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  1. taey added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    i dont think she's trying hard to put on a specific persona? i think that cringey feeling youre getting is just cause she's pretty cringey in general? but i feel like she was genuinely chatting like she would with anyone. its when she's posing like some kind of china doll that I feel she tries too hard.
    I actually really like her GRWM where she talks/tells stories cause it feels more personal and is much more interesting than a voice over where you obviously know its scripted. Good job Mei! Keep it up!
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  2. taey added a post in a topic Jenn Im | imjennim | clothesencounters   

    I think Jenn's new video all but confirms that she lurks the thread here because a few days ago we mentioned Sarah.
    It's pretty on the nose. So, Hi Jenn! Welcome to PULL
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  3. taey added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    i liked her room tour vid. Finally! content people actually wanted to see/requested.
    the editing style was calming and i think the voice over worked for a video like this.
    im actually getting some ideas for my own room. I want a canopy net now!
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  4. taey added a post in a topic Celia Leslie / Sonia Leslie   

    it may be partially to have an excuse to go to korea and also its obvious that she's had insecurities about her face/ethnic black features for a while now. she just doesnt admit it because shes a "strong black girl" that cares about #black lives matter~ but doesnt actually do anything to alleviate the injustices she or her community faces.
    in short, she lyin'
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  5. taey added a post in a topic Celia Leslie / Sonia Leslie   

    they really played themselves because that PS looks so botched.
    yes, a lot of foreigners go to korea to get plastic surgery because its cheaper, but there is an obvious difference between foreigners going to korea to get western style PS and kboos who go to korea to get asian style PS (when they're not asian). im sure you know which categories the twins fall
    there IS a very specific look that asians prefer when getting PS and the twins obviously are trying to erase part of their blackness away in favor of these asian beauty standards and anyone who doesnt see that is blind.
    no one is saying that getting PS in korea as a foreigner makes you a kboo. but instead these people are ALREADY kboos from the start and get PS in korea for obvious reasons. If celia and sonia had no previous interest in asian culture, i doubt they would have gone to the lengths to go to korea and get the specific procedures they did. 
    there is a strong correlation between their problematic fetishizing of asian peoples and the own erasure of their ethnic features. And this is why fetishizing is so bad, because it not only marginalizes the group that is being fetishized, but it negatively affects the fetishizer. By idolizing and putting asians on a pedestal, they grow to hate their own culture and ethnic features and ultimately will do anything to further themselves away from their background. this erases both groups.
    and another point. when asian people get PS to fit asian standards, they STILL look asian and at least look similar to how they did before, just better (excluding extreme facial reconstruction). when celia got her PS, she completely looks like a different race (ie she no longer looks black) and that says a lot. 
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  6. taey added a post in a topic Jenn Im | imjennim | clothesencounters   

    What I don't get is that jenn always says that she never wants to film only when sarahs around cuz they havent seen each other in a while. which makes sense but then, jenn is always shoving a camera in other friends' faces that she also hasnt seen in a while so sarah shouldnt be any different unless, like i said before, sarah specifically asked not to be in the vid.
    but then that also confuses me because sarah obviously had previous interest in the limelight as she WAS one half of the channel before jenn's fame. so then my question is, what happened that made sarah hate being on camera so much? maybe she sees how fame changed jenn? im also prob just overthinking it but i always could never shake the feeling that something might have gone down between the two plus the introduction of soothingsista as jenns new bff.
    lol but this is probably overthinking it too.
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  7. taey added a post in a topic Jenn Im | imjennim | clothesencounters   

    I was a fan back when she was still with Sarah. when they were freshmen in college and filming in their backyards and using Target brand makeup and thrifting for under $10. I was still a fan up until before she cut her hair (2012) and that was my favorite era of her. but after she cut her hair and started dating ben and becoming BFFs with Steph and getting sponsors, it just seemed really fake to me. Even now if you got to her youtube channel all of her thumbnails are the same cookie cutter edit and it just looks so cold and commercialized. I just miss how genuine jenn used to be in the past. she was so unique and i admired her so much. she was truly my fave youtuber at the time. now shes just like everyone else. i unsubbed a long time ago hoping she would change later, but she hasnt sadly.
    also i remember the whole eyk thing and that really disappointed me and i do get the sense that shes really white washed/a white lover. but since i unfollowed a long time ago i dont know how she is racist/problematic now (if someone could post receipts that would be great)
    I also dont think its fair to criticize her for smoking cigs or weed cuz its her body. as long as she doesnt do it in a populated area then i dont see the problem and weed is legal in LA so its not like shes breaking any law.
    My question is:
    Does anyone else feel a little weird about the fact that clothesencounters started off as a two person thing and now jenn is like super famous and rich and sarah is prob just still a regular girl with a stable/quiet life? it just feels weird that jenn never mentions sarah even though they were bffs. i know jenn has stated before they're still friends but now steph is her new bff and sarah barely gets any recognition even though she was one half of the channel. i think if jenn wanted to continue solo she couldve re-made the channel or changed the name when she still had a small and loyal fanbase. 
    i also realize that maybe its sarah that didnt want any attention but idk why i feel a little bitter about it? what do you guys think?
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  8. taey added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    some more:
    stop acting like korea is this socially undeveloped country like we're all still stuck in the 1800s. there are activists in korea. there are people fighting racism and sexism in korea. We're not stupid. we can solve our own problems so cut it with the savior complex.i can respect peoples pronouns but i draw the line at "otherkin" of any kind.trigger warnings have become ridiculous. Why do I need to tag food for you??the dolly wink lashes and circle lens trend is dead. koreans don't even use that anymore. its like trying to be an early 2000's emo in 2017.
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  9. taey added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    someones reaching.
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  10. taey added a post in a topic When does Asian Fashion become Fetishizing?   

    just dont do aegyo sal and the ridic highlight in the inner corners and youre good.
    and your eyeliner wing should suit your physical features. dont do a droopy puppy eye if it goes against your natural line. that tends to look silly. same with eyeliner that makes your eyes appear "chinkier" thats yellowface.
    also circle lenses and giant dolly lashes are kind of out now. most koreans prefer a youthful natural look these days.
    the trend of 2000s cyworld ulzzangs is out. most kweebs havent really figured this one out yet.
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  11. taey added a post in a topic Killing Stalking thoughts?   

    That's a great way to put it. It definitely plays with your sense of morality. Sometimes I see myself saying the ship is cute, then sangwoo does some fucked up shit and im like nope.
    it annoys me as well that people call it a manga. its a manwha which is closer to a webtoon than an actual comic. 
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  12. taey added a post in a topic Advice on gaining a following w/o being a snowflake.   

    im an artist on insta with currently 6k followers. the majority of my followers came from other popular instagram artists that i became friends with. these are some of the methods i used that seemed to work the best.
    find your niche/style/aesthetic/subject and stick with it!!update regularly (daily, every-other day, etc)find a squad you want to be associated with and try to become their friend (but do not beg, flat out ask to be friends, brown nose them) DMing popular instas when you arent mutuals is actually really risky!! you will be seen as a nuisance. instead try commenting.think of DMing as someone's home. you cant just barge in, you have to be invited in.comment and like on popular instas regularly. they will start to recognize you and may follow back (but do not spam!)if youre going to comment on a post, make it meaningful!! Comments like "cute" or "great post" get looked over. try something like "i love the way you paint hair its so soft!" or "the way you do your lineart is so intricate and detailed!" when other people comment on your insta, comment back!! contrary to what a lot of snowflakes believe, acting cold and ignoring people isnt going to get people to like you. be friendly.offer to do collabs/art trades (some big instas might not accept unless you are on a similar skill lvl or popularity as them)the best thing that can happen is if a big name insta gives you a shoutout or does a trade/collab and tags you!!!once you and a popular insta become mutuals, its safe to assume you are now friends and can DM each other. try to remember everyone's names, ages, and pronouns! bdays and personal interests! basically, just be genuinely interested in them!also note, do not shoot too high. someone with skill lvl of picasso isnt going to follow someone with a lvl of a preschooler yaknow? (not saying youre a preschooler, just an example)some very nitpicky stuff that shouldnt matter but actually does!
    emojis are your friend. people tend to be more engaged when your caption has emojis. for some reason, people dont like following accounts who follow more people than they have followers.contrary to popular belief, using thousands of hashtags isnt going to get you any more likes or follows. in fact using thousands of hashtags looks desperate. just use the basic essential tags! ie: #digitalart #illustration #fanart (three is a good number) your tags shouldnt be longer than your captionhave a good insta "theme". all your pictures should look good together and be cohesive. a little harder to do with art, but its possible
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  13. taey added a post in a topic Killing Stalking thoughts?   

    my thoughts: its an okay story. the art is beautiful and the style is very unique. its hard for me to sympathize with any of the characters tho. yoonbum is kind of annoying and a creep and sangwoo isnt hot shit like everyone claims he is. i dont get his appeal sorry.
    i read mostly for the artwork and semi-decent plot, although i feel like ive seen this exact story-line in every murder story.
    its not my favorite, but its a good way to pass the time.
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  14. taey added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    - plastic surgery shouldnt be a big deal if you own up to it when ppl ask
    - youtubers sellout because they're afraid of getting a real job like everyone else cuz all of them are snowflakes who want their asses to be kissed.
    - i hate that non-asian POC never get called out for being a weeb because "they're poc too". if white people cant do it, other poc cant do it either. ex. everyone loves miles jai even though he fetishizes x100
    - i hate "instagram makeup"
    - skinny shaming doesnt exist. sorry it doesnt. wow someone said to eat a burger youre so oppressed. you sound ridic.
    - JLaw is overrated and im glad people are finally shitting on her. like a post ive seen somewhere "its 2017, pizza doesnt make you relatable anymore"
    - im tired of people acting like moana is the first POC princess in disney when we've had Mulan, Jasmine, Tiana.
    - in a similar sense im tired of people praising Anna and Elsa as the OG sisterly love when Nani and Lilo did it first. Spot the difference. one is white and the other isnt.
    - sometimes i take advantage of weebs irl because they'll literally do whatever i tell them to do.
    - the blacklivesmatter movement used to mean something but now its all about trying to elevate black people and pushing other poc down. where were you when Aleppo happened? guess you only care about yourselves. 
    - in the same sense i think aside from white people in the U.S. black people have the most privilege. people get all up in arms if you say anything bad about black people but you still see openly racist stuff about other poc and no one bats an eye.
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  15. taey added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    i dont think its as complicated as people think it is. i dont think he has a master plan. i dont think hes planning a revolution.
    i think the answer is simple. google analytics is kicking his ass and his videos are no longer getting as many views (relative to his usual views back in his prime). so the only thing saving him is being super controversial and uploading clickbaity titles.
    hes grasping for straws at this point..
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