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  1. Ragga


  2. Ragga

    I'm trying to study and my neighbor is playing her fucking violin at top volume.

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    2. Ragga

      Yeah I thought that too lol. It could've definitely been worse, but I did end up having to leave after getting a headache.

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    3. Girl A

      hope you are better now :alpacacrush:

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    4. Ragga

      Yes it's all better now. ^^ Thank you. In all honestly I should really just go over to them and ask to keep it down a bit, but I don't like being confrontational.

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  3. Ragga

    The Palmero drama is so good right now it's near impossible for me to stay on top of.

  4. Ragga

    Mentioned it before but there's a program in Japan that's taking applications for next summer until January 20th, it's called Guy Healy/USA Summer Camp! You can stay in Japan for almost 2 months for only $150, they buy your airplane tickets and everything for you and it's a lot of fun~

  5. Ragga

    I've been so sick this past week... fuck this

    1. Detective.Oreki

      Take care and rest more! =^.^=

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    2. Ragga

      Thank you so much!! ;__;

      I've never done a hidden comment before and I didn't mean to do it then, no idea how that happened.

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  6. Ragga

    I had a great Halloween! I'm glad that I ended up getting a costume, I stayed over at a friend's (who lives fairly far away) for the weekend and had an awesome time with him.

  7. Ragga

    Wondering if I should get a Halloween costume together if it's possible that I won't get invited to any parties...


    1. SulaSkrimsli

      I always get dressed up for Halloween, even if it's just for sitting on the computer, watching Youtube video's and eating candy by myself, lol :meowplz: #Forever alone :anime: Hope you have fun whether you go to party or not tho :lamaheadshake:

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    2. Ragga

      Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it. ^^ Maybe I'll plan on getting dressed up whether it's for sitting in my dorm or not, like you said.

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