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  1. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    She once mocked flat earth society and asked them to unfollow her just to post something like this. Wow  
    Maybe she will tell why she purged her account. A few days ago it was still active.
    I have two theories about her cheap looking Anzu ears and how she got them. 
    1. She bought them herself, read our comments and told they were a gift like we predicted.
    2. She told her homeless husband he should buy her this ears and agreed that a homeless guy spend his money on useless shit for her. Not long ago she stated he was still homeless and living in his car, but she's okay with him paying for him? It was no surprise gift because her birthday is on February 22nd so she knew about it all the time and dis not stop him to pay for her? What did she get him on his birthday? A cheap ass picture by her. Okay. 
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  2. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    It's ridiculous she is offering her charms as pre-orders. Again she gets money and people have to wait for the things they paid for. She is spending money that is not hers. 
    I bet there will be a post in a few hours how these ears are gifts from a fan/hubby or whomever. She is terrible in money management
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  3. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Some "gross sick asshole" pretended to be her on reddit. She was furious about it and spammed her story about it 

    She is still posting private messages and names in her storys. I wish I knew how many of these people get harrased by her followers. And like Nekodemon already said most of them are underaged and still kids. 

    And since we are talking about minors. She charged a underaged girl 200+€ for a commission. Nothing wrong about her prices as long as someone is willing to pay them, but this girl is 17 years old and not even allowed to buy such deals legally. 

    And it seems like she has a quarrel with someone or at least is stirring some more drama about another artist. Her behaviour is so immature. Everytime she has not the ability to handle things like a grown up she tries to discreted people or acts like a total bitch and acts ridiculous with texts like this (she also sounds so fake "kawaii" in her storys)

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  4. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    The fact she didn't post a direct link to this site and keeps quiet about it while she is still pissed about the critique thing and still post users names, seems like a proof that some facts we shared here are true and she don't want her fans to see them. 
    And it is so absurd to see someone that tries so hard to be kawaii and cute swear like a sailor. Nothing about her attitude is sweet. She's just a bitter and rude bitch to everyone who is not paying tribute to her.
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  5. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    @swagalicious What's so suprising to me is the fact she's been to art school, university and is offering commission. She stated none of these institutions teached her something new. No wonder if you turn a death ear to everyone that want to help you to improve. She is so full of herself. I wish I knew how she handels critique from customers. What is happening if someone is not pleased with a detail?
    Had her british boyfriend also asian roots? Because she seems like a hardcorde weeb that wishes to live as asian as possible. The clothes, her interoir, her makeup, learnig japanese, using japanese as her name earlier and even in the choice of her partners. And is it just me or does she try to get a visa out of everyone of her boyfriends? 
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  6. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    I read her shout out. Hey cyome_ 
    Funny how everyone that critics her is a perv, stalker, creep or any other kind of sexual background. 
    Guess she has her own account now or one of her 12 year old friends is here to save queen kawaii 
    Guess I go back to my stalker cave and feel manly 
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  7. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Pic dump incoming. Just some highlights from the las weeks. She's pretty quiet since someone tipped her.
    Queen kawaii ist totaly into animal cruelty and eating food that comes from living animals. Sharks and frogs get their fins and legs cut off while their still alive and conscious. Same goes for snails and living octopus. 
    She is cleaning the flat till 4am. Remeber she has no job, is at home the whole day but prefers to clean in the middle of the night. Her roomy is a bitch for living a normal live and waking up on a normal time. Kay.

    And she is back to post private messages. Maybe she needs her 12 year old fans to defend her again the haters 
    Yet she has a account totaly dedicated to her. She posts highly edited pictures of her on a daily base. #muchfilter

    And she hates criticism. No matter how right someone is, he is not qualified enough to say something about her art. She has absolutely no idea of anatomy, same face syndrome and gives no fucks about legs or feet.

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  8. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Ah, that's why she postet about Minou earlier today because suddenly he can go in a save space outside, gets a cat tree, has the best food(even if she is starving) and so on. Super happy cat in a moldy flat with a allergic roommate. Nice try 

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  9. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    @Teri I just saw your post and this is so typical for her. She is a victim par excellence. It's never her fault and the whole world is mean to her. 
    Am I a little bit overreacting or is it totaly disrespectful to wear a hijab just because it's beautiful? She never gets tired to mention how she is not religious but posts about other peoples religion all the time? She uploadet a few of these.

    Also her "no make up" owo post but face filter lvl 100. Sure, try to imply you look like this. 

    And she is constantly in a fight with her followers and posting chats in her story? Like wtf? She's a grown up woman and still wants to be praised for being so "open mindet, a feminist and brave"
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  10. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    @swagalicious I rember she posted he quit his job because he was lazy. This must be so embarrassing for him, knowing his wife shares false facts with her followers and post everything online.
    She has been to the cat café again to apply for a job. On the way back she tripped on ice because it's frozen. Maybe don't wear heels during snow and ice? And because she has two scratches she needs more money for antibiotics. She seriously takes antibiotics for a scratch... Drama queen deluxe. And a new commission slot 

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  11. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    She feels so offendet whenever someone says something she won't hear. She's over dramatic with her storys and never gets tired to mention how poor she is. Why if not for money? 

    One of her roommates is allergic to cats and she has to hide Minou. How do you hode a cat? Does he have to stay in her small and moldy room? Why does he have to live like this?

    And this one triggert me so hard. She was so angry why people mentioned god in their commemts and that he will protect her, because she is not into this etc. How dare you visiting a church "because it's beautiful" and she is so "open about this" but get mad over nice comments from people that take care about her because it's their religion and what they believe in? 

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  12. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    She follows, comments and repost a lot f big artist. Don't know if she does it for their attention but her sob story is working on people.
    She was online right now and showed her flat. it's dirty, yeah but most of the mold is just dust and dirt. She showed her roommates bathroom cabinets, talked bad about them and even showed one live in her stream because she just came home. Most of the time she was nagging about worn of color, used things etc. It's a old house princess so of course things will look used. She is really hard trying to sell her sad story to her 13 year old fans and I'm so angry that people pay for a brat that uses their money for ipads, Iwatches, kawaii outfits etc
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  13. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    She has a place to stay. From the look of her pictures it's a rat-hole with mold and two dirty roommates. She forces her outdoor cat to live in this dirty apartment? Wow...
    She says it's 700€ per month (and over 3000€ from all three girls) 

    She becomes super angry if people say at least she's not on the street and even forbid to say this. Oh and plz don't bother her with god because she is to witchy for your shit even if you have nice words for her? I don't understand why people start to blame her customers for low patience because she is so stressed out over her few commisions she sold a year ago and didn't even start.

    And she tried suicide but was caught before attempting it? Alright girl. 

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  14. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    She found a place (one day before the deadline) but guess who needs money? Right. I bet in a few days she will ask again and open slots for furniture, food and shit she don't really need. I'm curious how she buys food fot the cat without money

    Here is another and better pic of her purse and while looking for it I found another nice gadget. Guess she really needs her apple watch and can't sell it. Don't know if the other bag is also a designer or a cheap replica

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  15. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Found some mor pics and bullshit of her on my phone. 
    Her insta storys (beware: disgusting feet!)
    Long story short: has a cat, piercings and co but has to sarve because no money. Sure honey. Oh and plz no criticism. k thx bye
    And she want to change her name. Alexandra is not special eno... I mean she has bad memorys with this name. Poor bby
    Of vourse she has money for something like this. Or a quill with her name on it. These are the importint things in live
    And this is her husband who is homeless because his parents knew what kind of girl cyome is and throw them both out.

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