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    1. No. I think that if the users want to be immature and flat out insult each other, they should do it in private and not put in the thread/forum. Having a disagreement is one thing, but no need to act like a 12 year old. 
    2. This depends. If they're a minor, posting their full name or the like is... crossing a line in my opinion. But in general giving out addressees and phone numbers could be dangerous.
    3. No. No no no. Respect is one thing. Using preferred pronouns and not being a dick to people based on sexual orientation, gender etc.. is just basic respect. But doing the whole tumblr safe space, cis white scum, everyone is a unicorn, and turning anything innocent into something it's not can stay on tumblr. That's not really what PULL is about, and even so most people on here are mature enough to respect people regardless of whatever the like. That being said, awareness is fine, but taking it to tumblr level is never a good thing. (I've seen enough shit on there and coming here is a slight relief. 
    4. Lying, photoshop, scamming, cheating, being a dick, drama
    5. If something is plain rude and has nothing to do with them (the snowflake) being a shit,  just in general off topic, then yes. But otherwise, if they're just trying to defend themselves when there's evidence, what sense does it really make? 
    6. I'm not exactly sure what you're asking.
    7. The rules now are fine I guess.
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