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  1. sunyi added a post in a topic Annie Z   

    Doesn't she literally shop at Aritzia and Brandy Melville too? What a weird take.
    I'd rather wear fucking keds than that. Who cares if it's Celine, it's God-awful. Looks like some cheap shit from a Chinese mall or Taobao. It's ironic how condescending she is about other girls when she's so tacky herself. Not a fan of her style. Lose the plaid tennis skirt, she seriously looks 40 years old. Especially with the orange hair, she reminds me of those fob aunties in Chinatown who dresses way too young for their age that it's embarrassing.
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  2. sunyi added a post in a topic Annie Z   

    I haven’t seen that last photo before, that hairstyle and makeup actually suits her better, I think.
    I don’t know why she keeps trying to make that baby lolita thing work for her, she just looks cringey and horrible in those pigtail braids- like someone dressing beyond their age bracket. It looks better on someone like Malissa or something, just less contrived and natural. She should ditch those contacts too, they block the light out of her eyes... that guy on Twitter was right about how soulless she looks 😰
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  3. sunyi added a post in a topic Annie Z   

    A friend showed me this old photo of her. I guess she edits her photos a lot 😵her face looks weirdly old.
    And looking at her recent IG story with her friend, she’s not as tiny as I thought she was. Weird since she’s made that her entire personality on Twitter

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  4. sunyi added a post in a topic Losertina / Christina Nguyen   

    Her hair is not doing her any favors, looked like an old auntie's. She reminds me of Iamkareno too, but with a better wig 
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  5. sunyi added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    Who remembers her from Tumblr? haha. She was pretty active from what I remember. 
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  6. sunyi added a post in a topic iamkareno / karen yeung   

    Her IG posts with the wigs and she keeps captioning them “Who is she?!!” - I don’t know her she needs to work on that ugly wig 🙄
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  7. sunyi added a post in a topic Skateboard mami   

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  8. sunyi added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    This is so heartbreaking. wherever she is, I hope she finds peace 
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  9. sunyi added a post in a topic lilmixedhunny / ceilidh joy   

    She's cute! She dyed her hair blonde and dyed it back to black recently but I wish she kept it! 
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