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  1. puchakichic added a post in a topic Celia/Sonia Leslie   

    Alex already confirmed that she does her own makeup and gets lighter during the winter... She has always straightened her hair and switches between curly/straight.. I think it's unfair using her being in a kpop girl group to compare to these 2 koreaboos. 
    ***sorry for derailing the topic***
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  2. puchakichic added a post in a topic Kisoep/Jeremiah   

    omg... I want to vomit.. koreaboos have gone way TOO far. how do people find this acceptable? it's absolutely disgusting.
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  3. puchakichic added a post in a topic Celia/Sonia Leslie   

    omg that is how sonia WISHES she looked, and with the right amount of skin whitening and plastic surgery she'll probably achieve that look. this reminds me of truedy from a korean show 'unpretty rapstar' who would try to make herself 'look black' smh... people want to look like a particular ethnicity/race when it's trendy. 
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  4. puchakichic added a post in a topic Jacky Vasquez   

    look everyone.. jacky made it onto daily mail.. I wonder how much they paid her for this.
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  5. puchakichic added a post in a topic Angela Guzman   

    Oh wow she is so gorgeous, with and without makeup.
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  6. puchakichic added a post in a topic Jayde Pierce   

    She was on snapchat with taz's angels (they are notourious girls who go to events and parties and live together in a house with a guy who pays for everythhing for them). Their job is to 'look pretty, flirt, kiss each other or other famous men or whatever but to never sleep with these men (that's the rule - or have boyfriends). I heard taz (the guy that owns the house - their pimp) makes the girls perform sexual acts for him.. and the eldest one Cat makes the girls give her oral sex. Jade is the 2nd person in the picture.

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  7. puchakichic added a post in a topic EDWARD ZO   

    He comments under Kanye/Kim's pics it's weird... No wonder why he has a large following.
    I used to be subscribed to his old channel and he was more 'genuine' on there, but now he does k-pop related stuff (I think for views). I also wonder what his sexuality is, I always found him attractive and assumed he was straight but lately... Not so sure. He did an asian guy hitting on black girls video which kinda made me laughed lol 
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  8. puchakichic added a post in a topic Okmalissa / malissa   

    This is so true. I remember following her on tumblr and she would always call out koreaboos (I also wonder if she knows how to speak korean..). 
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  9. puchakichic added a post in a topic Unprettiest/tisuebox   

    I think I would have more respect for her if she just changed her attitude and became a nicer person. This whole thread would've died down if she never acknowledged it in the first place LOL but I have to take into consideration she is pretty young and still learning (although that doesn't excuse this behaviour). I just hope she tries to change from now on, if she is so 'over it'. Just don't get into drama and soon this thread may die out LOLS. 
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  10. puchakichic added a post in a topic Okmalissa / malissa   

    am I the only person that finds her not even remotely attractive? honestly I'm not even trying to be mean, she has all the eurocentric features to be classed as pretty but she's below average to me. I love her style but idk why people think she's beautiful. even miss fakety fake liky maymac is better looking than her imo. 
    I also wonder if people (her followers) would care about her as much if she wasn't 'mixed'.
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  11. puchakichic added a post in a topic Unprettiest/tisuebox   

    How ironic is it that she's mad about her being 'hated on' when she made a hate page dragging somebody's looks. Karma's a bitch. You can't come for other people then cry when someone criticises you. If you were truly apologetic & 'changed' then you would have apologised by now and changed your attitude on that unprettiest ig of yours. But you haven't. Good luck trying to get us to pity you.
    BTW: I have no problem with them. calling out moistpuffins racism + koreabooness.. the way they went about it wasb just too much. It turned out to be a witchhunt. 
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  12. puchakichic added a post in a topic Unprettiest/tisuebox   

    I dislike moistpuffin but them making a hate page & then gassing themselves up by saying 'look we're pretty' is messed up. there's self-confidence and thinking you're pretty, then there's thinking you're better than everyone and dragging people's looks BECAUSE you are 'pretty' (through eurocentric beauty standards, that is). I don't find her exceptionally beautiful tbh, just average asian girl. 
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  13. puchakichic added a post in a topic Ava De Lacy   

    she looks full indian/south asian to me (with plumped lips - nothing racially ambiguous to her look apart from her eyes & lips) but she could also have some black in there.. who knows.
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  14. puchakichic added a post in a topic Cami Nim   

    I was going to make a thread about her ahah.. beat me to it.
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