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  1. kasi added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I was passing by a sewing work shop and was thinking the most random thought  “oh if I was Taylor I would have the time and the money to go there every week and learn” there are so many workshops and so many skills to learn in Asia that she can later create videos about ... but then it came to me that if I had all the time and the money I would maybe just be like her and do nothing... because having everything takes out all motivation maybe? Laziness intensifies?
    It’s easy to blame ew san for her lack of motivation , considering what we know about him , but she not locked in chains ... so many things she can do ... 
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  2. kasi added a post in a topic Xia Xue   

    She said and done worse things than this ~
    greta is a activist and like any activist they are open to any kind of criticism. Greta is a child who decided (maybe pushed by her parents) to put herself in a grown up shoes pushing an agenda , even if is supposedly the good side ... still anybody is free to say that she is cringe and I don’t see what’s wrong with that ... like her i was also told 20 year we that we are going to burn and there will be no more oil by this time ... and before me people were told they are gonna freeze to death , so questioning this type of fear mongering is not out of base ... i think people should focus more on garbage and cleaning the rivers and oceans . But I’m totally going out off topic 
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  3. kasi added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    I hope he is charging their Patreons per video and not monthly... because if it’s monthly it does seem like a scam to me ~
    most youtubers when they go on an hiatus they put their patreon on hold as well....
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  4. kasi added a post in a topic SUNNYDAHYE   

    it’s funny that the only picture she decided to post of him is them as a shadow 
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  5. kasi added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    I should have pointed out in my original post that I was well aware that I took a screenshot of her with her makeup, but still with makeup I have the same feeling.
    as you can see from the post above me, those are screenshots of her without makeup from before her surgery and you can see that it not only the nose that looks different...
    of course she can do whatever she wants with her face and her money ... Is just makes me surprise how I  even wasn’t sure it’s her from the thumbnails and it just doesn’t look that well either... I just wanted to see if I’m not the only one that feels that way
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  6. kasi added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    haven’t seen them in such a long time and somehow one of their videos was recommend to me and I was shocked to see Rachel when the vid started playing ... I don’t want to say mean things, but she looks completely different... if it wasn’t for her hair I wouldn’t recognize her, she was so pretty, the only problem of hers was her frizzy hair which she fixed with the Japanese straightening and her bad sense of fashion that still persists haha but each his own.
    Anyway I could see why her nose bothered her , even if I thought it’s ok ...  I don’t know her new nose ... whatever it’s done, but somehow I think she is doing something else to her face .... please whatever it is stop 

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  7. kasi added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    I don’t sympathize with him whatsoever, and he deserved what’s coming to him till now because of his stupid choices and being so pitiful to the point that he hurts himself and others ... but I don’t think this is rock bottom yet and I would not like to see this hitting rock bottom if it can be avoided.. same for any other person that is i. a similar situation as him ... that’s why i said what I said 
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  8. kasi added a post in a topic Hiding in my room (Daniel)   

    This is sad! He had a cute wife and she seemed to be caring, although by the end she seemed to be fed up by his inability to grow up , so she wasn't coming home and the final straw god knows what was it ... If he made the effort he could have had a nice place with her and build a family... all this tantrums just to end up with a sex doll? He is not bad looking... he just needs to stop his self loathing and take himself more seriously, also stop acting like a child before is too late... because this is not fun at all...
    I know people are more inclined to make fun of this people’s (incels) problems, but I think doing so just pushes them more into a black hole.. which is what happens to Daniel 
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  9. kasi added a post in a topic Tati/Glam Life Guru   

    maybe she did try to sick help for him, but a mother does not go and ridicule her son ( I know is supposedly) to her millions of subs ... all what she said are things that need to be dealt in private or just cut ties privately... she is a grown woman not a teen... he is a teenager.
    with all the fame and money he got in such short time at such a young age I would expect him to be even more problematic than this, not saying that this is not problematic, but for what I could see like other poster said the situation was messy... he is young and going with other young messy people...so this a teen finding his way (not in the correct way in this moment) and needs lot of guidance, not to be exposed by a person who calls herself his mother, of course he should face consequences ... but her being the person who did this makes me question her character and I see her as a vile person seeking revenge in the most pitiful way. 
    She is the one who calls herself his supposedly mother that’s why I hold her to that standard, if she didn’t want that title and the heavy lift that comes with it, than oh well she should just have not done anything for him. Teens are known for not being the most caring at his age that’s why the adults are there to teach them and she went on full revenge, and I pointed it out before it’s not the first time she does this
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  10. kasi added a post in a topic Tati/Glam Life Guru   

    i don’t get why is so hard for people to understand that criticizing Tati is not being on jc side , both can be trash.
    this grown woman had no problem with this teens behavior until he hurt her, if he didn’t do that she would still be on his side ...
    her last straw should have been long time ago, but she just didn’t care because it wasn’t her on the receiving end.
    she is very vindictive, she says she was like his mom ... mothers don’t do that, instead if she was a mother like figure she would put him to the side privately and explain and teach what a right behavior is and  what he was doing to others is wrong , but no instead she shamed him in front of millions of people ... again I will clarify what he was doing is very wrong , but still this kind of expose is evil specially coming from her and she went that route knowing it works on her favor after she did similar thing to Kiki Chanel ..
    Tati did a terrible review of Emily’s palettes and people were calling out on that... people were doing this even before kiki made her vid... but once the video was done she saw an opportunity to stir all the backlash into another person and it worked and is working again 
    so both are trash that’s it , unpopular opinion.. but so be it
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  11. kasi added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I saw this on twiter as well and I can say I can no longer stand Chris from abroad in japan since he joined Tokyo creative or maybe it’s just him, this video parody he made https://youtu.be/J8LGEqzTsjo  is exactly how his trip in japan felt to me.
    and I dont understand how can they charge so much for this lackluster thing?
    the only Japanese content in English that I’ve been enjoying lately came from tokiyuyu who sadly doesn’t post much, but when she does she recommends great products from japan 
    and chocolate geisha which reminds me of the old content Meghan (in Korea) used to do 
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  12. kasi added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    all I took from her vid is that she didn’t click on the links that showed screenshots of her working for men’s club...
    that right there shows how sneaky she is  
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  13. kasi added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    she doesn’t have a child yet so there’s is nothing stopping her for doing exiting things yet , so no child to blame for her lack of life.
    she is been with ew san for very long time, so I don’t think much change relationshipwise just because of papers.
    She got the money she wanted, what it means that even all the money in the world can’t bring you excitement to lack of motivation 
    it has nothing to with being a mother or a wife.
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  14. kasi added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    I think this is mostly the case, why spend your own money on important things when they can beg other people to pay their important bills.
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  15. kasi added a post in a topic Taylor R General Discussion Thread   

    Having kids is not the end of the world and despite the hardships, they are always rewarding... it’s hard like any other job , I think for Taylor it will give her some more purpose in her life and like any job you shouldn’t make it the only purpose in your life, I understand motherhood is not for everyone, but treating it like a terrible thing that ends your life is very wrong 
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