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  1. Iggybee added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    Life imitates art. Emma becomming Elita

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  2. Iggybee added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    When it first came out I put off watching it for a while and me and my boyfriend were both sick of the constant playing of "Let it go" that followed its release but the Christmas after I watched it with my sisters and it had me bawling incredibly. I'm an easily won over person when it comes to emotional stuff. Every time I watch Tangled the moment toddler Rapunzel watches the lights released by her grieving parents for her, not knowing what they mean makes me cry so much. Rapunzel>Elsa&Anna. The focus on Rapunzel as a character made her much easier to relate/empathize with, she also seemed more likable and acted more like an actual teenager than Anna did.
    I liked alot of Frozen but really disliked Olaf. Thought his character was annoying and not really pertinent to the main story. The Ice trolls although seemingly based in appropriate mythology weren't used in a entertaining, non cringy way.
    I also wish it had actual period Norwegian influenced music, Moana really impressed me with the use of actual Hawaiian language in their soundtrack and having music that immediately sounded inspired by its setting.
    I liked that Frozen had an unlikely villain that I didn't see coming. Also that "True love" wasn't romantic true love but something else which as far as I know was the first time Disney ever used that Idea. I was dissapointed watching Maleficent that they used the exact same idea of true loves kiss wasn't a romantic true love but of a platonic kind.
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  3. Iggybee added a post in a topic Venus Angelic's General Photos and Photoshopping Discussion   

    She really deserves to feel better about herself. Although I don't know her I get the impression that Venus is a very nice, funny and coinsiderate young woman. She isn't fat at all and so long as she stays a good person she will never be ugly in my eyes. I don't expect her to never feel self concious but I hope she continues to improve her confidence even more.
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  4. Iggybee added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    I may be getting a dog soon. It's been a few years since my dog since childhood passed on and the reality of being able to open my house up to another would make me so happy and hopefully the dog too. I'm at a place in my life in which I have some security and a lot of time to dedicate to bonding with and taking care of a dog. If everything works out, this week I'll be lucky enough to welcome a dog to my family.
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  5. Iggybee added a post in a topic Girl crushes   

    I can't believe I missed her out on my list! Yes, great description, she really is elf like. I love just how actually blue her eyes are too, so vivid.
    Also her blonde hair...
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  6. Iggybee added a post in a topic Venus Angelic's General Photos and Photoshopping Discussion   

    Venus has had her fringe cut shorter and I'm undecided about it. It looks really cute in some pics (the more heavily edited ones) but in others I think it doesn't look as good as her longer style. However I think it's a really unique fringe cut and it's cool to see her with a bigger change that doesn't require anything damaging like bleaching or dyeing. She posted onto her story with a poll and most people seem to like it.

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  7. Iggybee added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    Reading this thread has been draining lately, similar to Lonbons where I just can't stand to hear anymore of the many nasty and flakey behaviours. Sorry for ranting.
    There's nothing wrong with being rich and having well off parents who help you out, to admit so isn't always showing off. The lies about youtube being "only source of income" and that she needs youtube money for her "survival" is bullshit. She has loving parents who have given her the world and would bail her out if she ever needed something. There are literally people alone in the world who desperately need to do hard work or dangerous things every day for hours to afford food and water to live off of, that's what survival is Kenna. For someone who thinks she has a way with words she certainly doesn't care about the gravity behind their meanings.
    She never meant her apology or turned over that stupid leaf either, she's rotten. If Dodie posted that as some kind of support for Kenna she needs a wake up call, Kenna is not a "victim". Learn when these words would actually apply to someone before throwing them out there to garner pity and excuse the problematic actions of another.
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  8. Iggybee added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    It depends on the person, my boyfriend knows a few languages and has had dreams in some others than in his native tongue. On average it's mostly his first language but every so often it will be different.

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  9. Iggybee added a post in a topic Venus Angelic's General Photos and Photoshopping Discussion   

    It must be really surreal for Venus to look back on her past self, she really isn't that girl anymore and probably never really was.  
    Hope she's not lingering on negative thoughts too much.
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  10. Iggybee added a post in a topic Girl crushes   

    Wow that's a really uncanny resemblance
    I don't know what I'd prefer, to look like Emilia myself or to have a girlfriend that looks like her!
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  11. Iggybee added a post in a topic What are your musical tastes ?   

    Lots of Eurovision camp for me, I'd love to go watch it one year. I like Inculto, who were Lithuanias entry one year, they are now disbanded but listening to them is still something I do a lot. They made really upbeat funky music that had some humour to them.
    The Carpenters, Karen had an amazing voice and it's a shame she died so young. Their music was wholesome and warm and it reminds me of my mother, whenever I hear their songs I can hear my mums voice singing along to it also.
    I enjoy Akdong Musician. Both of their voices work well together and they have some serious talent even while being so young. Their happier songs get me in such a great mood whilst their more melancholy songs really get me feeling deep.
    Marina and the Diamonds, Marina has such weird energy. Her voice has so much personality and she really does some impressive vocal gymnastics. She is hands down the best singer I've ever heard and I have a lot of respect for her being so true to herself.
    Although I wouldn't call myself a fan. Oasis made some of my favourite songs like Half the world away.
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  12. Iggybee added a post in a topic Girl crushes   

    Hope this doesn't read creepy Spoilered because the list is so long. I could talk about beautiful women all day...
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  13. Iggybee added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    You might as well just run with Lons loving nickname of "Irish ass bitch" from now on.
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  14. Iggybee added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    I am legitimately having such a hard time understanding why she edits her photos to what they are recently. How can she think it looks good or even human? Her fashion sense has really plummeted too, she looks swamped by material all the time and it's a far cry from her feminine style she sported previously. I wonder what relevation occured to Dakota to make her start changing things to this sort of style, it looks so bad on her.
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  15. Iggybee added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Thank you, and thanks for responding. I love speaking about this show way too much.
    Great points! Daenerys' actions make a lot more sense when you put it into the book version perspective, she's around 13 at the start. She has no idea how to lead, everything she does is based purely on impulse with her emotions running strong without any actual logic. The show fails with this as Daenerys is "16" at the show start, with Emilia Clarke being around 24/25 when filming started. Anyone watching the show are unable to fully understand why Daenerys does such absurd things, it's because these actions weren't written for a 25 year old woman but they were written for a naive child. Although the show has heavy subjects such as rape I think if they used an actress who actually resembled book Daenerys in age her actions would be more understandable to the viewer and Daenerys would be a more sympathetic character.
    Daenerys would be a horrible ruler, she is still too immature and vengeful because of her past. I think she is a fundamentally good person but she shouldn't be given power. I think as the wife of a King she would be both happy and restrained.
    Major spoilers again:
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