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  1. Serenity added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    The average height of a woman in America is 165cm/5'5" so for American standards Yumi isn't really tall, just average.
    Yumi was born and raised in China though, so isn't being 5'5-6" pretty tall for a woman in China?!...
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  2. Serenity added a post in a topic OfficialNuehleVang   

    OK, no offense but can we all just take a moment to talk about how this woman literally just gave birth to her daughter 8 days ago and already she is leaving her kids at home to do some "personal makeup shopping" and trying to pick out what color to dye her hair next?!?!
    Meanwhile 9 days ago (the day before she went into labor) she posted about how she decided to go on an over $200 makeup spending spree at ulta.
    I don't follow her anymore, but everytime I happen to come across her instagram I don't understand her logic at all...
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  3. Serenity added a post in a topic Kim Dao   

    If you go back to page 6 we were previously discussing her video there. 
    (Clothes in Japan are generally more expensive, but TBH you are getting much higher quality clothes in return.)
    Just as a bit of info on fukubukuros: in general there 2 main types, the traditional bags and the newer "Happy Bag!" version.
    Fukubukuro's were invented as a way of attracting new customers and get rid of leftover stock from the previous year since it was thought to be bad luck to start off the new year with old stock.
    Traditional fukubukuro's, like the Wego bag in Kim's video, are usually filled with better quality stuff since you are just buying their everyday stock at a discounted price.
    In more recent years though, a new type of fukubukuro commonly nicknamed "Happy Bags!" or "Lucky Bags/Packs!" started trending and they are fukubukuros that include a special set of items made specifically for that bag (The Lizlisa fukubukuro's are a popular example of this).
    These "Happy Bags!" are commonly seen with higher-end brands who may not want to give away their higher quality clothes at such a low price, so instead they make a set of plainer lower-quality items to put in the bag instead (Like in kim's other bag).
    (I hope this kinda explains some things?)
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  4. Serenity added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    I don't know whether it's ok to post here or not (of if posting the picture with the other person sensored out is ok), but if you look under the tagged pictures of yumi on her instagram profile there is an old picture of yumi in her chi cosplay standing next to another person in front of a building which gives a good approximation of how tall she is.
    Based on that picture on instagram I'm pretty sure yumi is at least in the 5'5" - 5'6" area.
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  5. Serenity added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    I hate her too! Her "nice"  act is so phony!
    I use to follow kawaii pateen and I remember once awhile ago I left a suggestion in the comments (I think it had to do with a tutorial, the music was too loud or something.) and their reply was salty AF. They were like "You may feel that way, but kathykat wanted the video to be this way and she is very experienced at making videos so we only listen to her input" and it was like ????? My comment wasn't even rude!
    Later on they just straight updeleted my comment. I should have gotten a screen shot while I could...
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  6. Serenity added a post in a topic Kim Dao   

    That video was a hot mess she pronounced tons of things wrong.
    She mispronounced both brand's names wrong, (Seriously kim, If your going to be reviewing the fukubukuro's AT THE VERY LEAST learn how to pronounce the names of the brands!), she pronounced Khaki wrong when she has pronounced it correctly in past videos (and she could have also just read the item's tag since it khaki would have been written on it in katakana...), she pronounced a lot of the words in the video wrong.
    This video was one of the worst videos she's posted. Did she honestly not catch all of these things in editing and think it was alright to post this?!?
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  7. Serenity added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    So just because your mom doesn't do that to you automatically means yumi's mom can't to that to her?
    Based on the fact that yumi is still wearing her same old tacky "lolita-inspired" taobao clothes it's pretty obvious that by "my mom put on too many layers" she was in fact talking about her scarf and coat.
    I'm an adult. My parents don't care so much about what I wear and based on yumi's fashion sense her parents don't seem to care about her's either, but that doesn't mean my parents (or yumi's to her)  won't still say "Hey its cold out remember your scarf" when I'm heading to class.
    Just because you become an adult it doesn't automatically mean your parents aren't alowed to still be concerned about your heath/wellbeing : P
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  8. Serenity added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    I saw this under her lastest video and I'm honestly speechless...
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  9. Serenity added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    This was discussed earlier in the thread, Yumi is at the very least 25, if not older. (So in the 25-27ish range).
    Assuming she did graduate from her first college at age 21, I believe she said on instagram she is a senior at her new college so at the very least she is 25/26 now.
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  10. Serenity added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Anyone else notice how he just randomly looses his shirt in the first part of the video with the diffuser? He goes from wearing a button up,  to being in a t-shirt, to the button up again. 
    I noticed in her last video she didn't show his face, I think he doesn't actually want to be in her videos? In this latest vlog she kept pushing him to make a ppap video with her and he seemed extremely annoyed by it and , after trying to ignore her, just said "I'll think about it" as a polite attempt to say no.
    He still kinda has pedo vibes, but the more I see him acting so high-key annoyed in her vlogs makes me also start to think maybe they don't have a ddlg relationship but more of he got stuck with an extremely annoying girlfriend.
    Yes he babys her in her videos, but he always seems so annoyed everytime he has to do so. His voice seemed angry when he said "what do you call this" (about the diffuser) and the whole time he was setting it up for her.
    Later on in the video when their setting up to eat sushi he pretty much slammed her cat bowl onto the table like:
    Here's your fricken cat bowl.
    He's supportive of her hobbies, but also seems to get annoyed whenever she starts the cutesy baby shit.
    For all we know yes he could have an Asian fetid and/or a ddlg fetish, but the more annoyed I see him the more I also kind of think he's an older man who went to a dating website to find someone to settle down with and somehow got stuck with yumi and her antics.
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  11. Serenity added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Peachmilky has had a nose job done in the past which she was open about (The full story is talked about in the peachmilkytea thread) and she does touch up her cosplay prints but overall yes that is her natural face. She doesn't seem to PS her instagram photos or videos that much. 
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  12. Serenity added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    The thing is, I highly doubt that her "sugar daddy" knows enough about the fashion yumi likes to look up these dresses and buy them on his own. Since yumi is infamous for being a cheapskate I'm pretty sure she picked these out for herself online and he just bought them for her. 
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  13. Serenity added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    She literally buys her makeup from the dollar store, I think that just goes to show how much she cares about her makeup. 
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  14. Serenity added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    Is there someone else in that picture? Because it looks like her legs are resting on someone else's legs, though didn't she say she was single? 
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  15. Serenity added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    I don't really see Peachmilky as competition for Taylor though? Their styles are pretty different.
    I more see peachmilky as competition/a replacement for kimdao since Kim is mostly known for lizlisa and makeup and peachmilky is:
    1. WAYYYYYY more famous in the lizlisa/jfashion/himekaji community than her.
    2. Better and more knowledgeable about makeup than Kim (especially since kim's makeup skills have been doing down the toilet.)
    And 3. Relatively drama-free and pretty likeable.
    I strongly believe that once peachmilky comes to Japan Kimdao will be history.
    The only thing I can really see peachmilky having an upperhand over the other jvloggers is in anime. Where the other jvloggers claim to love pokemon/pokemon go/ anime and video games when they really don't peachmilky cosplays and actually does enjoy that stuff, so she might have an upperhand on the weeb viewers.
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