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  1. Ragga added a post in a topic Debate Thread ( racism, cultural appropriating ect)   

    Interesting article I read today, figured I'd share it with you guys.
    Also if you want to comment on it, it should go without saying but make sure you read the whole damn thing beforehand because it's annoying when people read the first paragraph or two of an article and then jump to conclusions.
    The author bring up a variety points and I think it's a pretty well-rounded article on cultural exchange/appropriation and why the line between the two can be hard to draw at times, as well as why labeling something someone is doing as appropriation isn't about the person doing it themselves.
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  2. Ragga added a topic in Gaming   

    Nintendo's first phone app game, based off of Tomodachi Life, but here the focus is on answering questions about yourself and sharing these answers with your friends.
    I created this thread not to debate about the game but rather just see if there's anyone else using it.
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  3. Ragga added a post in a topic Neko Atsume   

    When did the English version of the app come out anyways? It was fairly recently, right? I'm was pretty surprised when the game was translated outside of Japanese, but this also means that i have no idea of the cats' English names lol. If I download the English version though would that get rid of my progress?
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  4. Ragga added a post in a topic Circle Lenses   

    Same! Im worried as well just in general, I've never had my eyes measured/fitted, I just had my eyesight tested and it's 20/20 but I guess even then i could technically need a prescription to have it fit properly... and idk if I wanna go out of my way to have my eyes measured for it.
    Plus I'm worried about care for them... and buying safe ones...
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  5. Ragga added a post in a topic GlitterForever17   

    I completely agree, there's no way she's gaining subs so quickly, and I suspect she's buying likes on her videos as well...
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  6. Ragga added a post in a topic Faking Bad English..   

    If anything, moving to Japan would make your English sound more like "Japanese English," but you wouldn't forget it all together. But not in fucking Tokyo man, there's plenty of Japanese people there who speak English better than Mira.
    To be fair I have had a couple of friends who studied i Japan for a year, and then on return sounded like foreigners because they were so used to when they did speak in English speaking with people who were no good at it and they started to mimic that, partially by accident partially so that the Japanese people could better understand them. But then when they came back to the US people asked them if they were foreigners lol.
    But the thing is that they were in a place in Japan were there's almost no English speakers, Mira in Tokyo having her English get so bad makes no sense.
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  7. Ragga added a post in a topic Fashion on a budget!   

    I agree second hand shops are great!
    I'd suggest too learning some basics of sewing so that you can alter the clothing you pick up and customize it to your liking, that helps a lot. So if nothing else you can just pick up clothing for cheap (less expensive too than just buying fabric) and then completely make it into something else.
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  8. Ragga added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Ohh, Okay. I was confused for a bit haha.
    And cotton is definitely a good fabric to use for beginners. I used to sew back in middle and a bit in high school through a community club for kids/teens, and cotton was always a safe choice for those just learning how to sew since it's doesn't stretch too much, isn't slippery, etc. Which i don't mind at all because I sweat in a lot of fabric that isn't mostly cotton lol.
    it's been years though since I've done any sewing, and I really want to get back into it, so I might try one of Yumi King's tutorials, such as the pinafore one someday to get back into things, besides doing research. It definitely is aimed at a beginner audience, which makes sense considering her viewers are fairly young.
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  9. Ragga added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Really? Because I've been a watcher of her channel for about a year now (around when she started) and I don't remember her talking all that much in the beginning either
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  10. Ragga added a post in a topic Koreaboos vs Weeaboos   

    I don't know a whole lot about the Kpop community, but from what I can tell while weeaboos may be generally socially weird, annoying people koreabos are worse because of their obsessions with Koreans, and idols in particular.
    It's super creepy, and while some weeaboos are Asian fetishists I feel like it's a lot less often than with koreaboos.
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  11. Ragga added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    I'd "bee" up for it.
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  12. Ragga added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    One thing I wonder about is how much of her love for Manaki vs. not wanting to be with her mother made Venus flee.
    So far Margret has been putting all of the blame on Manaki, while Venus says that it was her mother's fault, however for not liking/letting her be wih Manaki. So in both cases a fair amount of cause is put onto Venus's relationship with Manaki.
    But I and I'm sure a lot of people here feel like a lot of it has to do with Margret's abuse, who knows how much of Venus's feelings for Manaki are what made her runaway, or if she more sees him like a savior.
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  13. Ragga added a post in a topic GlitterForever17   

    Even still, a DIY tutorial on them?? If you're going to use sea sponge tampons you gotta do it right, not like this. And yes her videos are so cringey.
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  14. Ragga added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    GOD I have finally caught up on over 200 pages!!
    Seriously this thread is crazy, every time you read a page and click next thinking "oh good I'm closer to being caught up!" a new page apears, again and again.
    But anyways I'm glad you guys are calling this "Youtube news" person out on their shit, I can't even believe how fucking unprofessional it is to be so uninformed and present it like news.
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  15. Ragga added a post in a topic GlitterForever17   

    At least she didn't suggest storing them in eos contains, but still WTF!?
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