part time or they don't have a very qualified jobs, wages in Japan aren't that high. We have to be careful that Japanese quality of life is =/= other quality of life in other countries even as rich like the US/the UK/etc. If they pay 1000$ each and they have a small job on the side, they don't have that much to enjoy monthly and to save. I have a friend who started in Tokyo at something like 1500$ per month for an entry job but with good qualifications just to give a general idea. And she's not an exception. I don't know about Duncan and Mimei, but from what I remembered do they have a degree or something ?
    To have seen their flat tour video, their house was shit ... like, it was cheap because it was a very old house from before the 90's (which in Japan is quite old because of earthquakes), the amenities were old and I'm pretty sure they must have been infested by cockroaches.
    Also we still don't know what job Mimei has.
    Now I'm not trying to defend them by all cost. It's possible, maybe, that they have more than they try to show or that they're just very bad at budgeting but from my experience and from what I have seen of their video, their situation is very very believable.
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