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  1. RoseCakes added a post in a topic Jillian Vessey/ Pixielocks   

    Preview of Jill’s NHK episode
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  2. RoseCakes added a post in a topic Jillian Vessey/ Pixielocks   

    Jillian already had a gf before. She dated her best friend when she was 13. Jill claims that her 16 year old gf was abusive, even though they remained friends after the breakup. Any relationship especially with an age gap could be abusive, but Jillian says so much stuff that it’s hard to believe her. Her ex gf seemed pretty regretful and Jillian seemed fine. It’s not like Jill is “bi curious”. And this is Jill here, the girl who’s passively to actively manipulating people with her words and actions. She did it when she started her yt channel at 16, so she had to learn that behavior somewhere in her early teens. This was right after Colin had broke up with her for being too controlling. She was very bitter, and always liked to call herself “gay/queer” like an accessory. She could like women, but I’m very doubtful of that. If she really wanted a girl, then she would get one. She’s had four boyfriends, including her current one and seems to talk about dick/dildos half of the time. My guess is that she just uses the words “queer/gay” because she wants to be relatable to her audience, and wants praise for it.
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  3. RoseCakes added a post in a topic Jillian Vessey/ Pixielocks   

    Jill Mistreated Her Gf
    Jill’s fans have also found this video, and a lot of them are beginning to know the truth about her. Unfortunately, even when you post evidence of things that Jillian did some people still think that she’s innocent (the video has 5 dislikes).
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  4. RoseCakes added a post in a topic Jillian Vessey/ Pixielocks   

    Jilian’s Wrapping Video
    Jillian called this video her friends and family wrapping gift video, and says that she did a video last year that had the same title even though it was “What I Got My Girlfriend for Christmas”. She buys her friends thighs that she would want like pastel gifts, or bathbombs. She gives most of her friends socks and bath bombs for Christmas. Her gifts aren’t that personal or specific to her friends. 
    She also got Steve a pastel color block hoodie because he saw it while she was scrolling online and he said that he would wear it. But Steve doesn’t dress in pastel clothing. She just wants to dress up everyone around her.
    She lied about Serena being the only person that she hangs out with as her excuse to take her away from her family when Serena grew up having 3 other cats around who she was close with, when she introduced Stickers in her video.  Instead of returning Serena to her natural environment, she decided to keep her stressed out by buying another kitten. She lied about the allergy problem, saying that her cats are hypoallergenic when they’re like any other cat so they could have purebreds. She also lied saying that she didn’t know that buying purebreads were unethical because it’s what her mom did instead of adopting. 
    Jillian tweeted about feeling guilty about removing people from the Paetron, and asked people to check so she could get her money, really. Jillian only puts up streams. She’s asking people to make sure that they pay her when she isn’t really uploading any extra content. She’s constantly lying and maki excuses so she can control her naive fan base who see simply disagreeing as her as hating her.

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  5. RoseCakes added a post in a topic Jillian Vessey/ Pixielocks   

    Sorry for writing a whole essay on this, but I’ve been following Jill for years and given how..irresponsible she is about almost everything, I don’t think that she should be using any weed. I’m not sure if you guys spoke about it here, but considering how irresponsible and childish Jillian already is, I don’t think that she should be around substances. Soon after she turned 19 (drinking age in Canada), Jill would go out and get drunk/hungover all of the time. It wasn’t ok because it was so frequent that made her seem like a alcoholic, interfered with her streaming/yt “career”, and  she’s lightweight but gets drunk frequently anyway.
    She drinks on meds which is unsafe. I think that the last time she mentioned alcohol was one of her winter streams when she was complaining about fans calling her out for being irresponsible,unsafe, and promoting that to her young and impressionable fan base. She yelled over being ~alcohol shamed~ and defended herself by saying that she was just trying to have fun with her friends like a normal 19 year old, and wasn’t putting up sexually explicit content (even though she kept alluding to sex in past videos/streams and said that she was family friendly). 
     She’s so irresponsible all of the time, and only thinks about herself. All weed is going to do is calm her down, and I can see her using it similar to how she uses her Ativan.  I remember her saying that she was worried and stressed in the first day of class and took a Ativan then, she also took some during a cons. It seems like she takes one every time she gets slightly to moderately anxious instead of when she has an attack.  As a person with anxiety, mine used to be pretty bad until I took the time to calm down, think rationally and not overthink. I also don’t do complusive things that would cause me to have a anxiety attack. It’s hard, but it’s not impossible to stop one from happening if you can control it. You can use weed/anxiety meds to cope but I see it as a bad coping mechanism anyone especially Jillian. She won’t learn how to control her anxiety.
    Jillian is codependent on a lot of things, and has bad coping mechanisms. She just isn’t responsible enough to be on any substances. And according to Jillian she said that her anxiety is genetic and that she’s had it ever since she was a kid, but it got worse when she was a teenager. You would think that being 20, and it being genetic that her anxiety would’ve been under control by now, or that she would be able to control it better. I feel like it’s only as worse as it is because she’s over dramatic. Either way, with both weed and anxiety meds, I see it as a temporary fix instead of learning how to get better on your own. She most likely went shopping after getting tattooed and got it then.
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  6. RoseCakes added a post in a topic Jillian Vessey/ Pixielocks   

    Jill’s first date was with a girl. She says that there was an age gap because Jill was 13 and she was 16, and that there was this huge power dynamic (abuse) and that her gf caused her depression, made her anxiety more severe and also caused her anorexia and self harm (this was in her first self harm video). Jillian also said something like “Not saying no doesn’t mean yes” about consent and said that she could relate to the Melanie Martinez situation. But looking at the deviantart journals from both Jillian and her gf, it’s unclear if there was abuse, or if anyone was manipulative. Jillian also says that her abusive relationship is why she has a hard time being attracted to girls. They stayed friends after breaking up. She liked punk, mcr , muse and alt fashion just  like Jillian did.
    But Jillian also said that her next date, a punk guy was abusive (towards his roommate’s pet).
    Jillian’s next date was Tristian-who she dated for three years and says helped her get through her ed/self harm. He liked Ouji fashion on his own and liked being apart of Jillian’s videos.
    Then Jillian broke up with Tristian for his best friend Colin. She had liked Colin since they were in the 9th grade, and said that she had loved him for 2 or 3 years (while she was dating Tristian) and had loved him all along. She dressed him up in pastel fashion and dyed his hair when he wasn’t into it, and looked pretty unhappy during videos. Jillian said that they had broken up and she was at a very low point then because they loved each other, got a promise ring and was going to move in together. I’m guessing that they broke up over Colin not wanting to do long distance. Jillian was bitter towards Colin for a while after she had stopped being upset, and said that she put off fashion school for him because she was waiting for him to graduate before they moved in.
    Then she dated “mystery girl”. Jill was mg’s first relationship and they don’t have any selfies together. Jillian also never showed her new gf even though she had shown her last two relationships. After Jillian got her sh coverup tattoo she broke up with mg and only really used her for ~queer points~ and talking about how much she liked girls, even calling herself a lesbian and saying that she was confused over her sexuality. Her ex gf’s sister came in to give us details about her sister’s past relationship with Jill and said that she was t a good gf, wasn’t emotionally available, didn’t really seem to want to be with mg, and always spoke about her ex’s. 
    Now she’s dating Stephen who has moved in withy her after only 5 months, and seems to be pushing her style into him too. She hasn’t shown him off on video yet.
    Jillian has admitted to being bi and mostly liking boys, this is prevelant in the streams and videos where she mentions and alludes to sexual activities with men and never speaks about girls sexually. 

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  7. RoseCakes added a post in a topic Musical.y/Musical.y Stars   

    I remember a while ago in December or something there was this "Revoution Tour", a bunch of musical.y users went to it. It was supposed to be a meet up for fans, but I think most of the famous people were just faking it since they seemed VERY happy to see their internet friends. I guess they just autograph things and take photos, which is pretty weird since most of them are teenagers.
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  8. RoseCakes added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Musical.y/Musical.y Stars
    Musical.y is a app where you lip-synch to music and skits, a lot of people have gotten famous off it it. Talk about your opinions on the app, or any famous/popular musical.y people that you like or dislike.
    I think the concept of the app seems fun but the fact that people are getting famous just by being good at making facial expressions, and moving their camera to a piece of audio is pretty weird, especially since most people famous/popular people on musical.y sell merch and go on tours.
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  9. RoseCakes added a topic in General Discussion   

    "Woke" Behavior on Tumblr
    I'm not against sjw, I just don't like it when it's done wrong, hypocritical, regressive, and full of hate, this is mostly the tumblr crowd. They usually like to start lots of drama, play the victim, and blow things out of proportion. Talk about they treat things in sjw in:
    -Body positivity 
    -Mental illness/disability.
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  10. RoseCakes added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    I'm fine with Mei having personality, I just want her to drop the whole fujoshi personality stuff. I'm not surprised, though a bunch of "woke/progressive" tumblr girls always talk about supporting the lbgt+ comm but only support gay men as their fantasy, but never mention the lesbians or anyone else for that matter. Fujoshi and fudanshis are just very creepy, being a girl and being obsessed with a sexualized mlm relationship is just-ugh. She can be a nerd, but anything but that.
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  11. RoseCakes added a post in a topic Fetsu Chan   

    Why do you think gross people should be accepted? Like I don't understand it or why sexualizing incest/pedophilla is ok. Tumblr acts like its a "coping mechanism". Being a disgusting washed up 18+ girlfriend with a gross pedophilloic boyfriend who calls you princess and spoils you isn't going to help and will never fill the fulfillment of a actual healthy relationship bc it's gross and doesn't make any sense. Dd/lg people have a history of invading minors spaces, I've even seen some minors do it. It doesn't give girls who JUST like cute things a good name. I'm pretty sure they still have father issues and are still crazy, there's no justifying it. Trends and bandwagons are so stupid, people only do the, to be unoriginal yet still gain popularity.
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  12. RoseCakes added a post in a topic Jillian Vessey/ Pixielocks   

    The term was "hoochi mama", and Jillian said she was sorry, but the commenter just brought up race to make Jillian feel bad, bc hoochi mama is usually used for someone who looks gaudy or promiscuous. Sorry for replying after like 8 months.
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  13. RoseCakes added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    I like her bangs short or long, it doesn't matter. At first I didn't like these bangs on her bc it doesn't really look good on anyone, but she pulls them off really well. And in this video here, I think that the bangs go well with her freckles, it makes her look cuter/ more youthful.
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  14. RoseCakes added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    He's probably going be really frustrated with Alex when he does, especially since Yandere Simulator is one of the most popular games on his channel. Do you think he'll tell his fans/stop playing the game (he's already tired of all the glitches anyway and he's probably bored with it)?' 
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  15. RoseCakes added a post in a topic Beauty trends you wish didn't exist   

    I don't like dark lipstick on people it ages them, same with pastel/bright color lip sticks.
    Top bun hair styles with the rest of the hair left down.
    Overdrawing your lips, especially if you already have big lips/ lip injections.
    Bubble butts and boobs.
    Realy arched eyebrows and when at the end of the eyebrow people draw downwards instead of outwards.
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