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  1. Iggybee added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    I'm nearly done with my first ever non practice dress. I really like how it's turning out but everything is so difficult when you have to learn from yourself. Sometimes I just wish I had the money or didn't have anxiety just so I could get paid lessons or return to college. I want nothing more than to continue with this and hope I can make a living doing it but I'm worried maybe people wouldn't want to buy my clothes if I've had no training or recieved any qualifications for this.
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  2. Iggybee added a post in a topic Beauty trends you wish didn't exist   

    I really like the look so long as it's natural or atleast not "drawn" on looking. I'd kill to have such a combo, I'd feel like real life Daenerys from Game of Thrones.
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  3. Iggybee added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    I am a little confused, is she going through with this style for her actual wedding for sure then? Hopefully she does swap out the tiara because I think it looked a little like a childs princess dress up accessory. (Personally I dislike tiaras and think maybe just a nicely sculpted or decorated headband would do the job more mature and elegantly.)
    I think the stylist would be able to give her a much more beautiful choice of hairstyle if he would be allowed to cut her hair instead of just styling it. He doesn't have much to work with as Yuhan has her hair now. Atleast she's open to options such as how to wear her bangs though.
    I know it's her own choice but she is asking for feedback.
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  4. Iggybee added a post in a topic Ayla Weissman   

    The show is great btw I'd definitely recommend it. (I even prefer it to the film ver.) Her sister is super good in it too, I'm shocked I had no idea they were related till now! Both are so naturally beautiful I don't see the reasoning why Ayla would prefer the image she creates for herself to how she looks in the pic with her sister.
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  5. Iggybee added a post in a topic Game of Thrones   

    I think you're gonna be correct! This season continuously mentioned Daenerys not being able to have children. Both Tyrion and Jon asking her if she's sure/witch can't be trusted or saying even so there's always a chance. Then Tyrion asking her about who would be heir if something happened to her. I agree that this season coming up will probably have Daenerys being with child. The show might speed up its timeline for that reason though, to see both Cersei and Daenerys give birth/nearly give birth maybe before the show ends entirely. I imagine the show is going to end with some bittersweetness though so perhaps lots of loved characters and even newborn/unborn babies not surviving.
    I hate how short this season and the next are going to be, really wish it wasn't ending so soon!
    Anyone excited about the spinoffs being talked about after GoT ends?
    I think if they did a spinoff I'd love to see a show covering the Targaryens discovering dragons for the first time and their rise as part of the Valyrian empire would be epic.
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  6. Iggybee added a post in a topic Game of Thrones   

    I have dark hair but with my wig I think it looks pretty similar, especially as Emilia is a brunette too under her wig. A female Jon Snow would be incredibly unique!
    On another note the Final episode was amazing! I have been kind of dissapointed this season with pacing and many characters being glossed over but this episode really made me happy.
    So many beautifully filmed moments, only one "action" scene and it was not drawn out for tension at all. This show has so many great actors, the Lannisters are all extremely convincing everytime I watch part of me forgets it's just a show. Cersei showing horror against the Wight was such a great moment, she's usually so steely and poised that it shocked me and I guess her too. I wonder why Cersei couldn't give the order to kill Tyrion? I get her hesitation over Jaime but Tyrion? Is there a part of her that actually loves/respects him or was she just holding back for a more political reasoning?
    I'm so relieved Sansa and Arya figured out the plan Petyr Baelish was hatching. Quite a shame to see his character go though as I was hoping him and Varys would meet again towards the end like they used to earlier in the show.
    My poor Jorah Mormont! He was trying so hard for Dany and Jon not to be on the ship together too. Aha Not many sex scenes this season but I guess the fan favourite pairing obviously will make up for the lack of them for many people. I was happy the scene was filmed to be quite loving and sweet. The look Daenerys gave Jon as she let him into her room was what I've been asking for, emotive acting. I'm not won over yet though. I was and am still more pumped up for Tormund awkwardly flirting with Brienne than any more forced Dany/Jon.  
    The wall is down! It was really nerve wrecking even though it was so obvious that they'd get through. I hope Tormund survived so much.
    Bran was usefull again too with helping trap Baelish and we finally saw some of the past again. I hope we can see even more next season.
    Watching this season has made me want to go back and rewatch the whole show all over again. We have so long to wait, apparently filming has started again.
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  7. Iggybee added a post in a topic Game of Thrones   

    Aw no, there's so much more to the thread than that.
    My first ever homemade cosplay was Daenerys. Her blue dragonscale dress. I don't super look like her but with the whole getup and makeup and just attitude of how you wear it you'd be surprised how you look. I'm thinking of making either her black dress with the red cape she wears on dragonstone or the fur coat/dress she wore past the wall next.
    I was gonna ask everyone if they've ever cosplayed as a GoT character before? I was also super excited to see if anyone has images of their final product? (without showing their identity however)
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  8. Iggybee added a post in a topic Game of Thrones   

    Seems like most people on this thread that have posted already (and me) aren't fans of Jon/Dany, I could be if the writing makes it a bit more subtle and takes it time with it though.
    Don't bother about it! I'm pretty obsessed with the show and hearing anyones opinion is great. I have a friend who hates the show and is a hardcore fan of the books so I'm used to hearing stuff like that too.
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  9. Iggybee added a post in a topic Game of Thrones   

    Also the Night King resurrected the dragon by physically touching them which is normally how he would turn White walkers which is different to how he/other White walkers turn the dead into Wights they do this just by lifting their hands and arms to perform some sort of magic with no touching. So I wonder if there is a reason he chose to turn the dragon this way than the other?
    Daenerys should listen to Tyrion more. She is still very childish and doesn't realize how empty her words are sometimes. Tyrion has been very downplayed this season he's a great character and I hope he's utilized a bit more next ep/season.
    Jon annoyed me last ep, they were all on the dragon ready to go! But he went further in and attacked more Wights. If he had just rushed to Drogon and hopped on maybe they would've been out of there before the Night King could get a shot. I thought Danys reaction was too bland for someone who lost one of her "children" especially considering this is like 5 or so years of bonding with said dragon. I wished there was more believable heartbreak, even if they were trying to be subtle it was awkward that I seemed more upset than Daenarys did.
    I also really am still not digging the Jon/Dany thing. It's so forced and rushed and unbelievable. They have no chemistry and I can't get over the fact that it seems like it's all just to please the viewers. The story so far has shown the people Jon and Daenerys are and they really don't seem like they would be good for each other. Dany is headstrong and childish and Jon is a bit wimpy when it comes to dealing with people. I don't think he would have the confidence to really lead her. Tyrion is ballsy and even he's having trouble. The Aunt/Nephew things isn't bothering me, within the book/show universe I understand it, everything else about their relationship just irks me. (I really wish Jorah could get the girl but even I know that they don't mesh well and the writing wouldn't permit for a realistic romance) I was so relieved Jorah didn't fall off Drogon!
    I don't want Arya or Sansa to hurt each other I just want them to really stop with the conflict and realize they're both being played by Baelish.
    Cannot wait for the meeting at Kings Landing!
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  10. Iggybee added a post in a topic Yumi King's Instagram   

    The user seems genuine and not like they're taking the piss. Under the pic of them they mentioned about losing weight so it might just be them thinking they're helping Yumi with some encouragement not realizing that maybe saying such things to Yumi could make her feel too large.
    Yumi mentioned about her mums Qipao being too small ages ago but she still wore it regardless? I know it's hard to let go of a favourite piece of clothing but Yumi has soooooooo much other clothes she doesn't need to cling onto it especially if it never fit in the first place. She seems a bit of a hoarder, I can empathize however it's something she needs to learn from and improve.
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  11. Iggybee added a post in a topic Game of Thrones   

    It's odd because the woman Cersei met as a child predicted she would only have three children so her giving brith would go against that. Qyburn said "I can give you something" to Cersei as Jaime walked in only for Cersei to reply "That wont be necessary" and dismiss him. That to me makes it so that Cersei most likely is actually pregnant. The "something" could have been moon tea, a known method of causing a miscarriage in the GOT universe.
    Robert Baratheons choice of weapon was also a hammer so it might just be poetic writing for the sake of showing him taking afer Robert. After all they basically reenacted the scene from season one where Eddard and Robert meet in winterfell again, comenting on each others weight and height. Even if wights are decapitated their bodies still move as normal so Gendry smashing their heads in shouldn't work but the show has been slacking with their writing so who knows.
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  12. Iggybee added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    I always thought she looked good blonde. Atleast while wearing her blue contact, no idea how it'd look with her real eyes.
    I don't think any of these pics can catch her out, she's already laid out the groundwork of her putting in contacts to both hide her heterochromia and to enhance it. Any differences in older pictures she can use these bullshit excuses. Only more pictures from her childhood could help dispel it further. Although some people will say "Eye colour can change through life" which is to true to an extent but you'd have to be a fool to look at Sarah and not see her lies at this point.
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  13. Iggybee added a post in a topic Urbandoll   

    Ugh. What exactly is she doing to help the situation in the US exactly? You know, except focussing on scam makeup giveaways for her own profit. Hypocrite. The fact that she's pretending to have a sense of morality is very rich.
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  14. Iggybee added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    I assume this is over CEO of AP US, Lynda Leung. She made this controversial facebook comment regarding the Charlottesville situation comparing the far rights freedom of expression to that of what I assume are athletes sitting out the national anthem in protest of their beliefs If I'm not mistaken.

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  15. Iggybee added a post in a topic Game of Thrones   

    So there's been another full episode leak unfortnunately so I'd warn people to be extra careful of spoilers. HBO has had so many problems this season with hackings and leaks. It's such a shame because I really value having the story a complete surprise and when these things happen if you use the internet it's so hard to navigate without stumbling across information. So I basically have some things wrecked for me as of right now but I'm still pumped for the next episode.
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