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  1. Serenity added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I don't know if this was mentioned here already but SURPRISE SURPRISE! Guess who else owns the earrings Joan wore!

    Here is the link to the earrings
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  2. Serenity added a post in a topic SUNNYDAHYE   

    Is it me or has Sunny pretty much abandon her main YouTube channel?
    She rarely updates her main channel anymore, she only focuses on her Indonesian channel. She also created an Indonesian Instagram account and only seems to write captions in Indonesian on her main Instagram account now as well (which kind of confuses me because why would you create a second Instagram account for speaking Indonesian when you already do that on your main one?!).
    I knew she seemed to have become insanely popular in Indonesia (her Indonesian channel almost have half a million subscribers!) But I didn't think she would abandon her main YouTube for it.
    She also announced on her Instagram that she is now releasing her own brand? I think she named it "The Sun".
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  3. Serenity added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I've always found it kind of funny how no matter how hard Joan tries to be a fashionista and replicate kpop idol's clothes no one seems to consider her a fashion youtuber/icon?
    I follow some Korean Fashion communities (including that amino one Q2HAN endorsed once) and never once have I ever seen someone say "I love Joan's Fashion!" Or "Joan Kim is my favorite fashion YouTuber!".
    I see a lot of people praising Q2HAN and surprisingly Rilacoco every once in awhile but I can honestly say Joan seems to have zero popularity/influence in the fashion community.
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  4. Serenity added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    I think if she put #strugglingartist that would have been somewhat better since to an extent she is one. (She isn't that famous/popular of a singer and her company is broke and doesn't seem to care much about her singing career so it looks like she did most of the work on this album herself. She is I guess "struggling" to make a breakthrough in the industry.)
    I checked her kickstarter again and it looks like she has already exceeded her goal. I'm really shocked over how generous her fans are! She already has 3 rewards that are full and even her highest reward which was the $885(?) amount where you can meet up with Coco in LA and she will buy you a meal and vlog it has a backer for it already.
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  5. Serenity added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    So apparently Coco is trying to do a kickstarter to fund her second solo single and it will be featuring some rapper named Microdot? What do you guys think? : 
    I'm a bit confused as to what language exactly the song will be sung in. Based on her kickstarter it looks like it will be a Japanese single?!...
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  6. Serenity added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    "being abused is not a competition. Just because someone has it worse doesn't mean other can't be abused as well.".
    If you believe that then why are you arguing that physical abuse is less worse than emotional abuse? Just because your friends might have felt that being physically abused might have been better to cope with doesn't mean everyone thinks that way. Can't we all agree that All abuse is bad and one is not less worse than the other?!
    "No one accused anyone of anything"
    Really? Because you are literally accusing Tim and Lindy of secretly participating in a child molestation ring!
    I'm sorry if it sounds like i'm attacking you but it's just This thread is really getting out of hand and at this point I really think a mod needs to intervene here.
    If you guys are really concerned about Lindy's behavior in her videos then go after her YouTube channel and her videos first before calling CPS. When Lindy first uploaded that video exposing Issac's private parts they were very quick it take it down and if a person's behavior towards a child in a video is considered bad enough to call CPS I'm sure they would take down/demonotize it if it was reported.
    There are other things you can do if you don't approve of her behavior besides call CPS. Write and complain to YouTube. Flag her videos and get them demonized. Get her videos taken down. Her channel is her only source of income so if her videos kept getting taken down/demonitized due to her behavior I'm sure she will eventually change, or at least feature her kids less.
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  7. Serenity added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    Isn't it PULL rules that no one under 16 is allowed to be discussed here?
    I checked this person's profile and they said they were born August 2003 which means they are only 14/15. I understand they are being cringey but if they are underage we shouldn't be posting them here.
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  8. Serenity added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Is Joan a fan of the girl group Wonder Girls?
    I was browsing this idol fashion find account on Instagram and I discovered Joan's floral blouse from her video with her brother is the same/ a "replica" of this floral blouse Yubin wore:

    (Just to prove that it's the same shirt the product shot of the blouse Joan bought is on the left and the product shot of Yubin's blouse is on the right: )

    I also want to point out that the Instagram account that posted Yubin's shirt find also posted product shots of the blouse from the brand Yubin bought her's (it's from a Korean brand called "common unique") and I noticed her brother "coincidentally" styled Joan pretty identical to the product shot photo:

    Just for the record Yubin was seen wearing the shirt in June, the fashion account posted the find July 2nd, and Joan posted her video July 8th.
    I don't know if calling Joan's shirt a "replica" would be the right term since I've noticed most Korean brands such as Common Unique, Chuu, and the brand Joan bought hers from all tend to all sell the same items just under a different name.
    Based on Joan's history of "just so happening" to have bought the same thing as blackpink members/other idols I refuse to believe she didn't intentionally pick this shirt out because an idol was wearing the same shirt as well.
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  9. Serenity added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Does Joan and Juno still talk to eachother? Because Joan said in the video that the person she just broke up with was the first relationship where she didn't still remain friends with them after so if she is still talking to that guy now then it's not him.
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  10. Serenity added a post in a topic Q2Han / Qjin & Qwon   

    Is it me or is their newer videos not doing too well? Their latest "starstruck" video only got about 12,000 views within a day which I feel like is kind of a low for them and their latest "beauty" video has been up for a few days and only has 20,000 as well.
    (Personally I also do kind of worry about their future as "beauty" youtubers since they have proven to not really know anything about skincare and 99% of their skincare/beauty videos are sponsored or include some sort of affiliate links like in their last beauty video.)
    I've also noticed that their "Wakeup QQ" channel seems to be stuck at 10,000 subscribers? Unless I missed something for the past two days their subscriber count has remained at 10,000 and doesn't seem to be rising that fast. With the amount of subscribers and dedicated "Qtee's" they have I didn't think the channel would flop this fast?
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  11. Serenity added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Since awhile back people was speculation about Joan's love life and sexuality I thought I would share this here.
    For those who don't want to watch the video pretty much Joan doesn't disclose her love life because she was worried back then it would affect her broadcasting career. She was also previously in a long-term relationship with a friend but they broke up (I think 2 months ago?)
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  12. Serenity added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Is it me are the the outfits her brother styled for her better than the outfits Joan styles for herself?
    I especially love the second outfit with the floral shirt and jean shorts. The basket bag is very trendy and cute and overall I thought that outfit was pretty!
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  13. Serenity added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Did she change her age in her bio? I'm 99% certain she said her age was 21 in her bio before. I thought it was said somewhere once that she was older than Venus?
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  14. Serenity added a post in a topic Q2Han / Qjin & Qwon   

    Is it me or is their new channel sort of flopping already?
    I know they haven't uploaded any videos yet, but they have 87,000 Instagram followers and alittle over 340,000 YouTube followers on their main channel yet after advertising their new channel they've barely even got 4,000 people to subscribe to it.
    I wonder what they're going to do if/when their new channel doesn't get the amount of views and subscribers they were anticipating? Are they just going to drop vlogs and fashion videos all together?
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  15. Serenity added a post in a topic Q2Han / Qjin & Qwon   

    So Q2HAN just posted on their story that they are now planning on making a second channel. They plan on posting all of their blogs, shopping videos, and DIY videos on the second channel and keeping their main channel for beauty videos, Q&A talk videos, and their "starstruck" series.
    Am I the only person who thinks this is a really bad idea?! For starters they are VERY far from being considered beauty youtubers and taking into consideration that 99% of the videos posted on their channel is blogs if they were to take that away and put it on a separate channel I feel like their original "Q2HAN" channel would quickly become dead.
    There's also the fact that they originally created Q2HAN as DIY video channel so to now say they are no longer making DIY videos for that channel feels like they are abandoning what their channel was originally about.
    If they wanted to make a second channel I feel like the smartest move to do would be to create a "DTV" channel for all of their viewers who want to see their blogs and keep their main channel as a professional fashion account.
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