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  1. annoyed Shrek added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Imagine putting all that effort into a fake persona just for validation from horny internet males that follow a shit ton of other prettier / hotter girls anyway? When will she realize all that effort to look special is useless because all men will see is her tits and ass and she's basically a tool? Men that buy into her BS are mocked by other men and referred as " simps " now lmao.  
    She hates herself so much and actually has 0 respect for the real self that's beneath of all that pretending... it's sickening. 
    " I fucked up my sight and perfectly fine natural breasts to look like a joke but a joke that makes men fantacize about ME... Might become blind and get breast cancer..  but love yourselves guys!!!!!! Social media is vain!1!1!1!1!!!! If you're a hater you need to become more woke like me !!! Stay jealous !!! " 
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  2. annoyed Shrek added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    This makes me crack up how she's not done with her fake persona yet... How can she give such good advice yet do the exact opposite lmao 

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  3. annoyed Shrek added a post in a topic sentient_meat   

    I was curious about her " coming out " as asexual & read the comments.
    Someone in there asked what made her know she was asexual & she just replied :  "I've gone a year without craving sex."  I was mind blown.
    I don't consider myself asexual and I've gone way longer periods without craving sex simply because I didn't have anyone I was attracted / was in love with during those timeframes. My libido has been non existent for years because of depression, anxiety, insecurities and we've seen her struggle with those. Am I asexual yet?
    I don't want to dismiss her but it seems that many people want an unique label to feel special nowadays. If her criteria for asexuality is just " I've not had sex in a year so now I'm asexual " it's very ...  Questionable. If she's had sex or even just pleasured herself & enjoyed it before she might end up craving it again in the future. idk maybe it's just me but I find it annoying how "asexual" used when people go for a short period with no sex like??? This isn't revolutionary and no one cares.  
    But who I am to say that lol. Just throwing that out there 

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  4. annoyed Shrek added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Did she get her iris implant removed because of complications?
    I'm betting my life that this is a regular lens. If this picture is recent, she got her iris implant out but decided to keep up with the lie. This is why she had stopped posting for a while! She got complications and had to get it removed. 
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  5. annoyed Shrek added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    "Making people who think they're special uncomfortable"
    I've had good laugh, thanks Sarah! Who is really acting like they're so special hmmm? Isn't it our intellectual heterochromia quircky nerd, Krotchy? The narcissism is just too much 
    Girl isn't even comfortable with her natural eye color, chest nor inexistant personality 😂 
    You're not making anyone uncomfortable... You're just out here looking like a laughing stock for most and cum bag for old men who follow another bunch of Instagram pretentious nobodies whose career would be gone if the platform shut down
    Now the one who must be uncomfortable is you! Make sure to save for eye drops and explant surgeries because you're gonna need it!
    I can't wait till this bitch grows old and irrelevant then is left with nothing but the choice to suck dick for money and a bunch of health issues. Prepare to transition to porn! 
    And she thinks she's so good she can't be handled in bed? Hahaha this is so hilarious. Girl your chest looks painful and you only have one functional eye... Can you even handle your own pitiful situation?
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  6. annoyed Shrek added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    If Sarah had a brain and some morals, she could have actually done something out of what she naturally has. 
    1) her natural boobs looked perfectly fine. If she was insecure about the size (this "small boobs aren't enough" mentality needs to die btw), she could have gone for a more natural implant like smaller + teardrop shaped and taken care of it so it doesn't look stiff and encapsulate like hers did. (+ admit it when getting asked so again, people have no reason to hate on you). 
    2) Working out can totally change your whole body and shape if you put effort into it. I've seen crazy and legit transformations from people going from a box to very curvy purely from consistant diet and working out. She's tall and her natural body is far from ugly. Instead of photoshopping that ass she could just workout, at least it wouldn't look different in videos and real life. 
    3) Brown eyes are beautiful. If she wanted to stand out so bad just stick to the contact and admit it because there's no way you can ever get away with a lie like this lol. NOBODY would have hated her for it. I'll still stick to the opinion that it doesn't fit her because it makes her facial assymmetry more noticeable.
    4) She has actually so many good shots of her and she knows so many photographers. I really don't get why she stole other models pictures... that was so unnecessary and caused her to have people turn against her, again. 
    5) It's really not hard to write an article after having done some research. Not only are you proud of yourself and your job once it's done, but people that will like it will appreciate YOUR job and not someone else's. She's just plain stupid and lazy. She's not interested in science at all it's all for the aesthetic. 
    6) Wardrobe.... Do I need to say anything? Just don't wear the same stuff 24/7 and you'll be fine lol idk how she could fuck this up. 
    7) The " one face expression syndrome ". Come on it's not hard to make other faces. Maybe in her case it is she actually doesn't feel emotions that's probably what's going on there lol. 
    Following those this could have made her successful but nah homie is to dumb and has a sociopathic liar profile so that'll only ever exist in fiction. 
    Good luck with the eye and breast tissue damage all for clout that won't last. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Enjoy your dumb horny neckbeards that follow a thousand other models anyways, because you damaged your health and reputation for them! 
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  7. annoyed Shrek added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    The tragedy is real. 
    She's gonna end up with a bunch of health issues with those 2 massive silicon sacks and the implant in her eyeball. Karma is gonna hit her again later if people knowing the truth doesn't affect her. Pretty sure the load of toxins will sooner or later. 
    Body dysmorphia is really strong with her. 
    I don't know how people can think this looks good. Society really managed to warp the image of what a natural woman is supposed to look like. 
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  8. annoyed Shrek added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

  9. annoyed Shrek added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    That's so dumb. That video won't get recommended by YouTube again. 
    + When you make a video like that your goal is to expose not how many $ it gets. 
    It was going up in views and I was confident it would end up reaching 5m+ at that rate... The whole purpose of this forum and video was to spread awareness so as many people as possible know she's a problematic liar. SUCH A WASTE that the video got removed if you ask me!!!!
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  10. annoyed Shrek added a post in a topic sentient_meat   

    One pet peeve of mine is when girls with boobs act like they are at a disadvantage for being well endowed when having small breasts is the first biggest insecurity for women, which is why there are so many women getting breast implants in the first place.
    Social media and beauty standards promotes the idea that girls with small boobs are unfeminine,  unsexy and undesirable
    I can at least name 2 friends who want to bet a boob job and 2 I know irl that have gotten one.
    Don't to tell me having nice round natural boobs and exposing them is getting you any negative comment. She is loving the attention and the praise. Why be so fake. Just post your boobs and go.
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  11. annoyed Shrek added a post in a topic sentient_meat   

    THIS. Not only but she needs to tone down on the narcissism. She's not body positive, she's perfectly fitting beauty standards. If I had her skin, body and breasts and little body hair I'd never complain again. No one said she has saggy boobs. She only ever receives positive / praise feedback and makes all her captions about that one hater.
    So cringe. 
    Also she pretends to be a feminist but proudly goes on saying other females are jealous of her, that she'd steal their man in a blink & also shames women getting plastic surgery / implants. Such love for women!
    She's so pretencious and negative... 
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  12. annoyed Shrek added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    It's really tragic to see how far being fake and manipulative can get you. She got a gig for Guess and a whole mural done for her. 
    I always knew people are dumb but to witness this many people including supposedly "high class brands" fall for something that obvious? Don't they f*cking investigate before hiring?! Geez. I hate humanity and I hate this society too.
    She can temporarily enjoy while she's at it and can still see lmao
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  13. annoyed Shrek added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    If you go to her instagram profile you'd swear she's doing everything to make it look fake. The blue on her recent pics is SO NEON & flashy. She not even deleting the comments of people saying she had breast augmentation and that she fakes heterochromia. It looks like she doesn't care anymore about people knowing.
    So why is she so dedicated to changing it on Wikipedia lmao.  
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  14. annoyed Shrek added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Check her latest story guys lmao. Posing sexily underwater with trap music in the background, heterochromia girl with huge tits! Wow!!!
    Waterqueen"... more like "soon to be blind Queen" & "Edgelord Krotchy" 
    How much do you estimate her vision loss at? I'd say at least 50 to 60% vision loss in the eye with the bright ocular implant. 
    She really doesn't care. What a nutcase...
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  15. annoyed Shrek added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    This girl is the most predictable moron in the entire planet. So she's gonna be absent for so long and then suddenly get huge round perfecly spherical shaped breasts ... AAAAAND she's already showing then through wet T-hirts! If she wants to be so secretive about everything and pretend it's natural...
    Why, oh WHY does she appear immediately after surgical procedures and show the most obvious and cringey behavior that indeed indicates what everyone was expecting and waiting for? 
    As we said much earlier, many of us believe that she has some type of mental retardation. It's just not possible to be that dumb.
    She could have done something as easy as keep being active while she gets surgery by posting pcitures she never has before in a consistant way  (she has plenty of good quality ictures she never posted on her account), then SMARTLY and PATIENTLY waiting for the implants to settle until it looks natural enough not to be spotted. She could have done that + get teardrop shaped implants instead of round. 
    Man she's so so SO dumb I cannot anymore this girl. 
    Imagine being that Thirsty for the attention of some old horny males she's never gonna meet IRL anyways....
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