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  1. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    This account is for her die-hard fanbase like sugoispaghetti, k_gasp, snowiisword etc
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  2. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Because she wants to stay anonymous but can't stop posting her facy for attention from others.
    Is it normal to have 60 k follower but just 4-5 k likes? The response to her art seems so low to me. Her other account has even fewer follwer and likes even though she shares it from time to time on her art account. Wonder if the positive response of her selfies on the art account was just because she is a well known artist and not because people really meant it?
    Has she ever talked again about her job because she is streaming all night long and all the time. Was there even one? 
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  3. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Is this a Iphone 8? I don't know how these things look like.
    But I saw she got herself another pair of ears for 45+$
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  4. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    She still has her aquarell pic on twitter. Mayve she is stilö trying to sell it there since so many people commented about the high price.
    This thread has so many views and a lot of people that came here have been fans that she blocked and mistreated. Really sad
    I hope it's spreading even more and people that google her will find it to see how rotten her personality is. 
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  5. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    I never thought this thread would take this dark turn. In the beginning I believed the drama about her housing situation and the money was the worst about her and I'm sure the more people know about this thread the more will come forward and tell their stories about her. 
    She stays quiet right now. Maybe to avoid more drama and attention. But her underaged whiteknights fight for her (and she likes their posts). She is trying to sell a 20 min doodle for 80€ and some people complained about the extra price. (a normal bust commisions would be 20€ less).

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  6. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    It is not possible to update the startpost because the edit button is gone. I don't know if the mods change the text for you pr how they plan to handle it 
    Also some screens about her money management. I don't want to judge her but how can you buy a expensive camera, laptop, tablett, sewing machine, expensive headphones, ball joined dolls, video tools and so on but don't have money for new glasses? But saving up for a trip to your potential husbands, a cintiq, apple watch, ipad and co is possible? O don't try to twist her words but this is the impression I get from her.
    Also fishy: I thought she can not get the health insurance because she is romanian but in this text she had one but her mum forgott to pay or smth? 

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  7. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    No chance to update. The edit button is gone 
    I hope the lolcow thread about her is happening and that it has every info about her that we gathered here
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  8. northern_light added a post in a topic Can't edit posts   

    I see the benefits of this but it would be really nice if we still could edit the first post in topics
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  9. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    I will add everything to the frontpage later. Thank you for all the infos and pics to complete the text.
    I just got a private message that wanted to know my instagram name? Did someone else get one too?
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  10. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Has anyone something particular that he wants to see in the first post?
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  11. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Did anybody see her new post about pull? 

    Scrolling through your timeline is not stalking. She postet everything by herself and people just started to realise something was off with her story. But one of her comments describes her view on point

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  12. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Sorry for the double post but I just saw your post now @raichu Don't know why.
    So I'm not the only one that think it's a little bit to conspicuous how she always does shout outs to famous artists and crawling around them. 
    Do these people even know she posts them online? Her roommates, the people in the copyshop, her nurse and so on. It's kind of creepy how she disrespects peoples privacy.
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  13. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Maybe she was afraid people would find pull and ask about it because she begged so hard for money (even if she says "no pressure!"). The pictures of her Applewatch are stil here so yeah 
    The anatomy of her reddit-chan irritates me so much. Does she even know how legs work? I thought she was at a art school? She posted so much how worse it was and that they couldn't teach her anything new, yet she has no sense for anatomy.
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  14. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    She once mocked flat earth society and asked them to unfollow her just to post something like this. Wow  
    Maybe she will tell why she purged her account. A few days ago it was still active.
    I have two theories about her cheap looking Anzu ears and how she got them. 
    1. She bought them herself, read our comments and told they were a gift like we predicted.
    2. She told her homeless husband he should buy her this ears and agreed that a homeless guy spend his money on useless shit for her. Not long ago she stated he was still homeless and living in his car, but she's okay with him paying for him? It was no surprise gift because her birthday is on February 22nd so she knew about it all the time and dis not stop him to pay for her? What did she get him on his birthday? A cheap ass picture by her. Okay. 
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  15. northern_light added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    It's ridiculous she is offering her charms as pre-orders. Again she gets money and people have to wait for the things they paid for. She is spending money that is not hers. 
    I bet there will be a post in a few hours how these ears are gifts from a fan/hubby or whomever. She is terrible in money management
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