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  1. MailOrderPride added a post in a topic Yo   

    Welcome back 
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  2. MailOrderPride added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Twitter   

    Those eyebrows though....Looks like some earthworms are about to have a street fight on her face.
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  3. MailOrderPride added a post in a topic What are your favourite lipsticks?   

    This stuff has been my low-end go-to for a good while now, I'm gonna miss it like crazy if they discontinue.
    Revlon colorburst lip butter in cupcake!

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  4. MailOrderPride added a post in a topic Mira the enlightened Muslim   

    This is absolutely insane...
    It seems like some sort of back up plan because she didn't succeed in becoming the perfect Japanese housewaifuuu. I can't imagine what her thought process was for this but I feel like she's going to use this as a defense later on for being a shit human being. "OMG STOP ATTACKING ME YOU'RE JUST ANTI-MUSLIM BLAHBLAH"
    Keep drinkin' the koolaid Mira, this shit is pure gold.
    Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_q7sIll46c  SO MUSLIM MUCH RELIGIOUS
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  5. MailOrderPride added a post in a topic Pele Whitney Returns: Lillaflan / Puddingkanin / Bonbonchuu   

    That was my first thought too, though she didn't even really do it right. 
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  6. MailOrderPride added a post in a topic Can't someone else just take over?   

    I'd love to see this go down tbh 
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  7. MailOrderPride added a post in a topic Cecilia ちゃん   

    Glad I'm not the only one who enjoyed this particular lil' snowflake. 
    Much love @Satanic, it's nice to see you around again.   
    And seriously CeCe? Going down the Inviteatwat path again? Oh honey you never learn do you. Once people betray you, you probably shouldn't line up for them to do it all over again.
    Then again...they're all just too desperate to be something unattainable to notice how it looks from another perspective  (Unless you know, lots more money with a generous sprinkle of surgery).
    I wonder if we'll get a collab with her and PrincessLOOKATME. Oh gods, please. 
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  8. MailOrderPride added a post in a topic Cecilia ちゃん   

    Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, I'm merely updating with what's been found. 
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  9. MailOrderPride added a post in a topic Cecilia ちゃん   

    Hmmms..She changed her storenvy from the one we have listed on the infopage.
    Welcome back CeCe 

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  10. MailOrderPride added a post in a topic Veganism   

    There are quite a few tasty alternatives to dairy these days thankfully. I stopped because I had heard it helped clear up acne and sure enough...about a week later new breakouts stopped and my skin started to heal. It blew my mind. I used to use half and half in my coffee everyday and I switched it out for an almond/cashew milk blend that I can find at a LOT of my local grocerys, this one to be specific-
    I use it in everyday cooking and dessert recipes also...and it works like a charm. (much creamier than a basic soy or almond alone)

    then this site saved my cheese-loving ass lol http://followyourheart.com/vegan-cheese/ It has a store locator that finds which places around you have the products you seek, which is pretty cool. (and the taste is really good compared to a lot of brands I've tried)
    Hope that helps! 
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  11. MailOrderPride added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    Everyone meet Loliware. Edible cups. I don't think they consulted anyone on that name.

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  12. MailOrderPride added a post in a topic Show your faces   

    My panties flew off sexy fighter style. Oh senpaiiiiii!
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  13. MailOrderPride added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Part of me thinks that it has to do with him wanting her to say she "has a boyfirend" and it also kinda looks like Sharla had a part in convincing her that it was stupid to hide.
    On another note, with the Japanese fanbase...there's a premium on being the innocent attainable prettygirl. Maybe she was scared of losing the crowd that loved the I'm-so-innocentdesuuuu fetus face phase?
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  14. MailOrderPride added a post in a topic .   

    The cutting her hair off comment was made by someone who has a negative reputation, do you know what that means? It means we don't like it either. Good job judging a whole group of people based off of the actions of a few, though.
    And honestly if you're the type of person that gets the butthurt so easily, you may be in the wrong place.
    Next time someones comment rustles your jimmies the wrong way, confront them in a personal message if you feel like it's so important to respond to an obvious loser/troll.
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  15. MailOrderPride added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Mhmmm...Looks like Sharla had a hand in this.

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