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  1. Ruruka

    Wow, there's been a lot happening since I was gone..

  2. Ruruka

    Sorry for not being on recently! Going through some stuff, hopefully I'll be more active on this forum again soon. ^^

  3. エクレール » Ruruka

    Hey! You changed your name back!

  4. Ruruka

    I'm just about ready to fight microsoft 

  5. Ruruka

    Onedrive decided to fuck up and I lost like 100 pages of work I'm going to implode :alpacadone::alpacadone:

  6. Ruruka

    I'm never going to be able to grow my hair long because the moment it gets to an awkward length I'm like "CUT IT ALL OFF!!":drool:

    1. loona

      Me. I've been trying to grow my hair out for a year but somehow right now it's shorter than when I started. :')

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    2. lucy_serendipity

      Same. I've heard it's best to just let your hair grow without getting a hair cut, but I'm afraid of split ends. :alpacaworry2:

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    3. Ruruka

      I've been trying to grow my hair out for two years, yet my hair isn't even up to my shoulders currently. I am a failure at hair. :alpacadone:

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  7. Ruruka

    Is drawing on freckles a trend or something now?

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    2. Ruruka

      That super sucks!! :stoplz: Someone call me when the blonde eyebrows and eyelashes becomes a trend because imma be owning it. 

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    3. RainbowCrystal110

      Lol I'm glad my parents don't let me use make up

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    4. Toukv

      I think it's super cute, real or fake. I've always wanted freckles !

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  8. Ruruka

    I just almost set my bedroom on fire I can't be trusted with candles :phftt::phftt:

  9. Ruruka

    It's my birthday today~:meowplz:

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    2. prretts

      happy birthday!! :alpacacrush:

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    3. Ruruka

      Thank you all adjkhgj:alpacacrush::alpacacrush: !!


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    4. Girl A

      Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay <3333

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  10. Ruruka

    Party in the Princess thread~


    1. johndoe

      So sorry for ending the luls. But I think it was time.

      Forgive your admin </3

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    2. Ruruka

      I forgive you senpai (o_ _)ノ彡☆

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  11. Ruruka

    How do I get neckbeards to stop calling me tsundere and taking my hatred for them as cute? :beardo:

    1. mommy

      Best thing to do is to not engage with them. You'll never win with neckbeards.

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  12. Ruruka

    *Thread gets heated* ... *Silently leaves*

  13. Ruruka

    Going to Sydney to see two KPOP bands!! Augh so excited ~ :alpacacrush:

  14. Ruruka

    Waiting for a patch to install on an MMO more like I'm going to die of old age before this thing finishes. :notimp:

  15. Ruruka

    The laptop I bought just a month ago got a serious virus...:alpacaworry2: I'm in the process of fixing i so won't be on much!

  16. Ruruka

    It's currently 35°C on Christmas Eve and expected to be even hotter tomorrow...Ugh.:alpacadone::alpacadone:

  17. Ruruka

    I forgot to put a discount code on my christmas order. im being haunted by that 20% code i should have used...:alpacadone:

  18. Ruruka

    My internet is gonna be out until next thursday <_<"

  19. Ruruka

    Halloween in Australia like: I saw a cupcake with orange icing. That's it.