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  1. Xuaqua added a post in a topic Offline TV General [ + their friends ]   

    yeah idk what people are thinking when they say that. like its still equally as bad.
    i also dont know how fed pretending he didnt remember was ever supposed to help, as if the girls are just gonna be like "oh he tried to harass me when he was drunk, but he forgot so its fine!" like wtf?? fed and his hardcore fans are next level retards.
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  2. Xuaqua added a post in a topic Offline TV General [ + their friends ]   

    i know that what im about to say is definitely an unpopular opinion, but i think that based on the amount of time that it happened for and how severe its consequences were, that the manipulative behaviour from fed was way worse than any of his sexual allegations.
    his sexual harassment towards yvonne, lily, kimi etc. is 100% fucking disgusting but i think that his emotionally manipulative behaviour towards yuna, poki, fuslie etc. (although he did also manipulate the girls that he harassed, obviously) is by far the most condemning part of fed's actions. i think that if say, yuna, was a more emotionally unstable person that feds mind games would have tore her apart. 
    and yeah, i agree that moe was likely alluding to manipulative behaviour behind the scenes that hasnt been revealed, since if fed had gone and full-on raped someone im sure that it would have reached the public by now
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  3. Xuaqua added a post in a topic Offline TV General [ + their friends ]   

    i think the pokimane thread went to shit because of the excessive amount of arguing and whatnot (which ill admit that i contributed to so my bad), but i do think that there is still alot of legitimate discussion to be had regarding the fed situation. i get that this is a subjective thing though, so of course you're entitled to your opinion.
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  4. Xuaqua added a post in a topic Offline TV General [ + their friends ]   

    i mean as moe said, what the public knows is merely a percentage of what has actually happened behind closed doors involving fed and his victims. moe also said that imane was feds worst victim by far right?
    what that tells me is that there is likely some hella fucked up shit that happened between poki and fed which she isnt comfortable talking about. so although i do agree that she maybe isnt telling the full truth, it is the victims choice regarding what they make public and i think we should respect that.
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  5. Xuaqua added a post in a topic Offline TV General [ + their friends ]   

    yeah. if there was any doubt in my mind that fed cant make some sort of comeback, its gone now.
    CNN and yuna were the last straw in my eyes
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  6. Xuaqua added a post in a topic Offline TV General [ + their friends ]   

    what happened? did yuna say something? im sorry im just a little behind on the info rn lol
    edit: nvm, found it. unfortunately on my phone the screenshots are remarkably blurry but yeah from what i can make out, that is hella fucked up. props to yuna for being brave enough to speak up though
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  7. Xuaqua added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    i mean if you listened to her full statement regarding fed and didnt think that it was atleast a little helpful in deciphering both what happened with fed, and the severity of his actions, then that just proves how remarkably biased you are against her.
    in regards to natural pictures, she has posted quite a few on her instagram stories in recent months. im sure the images are in the thread somewhere 
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  8. Xuaqua added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    sorry for the double post, but one of the twitter accounts in her replies that was used in her recent video is claiming that their question that she answered in the video wasnt actually what they commented, and it seems as if she edited the tweet in her video.
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  9. Xuaqua added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    as i said a couple posts back, her false copyright strikes and interferences against smaller creators on yt in general are inexcusable.
    im talking about when she seems like shes trying to improve as a person, or when she posts natural/unedited pictures, or when she makes a genuinely insightful statement like the one a couple days ago, there are always people that manage to find a reason to criticize her. 
    there are more than enough legitimate things to criticize her for. this statement is not really one of them. 
    also yeah, i agree with the people that think it has gone too far. i think he deserved to be exposed and im glad that he has not only been removed from OTV, but that girls in the future will be aware of his actions.
    however as a few of you have already mentioned, CNN is completely different level. this is fucked up on so many levels.
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  10. Xuaqua added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    1. go back and read the forum in its entirety. many people have attacked her natural looks over the years. maybe not recently, but thats because recently there has been more pressing issues for the thread to discuss.
    2. again, you're wrong. many people including myself at times have attacked her for hiding her relationships to create the girlfriend experience. im not saying that she doesnt do that, im just making a point.
    3. recently she hasnt leeched because she doesnt have to. shes already leeched her way to the top over the years.
    4. we have no reason to believe that anything she is saying is to help her image, especially considering the fact that her stories are backed up by many other girls and the fact that fed hasnt even tried to deny anything. 
    are you really saying that PULL isnt an echo chamber?? this is literally a fucking hate thread. of course its an echo chamber. 
    and for the one millionth time, just because PULL is an echo chamber doesnt mean what we say is necessary all wrong. ive made plenty of posts in the past attacking imane's actions either because they are blatantly wrong, or shady at the very least. but you cant sit here and claim that the people on this thread have ever really given her a chance to try and redeem herself since there is always an excuse when she does something seemingly decent.
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  11. Xuaqua added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    i like how we would all likely be hating on poki right now if she hadnt made a statement, since no statement would have looked very fishy and would have suggested she had something to hide. 
    i guess there really is no winning for the girls on this thread huh? obviously her past actions are despicable and i dont need to tell you all that because you wouldn't be on the thread if you didnt dislike her. but seriously, think about it.
    if she edits her photos, we call her fake. if she doesnt, a ton of people on here call her ugly or claim that shes only posting natural photos to help her image.
    if she hides her off-camera relationships with people like fed we attack her for hiding things to manipulate her audience, and when she finally opens up about her abuse many people on here either says shes lying or assume there is some hidden agenda.
    if she plays with a popular streamer, we call her a leech. if she interacts with smaller streamers, we say that its to help her image.
    obviously some actions like her false copyrighting are completely inexcusable, and im not saying that poki hasnt leeched in the past, but i think in some situations (like this current MeToo fiasco), people fail to realise just how much of an echo chamber this thread is. im sure this will get downvoted since the people with a vendetta are unwilling to try and see her side of the story during this but whatever
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  12. Xuaqua added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    oh dont get me wrong, im aware that there is dirt on the other OTV members, specifically lily as it has been mentioned on this thread a few times before and i read into it a little. but i never really read into their dirt enough to form an opinion on any of them outside of poki
    thats kinda what i had assumed the situation was with imane and fed, i.e. imane playing with his emotions and then going over to hasans etc..  and although that still might be true to some extent, this situation has definitely made it a more 2 sided thing instead of "poki abuses fed, poor fed!"
    i guess that kind of makes sense, but poki mentioned that fed had said he was dating imane to a guy he knew she was interested in, and then told the guy not to inform imane about the conversation. i feel like because of that, it seems less likely that fed thought they where dating and more likely that he was trying to cuck her or something, right?
    when i said "the others" i moreso meant the just friends house and whatnot. i still somewhat disagree with you on this point though, but there isnt really any arguments to be made since the only way to find out is for us to wait and see. but yeah i agree that friendships at otv seem very unnatural, almost forced in a way. they are definitely not as close off camera as they try to make people believe they are.
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  13. Xuaqua added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    i mean i can only speak for myself here, but personally i have only ever felt indifferent at best towards the OTV cast, excluding poki who i do genuinely dislike because of how she abuses her power and cant handle criticism (sorta reminds me of SSSniperwolf in a way, who i also dislike). in any case i was definitely never a fed fan, i suppose a fed sympathiser would be a better term since i had assumed poki had been abusing him bts and naturally i felt bad about that.
    anyway, although i do think the girls have left alot of information out of their stories, they have still managed to convey their point right? i dont see how poki admitting that she dated fed would change the fact that his actions where unacceptable. 
    and although you can definitely argue that poki has only made her statement to look good, would you prefer that she had said nothing and stayed completely silent? theres really no winning in this situation for both fed or the girls but i think the girls have done a decent job at exposing fed, with seemingly good intentions. it will be interesting to see if imane becomes visibly closer with the others after this fiasco, since i would assume feds absense would allow her to feel more comfortable around them?
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  14. Xuaqua added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    its actually quite ironic;
    the only thing that the people defending fed are proving is how good of a manipulator fed truly was. 
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  15. Xuaqua added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    so uh, after fuslie's talk about her experience with fed, im very interested to see if the people on this thread that are still defending fed want to continue on their retarded campaign of white knighting him? genuinely curious.
    because at this point defending his actions seems like nothing short of a lost cause, and It makes me wanna desperately go back in time and not post my comments defending him. im actually willing to debate on whether or not fed has some serious personality disorder since everything the girls are talking about line up well with him being a sociopath to some degree.
    if that is the case, then therapy won't help him. the best thing the girls can do is forgive and forget.
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