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  1. Iggybee added a post in a topic Beauty trends you wish didn't exist   

    It's so ridiculous to me because this is how my mum would style my hair everyday during primary school so seeing all these girls wearing their hair this way trying to look badass just makes me giggle. It would be the same as seeing girls wearing pigtails with the IG baddie aesthetic to me. Cute hairstyle but I think it doesn't work with the rest of the look, plus I'm just tired of it already.
    One thing I really dislike is contouring and highlighting. It's fine when you actually know how to do it and don't get too carried away with trying to transform the shape of your features but some people just seem to love having obvious unblended streaks of highlight and contour on their faces. I like a softer look and the makeup style that's popular is just too dramatic for me.
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  2. Iggybee added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop   

    A lot of Skyleighs pictures I really like regardless of the fact she looks so different. If she was more open about how much she edits and wasn't such a snowflake in other regards I'd be interested in following her.
    She's dug herself in such a hole by creating "Ahri" she would have been a cute girl nextdoor but decided she should pretend to be something else and in the process offended so many people just to achieve an ego boost.
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  3. Iggybee added a post in a topic Game of Thrones   

    Arya was more interesting earlier in the show for me but I agree. I feel like what's left of the Starks reuniting would be heartwarming, Bran too.
    Yes! Jorah needs to be healed, we know it can be done as Shireen survived her greyscale. He's risked so much to impress Dany and needs a break finally!
    Aha. Don't try and tempt me!
    I've held off from even watching teasers/trailers so far for this upcoming season because I prefer everything being a first.
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  4. Iggybee added a post in a topic Game of Thrones   

    I'm going to miss the first few episodes because I'm going on vacation. I hope I don't get spoiled during this time. Can't wait to be able to catch up when I return though.
    What are you wanting to happen this series?
    For me I'm hoping to see Arya get reunited with Jon soon. I'm not a fan of the Dorne storyline but I hope those characters have better writing this season because it fell really flat last time. (I loved Oberyn however!) I quite also want some more "flirting" between Yara and Daenerys please..
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  5. Iggybee added a post in a topic Austin Jones   

    How is his staying off of the internet even policed? It's got to be super easy right for him to still have access and use it? Ridiculous!
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  6. Iggybee added a post in a topic Is Taylor R a bit racist?   

    Whether or not Taylor was actually "only thinking about the deaths of her fellow white people" is up for debate (Though I don't feel there's enough evidence to make this claim...) however it's important to really just correct this and make clear that not only white people died, got injured or lost someone in these incidents. The UK is a vastly multicultural place and people affected in each attack have been of many races and nationalities, regardless of how she meant it.
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  7. Iggybee added a post in a topic Do you like cats or dogs?   

    I'm much more of a dog person. Dogs can be dependant on you and you can be dependant on them. I like the idea of a lot of interaction, they help you keep active too whereas cats can be a lot more chill and lazy. I'm a needy person and cats have always pretty much left me feeling snubbed so I love that most dogs are so friendly. I know that some people say "cats chose the person" but I feel like saying "why don't you love me?!" to the poor cats. I really miss my dog who died a few years ago. She had a huge impact on me growing up. It's because of her I love dogs so much.
    There are exceptions to stereotypes though and not all dogs would even mesh well with my lifestyle and personality.
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  8. Iggybee added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    Her logic is so... I don't even know.
    How is it ignoring race,gender,religion or disability? It's saying that despite differences everyone has something in common. Many people have actually dehumanized persons of other races and religion as well as treating disabled and females as second class citizens. Humanizing people who have actually been regarded in such ways historically and even in certain cultures today is a problem why? Maybe Lon should look up on history and even current affairs before making such statements. She literally finds issue with everything and skews anything to fit her selfish agenda. She never fails to make me confused and frustrated!
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  9. Iggybee added a post in a topic What are your opinions on Sex Work   

    I'd be in favor of legalizing prostitution so long as workers can get affordable access to things like contraception and STI/STD testing. Just like with porn, so long as authorities police to stop underage workers and coerced/vulnerable people being taken advantage of, I would be fine with it. 
    I think everyone should try and reach for the stars in terms of professions and aim towards a job that would make them happy. If sex work made a person happy and was what they wanted to do then I see no reason for them to not do it. I don't like the idea of people feeling like sex work is their only option however.
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  10. Iggybee added a post in a topic Austin Jones   

    I can't comprehend the reasoning behind people saying this sentence is too long/harsh. Who in their right mind actually believes that people like this even "learn their lesson" from being locked away. You can't teach someone to be a human being. He should be locked away as punnishment for what he's done and to protect potential future victims. There's no rehabilitating these creeps, they will always given the oppurtunity abuse their position of trust and power to harm kids. It's a shame people like him will eventually be free once again.
    Are these idiots not realizing he was grooming these girls and convinced them to produce CP of themselves to forward to him? How can they defend this?
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  11. Iggybee added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    I hope that both she and her boyfriend are sure of their commitments to each other. I'm still confused with the timeline of their relationship though? If they got engaged after a short while I don't think it's bad at all. Sometimes rushing isn't a negative thing and it can work out. I'm happy for them both, obviously marriage means a lot to Yuhan and she's finally able to be open with her viewers about this too.
    Personally I hate the idea of sinking so much money into a ring but I understand that socially they kind of have to be bought and people expect them to be worth a bit. I cringed at the idea of having something so expensive on her finger. I'd be shit scared of losing it or getting mugged/robbed.
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  12. Iggybee added a post in a topic Austin Jones   

    Really saddening content within the full documents. I remember being 14 and at that age some kids are really desperate for contact and attention. It's too easy for so many children to be used in this way. This guy is scum. He knew how young they were and was fixated on the age aspect. No excuses of "She looks **" or "She told me she was **" An obvious unapologetic creep.
    If he doesn't pay the full punishment for his humiliating and damaging crimes against these girls then I don't understand the world even more. In general I don't think these sorts of predators get enough time behind unfortunately. Hopefully this guy can be put away far from other children for as long as possible.
    Why is bail a thing for people who are evidently potential dangers to others?
    I mean if this guy was worried that he could get locked away for a long time couldn't that just encourage him to act out in some vile way as a last hurrah?
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  13. Iggybee added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop   

    Either she's trying to come across SUPER pale like always because she thinks for some reason it's superior to her natural tone or she's speaking about going WAY tanner than her natural skin (not white). I don't see why else she would have put "but people get really heavy on the subject of it all" no one cares if you use tan to look like another white character, it's only if you're cosplaying another race typically that people would "get heavy" on it.
    If I wanted to dress like a white surfer chick from California it wouldn't be questionable at all if I go get a tan or use fake tan even though i'm pasty and from the UK? Same for Skyleigh, so I don't get why she's saying this unless she knows she wants to cosplay someone who isn't white and thus it's dangerous territory.
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  14. Iggybee added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    I don't use FB, what is gay react?
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  15. Iggybee added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

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