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  1. reboot added a post in a topic sungminnie/milo   

    holy shit. this needs to be a bigger deal. 
    very glad i made this thread lmao 
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  2. reboot added a post in a topic hyulari   

    is it just me or does she look slightly different? i think she lost some weight 
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  3. reboot added a post in a topic sungminnie/milo   

    i believe this tbh. nothing about her looks korean besides her makeup and clothes lol 
    she really pisses me off then bc absolutely nobody questioned her, right? really from what i remember of her "im debuting" tumblr phase everybody kissed her ass. it's too bad the dirt is too hard to prove & find
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  4. reboot added a post in a topic Losertina / Christina Nguyen   

    the tattoo designs dont even match tina's LOL this thread was stressed for a minute 
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  5. reboot added a post in a topic Losertina / Christina Nguyen   

    no hate but that's just some random asian girl with bad hair like tina lol 
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  6. reboot added a post in a topic Losertina / Christina Nguyen   

    i wouldn't ask for the video tbh @Purple... if it is really her it could be an old video and she only turned 18 this year...meaning the video could be child porn
    this isn't funny and i can't imagine the embarrassment but maybe this will be what it takes for tina to get better but she absolutely doesn't deserve this
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  7. reboot added a post in a topic Losertina / Christina Nguyen   

    rip patron saint tina 
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  8. reboot added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    everyone in my friend group (including myself) agreed we're not too fond of one girl we all know and have tried to hang out with before but one friend keeps insisting on inviting her to our outings bc she likes her, making the rest of us internally groan 
    last week it was two girls would invite her bc the rest of us would just go "ehhhh sure invite her" but the other friend lost all tolerance for the girl when said girl elbowed her way into making friend drive her to the grocery store (~15 minutes away but it's still fkcing rude to invite yourself esp when someones DRIVING you. this friend isn't even from the area and was driving there for the first time). i didn't go but another friend went as backup (which was really fcking great of her i love her) and said it was awful. none of us are really compatible with this girl....our conversations dont ever go really far. she's really pushy and aggressive too which doesn't go well with the rest of us who are passive aggressive little bitches lol. 
    the one friend who still likes this girl is making me especially feel bad for not being too fond of this girl. today she went under the table to invite her to our dinner bc she knew if she'd asked the rest of us would say "no:) maybe another time". i caught her texting this girl and was kinda jokingly like "whaaat you invited her??" and she got really defensive about it. it's not wrong to not get along with somebody right? 
    this girl cant take a hint for her life either so she believes we all like her because of our friend who does. ofc we (me especially) need to be nice to her but if we keep hanging out with her, the ~deeper~ our friendship will seem to her. i know i sound like a movie mean girl but im getting really pissed off about it. 
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  9. reboot added a post in a topic crystal.cafe   

    omg this site is really nice 
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  10. reboot added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    my roommate was adopted from china 5 years ago and i don't think she should be attending uni after only knowing english for 5 yrs. she complains about not understanding things in lectures then gets to the room to watch yt videos about what was taught, and has to talk to her profs about how little she understands. her adoptive parents are very proud of her for attending uni (the same uni the dad attended) but they must be aware of how hard learning is for her after 5 years... they're rich though and could've easily kept her home for another year or two with english tutors. it seems to me like they'd rather send her to school struggling than have to explain to everyone why their 19 y/o daughter is home instead of in school. none of this is fair to her, a sweet girl* who can do well with time but not rn.
    i really don't believe her parents will let her drop out to take more time learning english though. they'll let her suffer and tell her to "tough it out"
    *even though they raised her to be an asshole to retail or food ppl who mess up a little bit 
    her family seems racist too which really pisses me off as well. i followed her sister on ig who has the audacity to post a pic on ig with a friend captioned "we paid 40$ to have people who don't even speak english make our cuticles bleed" then tagged the nail salon like a brat. her brother makes chinese jokes as well which aren't awful but it makes me wonder what gets said at home. it seems like she's kinda oblivious to these jokes tho bc she told me her mom used to call her ping pong then laughed...like what the fuck.
    she was really excited to meet me bc im asian too and we constantly talk about being asian n s/t. neither of us have really had many asian friends so we're having sm fun. 
    so yeah fuck these parents who adopted an asian girl without considering their own racism and isolate her from her own culture. 
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  11. reboot added a post in a topic Losertina / Christina Nguyen   

    l-m-a-ooooooooooo quite the bold mood for such a mess. unless she's sober and we're missing something she's in no place to repost something like that 

    but this makes me believe she is trying to get better & good for her if she's being honest but girl....juuling is no better pls try going cold turkey
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  12. reboot added a post in a topic smallbootymary/trn.mry   

    posting a paragraph about how unbothered and harmful this thread has been to her younger self then promoting ur own new profile...? what are you going for with this approach mary lol

    i guess that paragraph meant nothing bc she's still gonna pan for validation via instagram. lol maybe she's trying to give us more things to waste time on but idt she's that smart lol 
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  13. reboot added a post in a topic The Massie Fam General Discussion   

    that would make sense if she was as pretty or charming as those two but she is not 
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  14. reboot added a post in a topic The Massie Fam General Discussion   

    i really doubt the elaya kid is related to them but it's fun to speculate anyway lol. it is sad that kyla got so much shit at 15 but why did she debut in the first place? she wasn't awfully talented...lbr... pledis must've kept her for that long bc her parents paid for her training in full lol. i'm sure her parents could land her a job anywhere else lol. 
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  15. reboot added a post in a topic George "Joji" Miller (@sushitrash)   

    i'd bet he's being nasty to scare away his stans that he seems to reaaaalllly love lol
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