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  1. qixiao8 added a post in a topic James Charles   

    you’re right. i agree it’s his fault and i’m not gonna defend him. i’m just scared he might hurt himself or something given how all of these is unfolding. 
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  2. qixiao8 added a post in a topic James Charles   

    while i don’t agree with a lot what james has done, i sincerely hope he’s getting support from his parents and real close friends. just imagine being 19 and everyone’s suddenly against you. idk :\
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  3. qixiao8 added a post in a topic hyulari   

    tbh i’m okay with her not posting so much because she’s focusing on school/work. there’s so many popular youtubers, like emma chamberlain, quit school to focus on youtube then proceed to not posting that much either lol
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  4. qixiao8 added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    her hands look like an overweight person’s hand 
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  5. qixiao8 added a post in a topic igumdrop   

    she looks like unphotoshoped xiaxue in real life lol
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  6. qixiao8 added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    i remember this thread died for like a year due to her going to prison. tbh, i was actually rooting for her to make some changes to better her life and kinda lie low on social media or even just on photoshop and would love her real self more. and then this trainwreck. lol. she just went from bad to worse. 
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  7. qixiao8 added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    it’s so confusing she looks so different on instagram vs her videos/stream lol how could her audience not notice that
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  8. qixiao8 added a post in a topic leulahleaf / cleoleaf   

    now i’m a bit skeptical. haha could it be she didn’t really gained that much weight but were just heavily photoshopping before and decided to tone it down now? 
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  9. qixiao8 added a post in a topic hyulari   

    i won’t definitely put her as your average vietnamese girls. lol. i’ve spent like 5-6 months in vietnam, and much like every countries there are physically attractive people and not so attractive ones and she’s definitely an easy ABOVE average. she’s not exactly a head-turner cause from what i’ve observed southeast asian countries have the tendency to idolize people with mixblood more (like eurasians). but yes, she’s pretty and not your average vietnamese girl. 
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  10. qixiao8 added a post in a topic Losertina / Christina Nguyen   

    followed her during this era cause i legit thought she’s so cute and relatable. her new instagram baddie persona is nothing but cringe. lol
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  11. qixiao8 added a post in a topic Rocksy.chan   

    i agree she ps but i think she’s just really skinny. she’s less than 40kg afaik. it’s so hard to ps yourself as a very skinny person if you’re not cause some features would still be missing like a collarbone (lol berry tsukasa)
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  12. qixiao8 added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    how tf is that no makeup when u can see the eyeliner even without zooming lol. i'm now convinced she's definitely an airhead. girl, no.
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  13. qixiao8 added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    i don’t get why he’s so pressed about people commenting that fenty foundation looks better on him than his usual cushion foundation. seriously? why is he not losing a following with this attitude? i’ve seen more popular beauty gurus actually following people’s advice lol cause news flash, majority of your income is because of these people watching you. i remember mannymua being ridiculed by some of his viewers telling him his choice of foundation shade is making him look orange af but hey, instead of making some lame ass excuses omg u guys i have lights here making me look orange cause rocket science hello, he actually did something about it and you’ll barely see him with foundation that doesn’t match his actual skin tone (except when trying/reviewing new products). 
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  14. qixiao8 added a post in a topic Annelies van Overbeek   

    i know her account on myproana but won’t post it here as a sign of respect. i was actually rooting for her since i suffer from an ed as well, it’s sad to know that she looks like on a relapse. i hope she get the support she needs from friends and family. 
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  15. qixiao8 added a post in a topic Nikita Dragun   

    can she stop stealing the spotlight on bretman’s posts about his sister lol. just greet her a happy fking birthday gurl! not everything revolves around you
    it’s so annoying already 
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