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  1. Serenity added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Sorry if this is a bit off topic, but since we all seem to keep bringing this up can maybe one of the admins please look into upgrading Yumi to her own subform in the little snowflakes section or something?
    We're now at 200 pages, and there's almost 150 people following this thread which is more followers than any of Taylor's, Kanadajin's, and even Venus's threads have, and they are major snowflakes!
    This thread is starting to get derailed a bit due to people trying to talk about her instagram, videos, photoshopping, eating habits, etc, all at the same time. I think we can all agree Yumi has surpasses regular snowflake status by now and this thread would be a lot more organized if each topic had its own section, so could one of the admins please look into moving her thread?...
    @Nyx @BonBonChucked @redbowkiki @Biscuit ?...
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  2. Serenity added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Just because you specifically did not get your period at 5'2 and 104 lbs doesn't mean that everyone who is around that height and weight are unable to get their period and conceive a child though? Being that height and weight is considered to be a bmi of 19.0 which is average weight, NOT underweight! 
    Also on a side note, as @Teabii has explained extremely well in her PSA there is much more to determining someone's health than just their height and weight!
    None of us here are actually doctors (at least to my knowledge). There is a difference between speculation and armchair diagnosis's and unless your accusations are credited with legitimate reasons and sources it starts to lead into the armchair diagnosis area which technically not allowed here on PULL!
    (I apologize in advance if this is a bit off topic.)
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  3. Serenity added a post in a topic Lovely Lor!   

    Dying? Where did you hear that? To my knowledge at least Larme is still going strong in both Japan and with the western community.
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  4. Serenity added a post in a topic Lovely Lor!   

    Sorry for bumping a dead thread, but recently it seems lovelylor is now trying to jump on the Larme-kei train and I'm just here like:

    Larme-kei isn't an over the top "Kawaii desu!!" Fashion trend like lolita or fairy kei. I really hope she won't pretend to be a larme expert and butcher the style like pixielocks and beckii did ...
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  5. Serenity added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    It's actually the opposite. Art/design class are worth the same if not more than regular college classes since a regular class is only about 1 - 1 1/2 hrs long one or twice a week and art classes are either 2 1/2 - 3 hrs long twice a week or 4-5+ hrs long once a week.
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  6. Serenity added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    When she said she is taking 12 credits this quarter she means the semester she is in now (her fall/winter one I guess?) and then she is taking another 12 next quarter which is the spring one she just signed up for.
    Yumi states publicly in her description that she goes to the university of Washington and if you Google their schedule they really do start late so she isn't lying about that: (I know this says 2016 but the 2017 calender is pretty much the same.)
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  7. Serenity added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    If that is the case then she should take a hint from her sponsors. If they send her nipple pads because they don't want to see her nipples when she's reviewing her products and she refuses to wear them after while they will stop sponsoring her.
    (And if that happens yumi won't have any more videos to post to YouTube.  )
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  8. Serenity added a post in a topic OfficialNuehleVang   

    @fefe I actually never noticed the fact that she stopped posting pictures of her son after she found out she was having a girl until you said mentioned it. That's very hilarious 
    Aside from that though, although nuehle is very much a snowflake, I think calling her a bad mother is kinda taking it too far?
    - Is naming your kids after anime characters kinda cringey? : Well... yes, though personally I didn't think the name zora was a bad name at all.
    - Is leaving your newborn at home a few days after they are born a bad decision? : Well... yea, kinda.
    But she hasn't posted anything really which shows she is a bad mother. She doesn't post pictures of her children all that often and since being a stay at home mom is literally the only thing she does all day I'm 100% sure she has some free time throughout the day to post a picture or two onto social media. (Maybe when they are napping or something?) There are many other instagrammers and youtubers who manage both being a parent and Internet personality after all.
    If Bubzbeauty can manage to be pregant, raise a toddler, write a book, run two youtube channels, and still be a wife & take care of a household Nuehle finding time to post a few pictures to instagram everyday shouldn't seem odd at all.
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  9. Serenity added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Since yumi loves cheap DIY's so much and complains about finding bra's in her size + wires, why doesn't she just try to make a DIY wirefree bra then? It doesn't have to be a fancy complicated cup bra, she can just try to make a wirefree bralet or training/sports bra.
    Although the video might be cringey, she could kill 2 birds with one stone with it by 1. posting a video that isn't another shitty sponsored try on review video and 2. she gets a "custom" cheap bra tailored to her size & bra preferences. : P
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  10. Serenity added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    It really depends on where you live, but yes most of the time school will be closed for only that much snow. (The school system literally is that wimpy when it comes to snow, it's sad : P) I don't know if yumi's university is mostly commuter or dorming students, but most communter colleges are quicker to cancel classes due to snow since the students and professors might have to travel a long distance to get there and they don't want them to get into accidents.
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  11. Serenity added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    I don't understand how yumi keeps saying she wants to get married and have kids yet the thought of gaining weight gives her nightmares.
    Yumi, If you have a fear of gaining weight then your probably not ready to hear what happens when a woman becomes pregnant ... 
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  12. Serenity added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Is it the same degree but from 2 different universities?
    Sharla was in uni for a REEEEEEAAALLLYYY long time because she said she kept changing her major and what she wanted to do. She probably didn't go for a masters since more uni = more debt and she was already there for a long time.
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  13. Serenity added a post in a topic Nuehle or Shane?   

    both shane and nuehle were trash talking PULL in nuehle's recent PULL instagram drama though, so shane is better at faking her personality I guess?
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  14. Serenity added a post in a topic Kim Dao   

    Don't most theme parks have a yearly pass promotion though? Kim/the other jvloggers could have bought that if they knew they would be going there a lot, it's waaaayyyy cheaper than having to buy a ticket every time you go.
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  15. Serenity added a post in a topic OfficialNuehleVang   

    "I save up my money to buy makeup!"
    This excuse is pure BS
    No offense, but exactly how does she expect people to believe that her, a stay at home mom who does not have a job, can afford to drop 100+ dollars at sephora every week?!?
    I highly doubt her YT brings in much money and although she does do a sponsorship here and there I highly doubt they pay enough that she can toss away $100-500 a month on makeup.
    Sorry if this sounds harsh/kinda crosses a line, but her husband is a mailman and typically they don't pay that much. She said he works 7 days a week to make money. TBH I really hope she isn't blowing his money away every month on makeup while he goes out working every day...

    Your a married women with two kids, do you honestly have nothing better to do with your life then stalk pull? This thread is dead, exactly who here do you think is stalking you?
    @Nyx @BonBonChucked , between this, her history of drama, and her horrible photoshopping which she has claimed in the past is just lighting and angles, could someone please move her thread to the snowflakes section?
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