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    Okay, so I know Jillian Vessey irl, I went to her highschool, and I also have her added on her personal account. Everything is basically true, PCP did shut down, and they moved to a smaller area to just do nails. She comepletly overreacted about the whole job thing, and let me be honest she does that a lot. She's very theatrical and dramatic and during lunchtimes she sits alone because everyone hated her the years before basically. She constantly wants be centre of attention, but the problem is she's so egotistical that no one wants to pay attention. She recently just got a new job at a store called "Freaks Lunchbox", which is a candy store. She completely freaked the fuck out when she didn't get the lead role, and went home crying when she got one of the MAIN supporting roles. Poor little butter teeth. 😢 
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