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  1. Iggybee added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    There will always be a company who isn't classy enough and gives in to being tied to such a channel. It's hard if you want a good public image but if the product matches the viewers as their target consumer base they'll sometimes make the careless decision to support such things.
    I agree with some of the commentary on these sorts of channels (I need to say that I understand perhaps there is a question of whether it's ethical to do this, kind of like child actors parents encouraging/pushing or enabling a child to be in the spotlight) However I have examples of channels on Youtube that genuinely seem to have great positive family dynamics that don't seem to be up for the aim of exploitation (Rinozawa and Baby Yebin) they remind me of when I watch back family home videos of me and my siblings as children the only difference is them being uploaded to the net (I know this is questionable on its own though)
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  2. Iggybee added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    I am feeling a bit more positive on this. Three groups of people:
    Group 1: Genuine concerned people waiting for updates on the childrens state.
    Group 2: People who are not fans and don't care for the kids but are enjoying the drama.
    Group 3: New fans of DaddyOFive.
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  3. Iggybee added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    Youtube doesn't care about ridding their website of child abuse they care about the money they get from their content creators There is no doubt that the channel would have had major complaints from people even before this whole thing blew up.
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  4. Iggybee added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    Not a glitch, just them covering their asses. Atleast video evidence is still around in others videos and ofcourse people would've downloaded them too.
    I think they'll be back in a different form after the heat dies down making more innocent seeming videos hiding outright videoed abuse. They've gotten a taste from living off their kids so I can't see them giving up on it for good.
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  5. Iggybee added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    Don't worry about it, I think everyone has been shaken up with this happening especially the fact that this was allowed by Youtube for so long and it's been a few days with no confirmation whether an investigation has been triggered. The "atleast you don't hit us" is ridiculous anyway because in videos there is clear footage of the dad punching cody, pushing him into a set of drawers etc. Regarding whether or not they know it's abuse, alternatively the kids could to be either covering for their parents for whatever reasons (bribed, threatened, feeling at fault) or they are being coached to stick up for them IMO.
    I agree so much. He's so desperate to make it look like he was saving Cody some embarrassment (Sure because Cody (maybe) clogging a toilet is so much worse than smearing faeces over the walls) Great move DaddyOFive you just saved shaming Cody on the internet!
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  6. Iggybee added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    I really appreciate the amount of feedback on Yumi you gave, it was good to read from someone that sews perspective. I'm pretty clueless with these things but even I've surpassed her shown skill level.
    I also had issues with your given links/images not working.
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  7. Iggybee added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    I think I saw one posted somewhere on Reddit but part of me just thinks that the CPS is just not taking this as seriously as they should be
    Like you mentioned about it might have to take Cody being hospitalized to get them removed, this is my biggest worry. I feel even with all this attention the DaddyOFive channel will still be up in the future, making content involving the kids and maybe they'll just hide the abuse for off camera from now on. After all they confessed to it all being "fake" eugh, yep sure it was.
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  8. Iggybee added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I'm torn on this because with channels like DaddyOFive it features actual verbal, physical and perhaps longtime pschological abuse that I think is disgusting. However channels that I watch like Rinozawa and Baby Yebin seem to have a healthy family dynamic. An atmosphere of kids truly enjoying being videoed (I could be wrong) the videos always seem to be capturing such happy, funny and loving family moments with no pressure to perform. The difference to me is that their videos are like family home videos but uploaded to Youtube. I think though that these videos could become embarrassing for the children as they grow older (In the seemingly innocent channels that I mentioned) It's hard to know the truth of what the children want with these channels though as these happy displays could just be for the camera. It's a conflicting feeling especially as a viewer of two channels featuring families I don't want the risk of greedy parents seeing they can exploit their children via Youtube.
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  9. Iggybee added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    Reading the drama surrounding the DaddyOFive channel has been very emotional. I was given "corporal punishment" as a child by an otherwise loving family and didn't even know it would be classed as odd till years later, my flinching caused my boyfriend to ask questions. I know my experience lasted with me even though it was extremely mild so I really can't bear to imagine the lasting effects the kids might endure.
    If nothing comes from this controversy regarding CPS I'll be so angry, how far does it have to go before action begins?
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  10. Iggybee added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Other than Yumi lurking i'm sure
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  11. Iggybee added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    I know that this might not be totally related/appropriate but in the UK there was a drama programme named "The people next door" that was about a young couple suspecting their next door neighbours of child abuse. The couple try their hardest to find evidence and get authorities involved but with things like suspicions it's hard for any justice to be brought. I thought the programme highlighted the issues of people not wanting to, as you said insert themselves into others business and people feeling they don't have the authority to judge others.
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  12. Iggybee added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Why did she find it appropriate to film this video in her bedroom, y'know around flammable materials and such? I think her kitchen would have a been a better choice for keeping it as safe as possible. The hair is tied but not out of the way enough for my liking, I was worried that her hair would edge to the danger like in her toilet washing video I feel like I'm getting flashbacks to Highschool Science classes were teachers would bark to roll up sleeves and tie our hair in a bun aha.
    She seems to still be getting more comfortable infront of the camera though.
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  13. Iggybee added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    This was wonderful lmao thanks for taking time to make this Yumi has inspired so much creation from people on this thread
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  14. Iggybee added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    I agree, my experiences with social service workers in the UK is that taking children at risk away from their parents is "a last resort" which is sad. Some care workers are lazy and don't care but some wish they could do more but have to work within the unfair guidelines of what's protocol.
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  15. Iggybee added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    Unfortunately services that are supposed to protect children don't always get it correct. I don't know why the family are shouting about it like them being previously investigated is the be all and end all. It's obvious to all that the environment in that house is stunting the children, whether or not as the family claims that the videos were fake. The kids aren't performing monkeys for these parents to coach and video to earn money from. How could such young children consent to the "fake pranks" and be expected to fully understand that it's all a joke and nothing being said is real? The parents CAN'T explain away the physical violence within the videos. Whatever their sorry excuses are they are abusive, selfish people.
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