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  1. yourfavoritevillagetruther added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    I was literally like that dude on the phone  

    Yes, it is a win win for everyone..except the fans. But I feel like this is equivalent to Young Justice..it was canceled, and came back in 3 years...so they may be back in 3 years time *sighs*

    Here's hoping she doesn't...

    and here's the thread btw on lolcow. Nothing worthy. She hasn't been discussed for awhile..its usually Taylor, Sharla, and Micaela.
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  2. yourfavoritevillagetruther added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    Okay technically it was more than 3...lets say 4.

    Getting a new job and a 15,000$ pay increase was number 1 so far
    Also Voltron getting a 2nd season was 2
    And yeah...that's alll I got for now.

    See! WTF DID I SAY!?
    Look at that dude's video saying she preggo (But she said she not preggo right?)

    ...she needs to get rid of that shit....employer's don't like to hire pregnant women..they just don't.
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  3. yourfavoritevillagetruther added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    Allright its been a while since I visited here...

    And ya'll know I had to confirm on PULL if what I read on lolcow was true and now im like

    One of the 3 best news I heard for all of 2016, and we still got 2 months left (R&J..please be next!)

    Okay, this is likely going to be the last time, like Grace, that I make a comment about her

    First things first...GOOD JOB RYOSUKE! I don't believe for a minute Grace came to this decision all by herself, so good job Ryo for finally putting you damn foot down!! And I wish you luck on finding a new job...its gonna be tough, after all..you quit your first full time job in 6 months, and who knows what skills he has. Usually by 27 one would have a career in Japan by now,but just keep at it as best as you can. You finally woke the fuck up, and that's good! (and btw I don't think he's gonna be a fireman..their uniform colors are orange aren't they? And the salary starts out lower but gets higher over time).

    Second of all, Her fans are dumb to be upset with them ending their channel. You got conned, so wtf you angry? Especially to new fans, a quick google search would show you what she's all about. I mean...I Understand why they're upset and agree its very tacky to just drop a video saying you'll stop your social media when you did have a lengthy fan base. I mean..you have no kids yet, so why the rush to drop everything?Even a Clearance *Everything must go* Store stays open for  2 weeks at least!! Its like Allovertheworld said before, when Grace feels something won't benefit her anymore,she gets rid of it. So congrads fans, you don't benefit Grace anymore!! And obviously they thought this for awhile cause to take a week(I dunno how long it took) to edit these *LAST Videos* is pretty telling. 

    I respect her choice and color me shocked that she did do this. I mean, if she is planning to get a job before having kids, she does know that you just can't get a job and drop a baby right? In fact...their dumb asses better drop the video stating this. I know its wrong to say this, but since we still live in a misogynistic world, no smart employer would hire someone particularly women, knowing they're planning to have babies ASAP.
    Realistically if Grace can find a new job (I dunno what options she has besides ESL) in 3 months, she has to at least give the job a year before they start having kids. But if it takes longer,that means holding back on kids even more. Once you have kids in Japan, they expect your ass to stay home and take care of them, which means Ryo has to work extra hard to get a job, and become a bloody supervisor and usually that takes 3 years if one is lucky, to support them all in the long run. Which means she's going to have to sacrifice more time without Ryo cause he'd have to go out drinking  with the boss, over time, etc.

    Which brings me to my final statement:

    Being an adult sucks...but its time to grow up! I've been MIA because after searching long and hard, I changed careers and have a new job alongside my husband. I became a project assistant and he's a Manager now at a Japanese company. Job searching is hell..and I wouldn't wish this feeling on any body I liked, except you Grace.....you can have this feeling of applying for jobs and getting rejected left and right. Explaining yourself over and over to fucking idiots who clearly didn't read your resume. Those were disheartening times, but it did make me stronger..so get ready for some SERIOUS soul crushing searching cause I hate to say it, but this is the age when shit like this needs to happen to you. 
    I regret not having this experience when I was 23...where I'am at right now, im still behind, but I have to sacrifice working like a noob again ( I should be manager or supervisor like my current boss but the salary is a big increase so not complaining that much), and I putting off kids for another year, so we can both move up and establish ourselves even more before we're financially secure 100% to have another life. And most of all, to develop more skills so if we decide to job hop again, we can do it successfully.

    Ryo's doing it, so take a stand with your husband and grow up to!

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  4. yourfavoritevillagetruther added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    ...whhhhaaaat is going on here?! What did I miss and what is this tea?

    NVM I read up on it. Hmm
    Not gonna lie, text like that on line usually doesn't look like that for that theme.
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  5. yourfavoritevillagetruther added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    I know, like there's some guide to get an asian guy. I just find it odd when people ask that.

    but yes to infinity, this fetishization capitalizing on relationships gots to stop. Its disgusting..
    This seems to only occur if they never got attention in their home countries. Same thing happened awhile back on this japanese expat blog I was on. Some random chick was saying how being small and white helped her get dates in Japan, and when someone called her out she apologized admitting she was never fawned over back in the states.

    Stardom isn't for everybody

    If I can play devil's advocate here:

    orangsalty said *white* not specifically European since there are POC that do live in European nations, and European is not a race. Like for example a black person born and raised in America can be American. So can it not be the same for a Asian person being born and bred in Britian, be  European as well?
    And America, as much of a melting pot as it is, history and culture skeleton structure is based off of European culture both Northern(british/french), Western(german,danish,dutch,Swedish),Southern(Italy,Spanish) and Eastern (Polish,Russian, Greek) depending on what part of the U.S. you live in.

    I am aware of the different cultures of Europe and how even among-st them that there is discrimination.
    Eastern Europeans in Britain automatically comes to mind, and even in America a lot of other Europeans didn't become *white* till the 19th century (like your Irish and Italians)

    As for the history of lighter skin being preferred, that is a phenomena only found in Europe and Asia. That is not something that was prized in the various countries/cultures in Africa until colonization happened, but one should not ignore how now a days that the society we live in does praise people that have less melanin than others, and this is not just something that happens in America but all over.

    However, I do agree that not every white person feels that way, but the fact of the matter is that there is privilege that  POC do not have and this in turn creates entitlement issues, and that should be acknowledged whether you are American or not, this is a European culture construct that was passed onto where the major ethnic groups/race in Europe passed it along.

    But everyone here is pretty much focusing on the *White entitlement* folks were are discussing  are always in our faces in regards to the media.

    and when you do have these women gushing about their physical attributes which they acknowledge are desiserable, then we have the next batch that comes along and continues the cycle.
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  6. yourfavoritevillagetruther added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    Well from my understanding *married for the visa* sounds like one is just using someone for a countries benefits so that could be what offends them to hear it. But like you said, if it doesn't apply to you then one shouldn't get upset.

    My spouse and I did get married in the end so he could come back with me to the states with a spousal visa. If we had a choice we would've loved for him to come over on a work visa but after being in an LDR for 5 years, we were done and knew we did want to spend the rest of our lives together. So if someone wants to assume he did it to get a green card,they're not wrong..its just he wanted a green card to stay with me, and I won't loose sleep over it.

    But she loves to feel like a victim so whatever..

    And she was very fortunate to see Jun every couple of months. When I was in college I was able to see my spouse 2x in one year 6 months apart and spend a month in Japan cause my boss was awesome. But once I entered the real working world, that was tone down to only 2weeks once a year for those past...3 years. Man that was brutal =(, but it did help us to be more independent.
    Wait, you mean if they Were the type of people to settle for somebody so easily? And are you agreeing or disagreeing that they got married too quick? Study abroad programs usually last for 10 months technically and not a year.Even if it was a year, I know some people get married in the span of 2-3 days, but seeing as how I'm nearing my 30s...I could never have married someone so quickly in only knowing them for 10months. Even though my spouse claims he fell in love with me at first sight, he said after living with me for a couple of months he knew for sure he wanted to marry me and this was in the span of 5 years dating. Did R&J even cohabit together while she studied abroad in Japan?

    But hey.  these two are still together so they're the exception. I'm still sticking to my story that he had no other options and that's why he married her ASAP.

    I just showed my spouse a pic of Jun and he said he's ugly.
    Im LEGIT CONFUSED and giving him the major side eye cause he said Grace was cute and Rachel was okay looking as well but her nose was big *I didn't show her the new nose*. I don't think Jun is ugly, but if I had a choice between him and...umm..well, no I'd take him over Ryo only cause he's tall. Dammit, I have no actual jvlogger hubbies to choose from here. But lets just say if I had options, Jun wouldn't be a choice for me.
    Not even suspicious...
    So you got married in hopes Rachel would be able to use that to be placed back in Japan for her military job...what's so bad about that?
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  7. yourfavoritevillagetruther added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    I hear ya! You gotta do what you gotta do to keep it going =) I envy people that can do that, I tried it but..when it comes to sex my drive is low to begin with so it wasn't a major factor to me.

    But yes, I understand that sometimes marriage is the only way. If we married doctors or lawyers, I think we would've just went the work visa route but that just wasn't an option for all of us huh?

    I studied about the affects of LDR for my major as well, and the major issue when becoming SD was avoiding breaking up due to seeing a couple's *Real Self*. So from what you guys are saying, Grace begged Ryo to marry her or something like that?
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  8. yourfavoritevillagetruther added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    True, and I can understand the personality thing. Some people luck out and find hot guys that are genuine and some don't which is also fine, As long as she's happy, but me?..totally would've got a jj look alike for sure!
    Correction, LOOK MORE PLAIN in comparison to her =)
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  9. yourfavoritevillagetruther added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    You had a bag of popcorn? I was totally munching on boxes of Pocky  and wait...it was started cause of the visa comment? I thought it was cause of the outfit sponsoring issue. If he getting angry about that comment, I dunno..maybe it is true then? Like I said before, they dated for like what, a month and then decide to get married? Did he have no other options? 
    In America its mixed. I want to say we do mimic our British counter parts with the ginger bullying but people usually question if a person is a natural red head. However, red hair is popular and no one ever stereotyped them as something bad. Hell, remember Pippi Long Stocking! And Madeline even! Lil kids loved her and still do! They were very popular in America. Also In terms of dying throughout many cultures (among Caribbeans having red streaks was considered cool back when I was growing up). And yes, we do have the stereotypes of the sexy red heads (A character coming to mind was Donna from that 70s show. She was portrayed as a tom boy, but was considered hot and smart. When she gets with the main character eric and his mother discovers they had sex, she makes a comment about her hair like *that red haired vixed made my baby boy unpure*)

    But as you mentioned, as did I, there are MANY positive red haired fictional and non-fictional characters so she needs to stop! In fact, if I may use a popular show I liked that F*CKED OVER THE MAIN CHARACTER which was Sleepy Hollow, the main hero's wife was a Red head witch(a good witch at first...) and yeah..she lived up to that stereotype, but the fandom and the creators tried to make her the main herorine and us the fandom were furious that they did that as well as messed up her character when she started out very interesting.

    Either way, as we both said...we have a diverse cast of power rangers and what gets her panties in a bunch? A red haired bullied guy?
    Just want to be a victim so bad like its the in thing now when it isn't.

    Kind of shocked this is what made you loose respect for her, but I'm not one to turn down someone that sees the light.

    Im still shocked over this...and the people that hearted it..
    Is she even political about other things?
    Can I ask what country you're from? Cause in America, red heads are never looked at as being unattractive and as you said, the bullies are always blond or raven haired.

    Josie and the pussycats: Red haired hero, foe is raven haired chick
    Mena girls? red head hero, blond haired foe.
    and for the weebs: Magic knight rayearth Red hed super hero *in a trio*, wacko blond princess and raven haired priest.

    So.........whats the red head bully stereotype again?
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  10. yourfavoritevillagetruther added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    I've yet to meet a smart male cancerian so  he was doomed whether he waited or jumped into the fire. They are seriously clingy(hard to leave one's partnet) and only jump ship if something better comes along. Relationship dynamics are weird no matter how *normal* a couple is, but in the end..RACE pairing works. I too was in an LDR for like..5 years, and my spouse did bring up the visa route when it really looked like there was no end in sight as I tried to search for jobs in his current city, but I didn't do it. Im not looking down on people that do marry for the visa cause unless you have a skill in demand to emmigrate to another country, its hard AF, but personally I wanted to come to Japan on a work visa since I did want to teach, and this too was also brought up when I was around the same age as them. In the end though we did go the visa route for my spouse and I when we came back to the states cause we've already been dating for 6 years, and we realized this was the only way to end it. 

    But back to birds of a feather:
    Yeah, they are possibly similar. Its just that Ryo knows how to interact with people and Grace?..is just Grace
    Hmm, LDR's aren't for everyone. Im guilty of having a set schedule to hang out with my friends so I could skype with the spouse back in the day. If I wasn't home by 12am, we weren't chillin for long

    But skype sex?

    Go on wit your kinky self Grace! Damn, and I thought I was progressive sending sexy lingerie and hub's sending me sexy salary man strip down. But skype sex dates?..Hell yeah!!

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  11. yourfavoritevillagetruther added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    The only thing that makes them interesting is their location.
    She's actually attractive compared to the regular jvlogger clique if you want to compare competition.
    But ofc one can only find stardom in Japan=)
    She reminds me of Kylie Jenner..in terms of using Neopotism to succeed, in this case..Japan and their foreign model standards.

    Her hubby though...was that her only option?Im just saying, with her looks..im grabbing Jin akanishi, Kim Jae joong  look alikes. But whatever floats her boat. He's the real winner here.
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  12. yourfavoritevillagetruther added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    Exactly! I know the stereotypes of red heads in regards to the irish, so if anything red heads were discriminated against in the past due to their heritage, and I could understand if  she went with this angle, BUT THIS?!

    So much shit happening in Hollywood with white washing of characters, people making petitions to demand MULAN is played by an actual Chinese woman and Emma Stone/Scar Jo doesn't get the role, and a Power Rangers movie that does have a diverse cast but that's the problem she has...a school bully that happens to be a red head is what makes her angry?

    And thank you for not whining about the blond stereotype. I never understood the dumb blond stereotype since Blond hair was always desired, but whatever.

    And once again..her supporters are silent when it shows just how disgusting her views are.

    She doesn't know the first thing about being a victim or being stereotyped, GTFO with that bull shit.

    Im tempted to post this on a fb group, but ima let it slide for now, but she got one more time. 

    She is no different from Grace, and ya'll know it.
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  13. yourfavoritevillagetruther added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    Thank you!

    Was she asleep when Merida, Jean Grey, The Flash, M'gann, The Black Widow, Ranma female version, etc were fawned over!?!

    What she needs to bitch about is Lewis Tan being passed over for the role of the hero! AND HE'S HOT AS HELL! 
    Just wait till she has kids:

    "mommy...kids make fun of me cause they say i'm half japanese"
    "Yeah, WELL IMA RED HEAD!"

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  14. yourfavoritevillagetruther added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    I want to laugh but the comparison makes me feel like its a lose lose situation for me regardless..but still..heh.
    Don't feel bad, there's someone for everyone. God allowed those two to meet and get married, and I hope they stay together..cause no one else deserves to deal with that XD..okay that's a lie, but all my enemies are married so its good. He knew what he was getting into and he went full game on! =)
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  15. yourfavoritevillagetruther added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    ...R&J fans please come and collect her cause I can't...




    And for the record, There are LOTS of positive red haired fictional characters so what is she on ABOUT!?
    When I think of tvtrope bullies, they're usually BLONDS or Raven Haired, not red heads...
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