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  1. Serenity added a post in a topic Tsuruko   

    If that is about venus and she is trying to cut contact with her then it must be really shitty having a BF who is always commenting on her posts and literally funding her onlyfans/toxic behavior.
    Idk about tsuruko but I would immediately dump a guy if he was literally buying a close friend of mine's nudes?!
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  2. Serenity added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinion (JPOP edition)   

    Like @Pistoche said, his friends do/say more problematic things than he has. (I'll try to put anything I can remember off the top of my head under spoiler so it doesn't spam the thread.)
    In terms of mafumafu:
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  3. Serenity added a post in a topic J-Instagrammers   

    I don't know anything about this girl, but if she lives in Japan isn't there a huge second hand market for luxury goods there?
    (I've been told a lot that you could get very good quality second hand luxury bags and stuff in Japan for dirt cheap?)
    What are the chances that she is buying all of the luxury stuff used?...
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  4. Serenity added a post in a topic J-Instagrammers   

    There is a Jfashion instagrammer/youtuber named @Schyler_Reighn who is into Lolita(as in the book)/Nympht fashion but is trying to make it not sexual who seems to slowly be becoming popular in the oversea Larme community. She is friends/mutals with Rune and lives in Osaka working as an English Teacher.
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  5. Serenity added a post in a topic J-Instagrammers   

    I'm not 100% sure but I think Rune mentioned in a livestream that she was part asian? I've only seen part of her's once or twice so I dont 100% remember, but I could have sworn she talked about it at some point casually.
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  6. Serenity added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinion (JPOP edition)   

    (Internationally at least) I think a lot of hype started around him due to his YouTube channel?
    Also, some of my own unpopular opinions about him (/his friends):
    - compared to his friends who are also Jpop/"Utaite" singers I feel like he has the most annoying international fans. He's almost thirty yet his fans baby him like he's a child?
    - On top of babying him they also refuse to acknowledge anything problematic that he or anyone in his singing friends circle says or does.
    - (Also is no one concerned about the fact that he very obviously has an eating disorder?!)
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  7. Serenity added a post in a topic Korean Beauty Youtubers   

    Ondo is back as well and apparently adopted a cat, they both returned around the same time.
    Haneul's lingerie brand launched a new collection less than a week after she came back so I'm 99.999% certian she only returned to promote her store.
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  8. Serenity added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I first saw the MCND Ice Age video by getting it as a YouTube ad and if you read the comments a ton of other people got it as an ad as well. I'm 99% certian they only have that many views due to them constantly spamming it as an ad.
    I've been getting a ton of Kpop MV's as YouTube ads lately. I swear I get Chungha's stay tonight choreo video as an ad 4 times a day and Twice's feel special 5 times (which I don't understand since the MV has good views and they are really popular?! Are they pushing it as an ad to promote their future new album?!)
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  9. Serenity added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    New video. She is FINALLY getting rid of some of her huge hoard of clothes.
    I haven't watched all of it, its very boring and I could barely make it past 3 minutes. The parts I did see though I feel like she is trying WAY too hard to copy best dressed.
    "I have a denim jacket problem! As you will see I have way too many denim jackets!"
    In one of Best Dressed's closet clean out video she literally says the same thing of "omg guys look at all my denim jackets!!"
    I also dont recall mikan ever saying before that she loves denim jackets or ever feature them in any of her clothing haul videos?! Did her new denim jacket obsession come out of nowhere?
    "I think this would look even cuter rolled up or cut shorter!"
    Her clothes are already very short?! And Best Dressed is famous for cutting her already short skirts/dresses even shorter to the point where you can almost see her underwear.
    "This is my picnic bitch skirt!"
    I'm pretty sure best dressed invented the whole "Picnic Bitch" thing?
    You are literally nothing like Ashley Mikan and you can't pull of her persona. Stop trying to copy everything she does.
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  10. Serenity added a post in a topic J-Instagrammers   

    Rune was not a computer science major, she started out as one then switched to Chinese(/Asian studies?) and I think communication?
    If I recall correctly she was also just a regular office worker before she quit to be a housewife. I remember her saying so in her Instagram stories and posting pictures about it.
    I also remember from her Instagram that she married her husband after she moved to Japan, so she can't really lie and say she moved there cause of him.
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  11. Serenity added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    If she's complaining about her bangs who wants to bet we will be getting a "TRYING TO CUT MY OWN BANGS IN QUARANTINE" or "MY JAPANESE BOYFRIEND CUTS MY BANGS!" video soon?
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  12. Serenity added a post in a topic SUNNYDAHYE   

    Didn't Chris start that social media/YouTube company Tokyo Creative then get kicked out of it? (I honestly know nothing about Chris so please feel free to correct me.)
    Are they now trying to make a Tokyo Creative 2.0 with House of Hur but with a Korean/Indonesian audience?
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  13. Serenity added a post in a topic SUNNYDAHYE   

    I thought House of Hur was supposed to be a fashion brand?...
    Is she trying to turn it into one of those influencer houses/communities?
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  14. Serenity added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I don't fully remember, but weren't a lot (if not all) of her stuffed toys gifts/prizes from Hiro when they were still dating? I'm assuming:
    1. Yazu doesn't want her keeping anything Hiro gave her and is making her give them away/throw them out.
    2. Since she is officially over with Hiro (and had been for awhile) she needs to get over him and step 1 is to get rid of the gifts and stuff he gave her.
    I wonder if soon we will be seeing her show off new plushies that Yazu gave her to replace them?
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  15. Serenity added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Rune is the last person I thought I'd ever see on PULL but I guess everyone has a few skeletons in their closet? 🤷‍♀️
    She must be really good at hiding her past cause I had no idea about any of this. I've never really been a big fan of the whole "Traditional Housewife" thing but on Instagram atleast she is always preaching about loving yourself and embracing who you are and seemed like a really sweet person.
    I find it really hypocritical of her that on her tumblr she would promote "worshiping your husband" when on Instagram she is always sharing stuff in her stories about toxic relationships and how love should be based on respect and equality and stuff?
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