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  1. __nightFox added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Wow. Those two images side by side should be the official Warning poster images for plastic surgery. Especially for people who want act/perform. She looks so human. Like, I want to see her emote with that face. It’s sweet, it looks thoughtful, I bet it moves. 
    The face she has now is so uncomfortable to watch. It’s like when some dogs meet unstable / poorly socialized dogs, they’ll just start barking like idiots almost like it’s a warning “this dog is not okay! it’s not a dog!” It’s like my body is doing that when I look at her current face
    Ahh. It’s. Incredibly sad. And still incredibly infuriating as she continues to feign liberal progressiveness and pretend that she speaks as an honest character when her face is continuing to be paid to contort into the 2dimensional narrow male-made ideal that women are supposed to fit into
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  2. __nightFox added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    ugh  I’m hyper pmsing so apologies if this is too bitchy for anyone to get through
    Cool facts I learned from the teen vogue fan survey video:
    1. Dove says she is most like Clara from the musical light in the piazza and Mal from descendants. Those two characters are very alike. I don’t know why it would be difficult for her label / management to sell her. She’s such a clear profile of a person 
    It’s like she tries to cover up her maliciousness by using ‘dark’ characters to identify with but... those characters would never get plastic surgery to make themselves look like a blonde LA bombshell? So maybe instead of a beloved dark personality she’s just I dunno, like we’ve said, malicious/jealous musical theater cardboard cutout? 
    Not some deep, intellectual misfit. Just... malicious, jealous, needy?
    2. She cares deeply about women’s issues and fighting the repressions they face... while having a face she paid for so it would fall into the category of repressing more women with unfair/one-note/beauty standards. Along with continuing to photoshop said face to meet even more unfair beauty standards authored by men that she so clearly has risen above. I fucking can’t. At least at this point call your shit out. She could do something good with her ps mishaps and speak on the dangers of it, admit she got it too soon, admit she felt pressure by the industry, the adults around her, and she sees now how wrong it was and apologize for contributing to an image that makes women feel less-than for no god damned reason
    It would be so easy. all those good points she desperately wants? All the intellectual respect she is starving for? The rebel label she is so hungry to have? Speaking honestly on this would attain all those things for her and give her an actual goodwill project that would be entirely authored by her
    but instead she sits there and makes arguments why taking photoshopped selfies of her bought-for face is an act of feminism and not a representation of her narrow-minded attention hungry narcissism 
    3. She doesn’t really think about haters and accepts that they exist 
    and that’s why she deletes them immediately on her Instagram? Or straight up blocks people for calling out her blatant hypocrisy? 
    yes, such a Buddha 
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  3. __nightFox added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Isn’t she tired?
    That Elle interview was so much nothing
    She really, really, really needs me to think she’s  a cool girl
    Honestly, I think she’s actually just an annoying narcissistic awkward musical theater nerd waiting for the their big moment (nothing wrong with liking musical theater! But I feel like most people can remember or currently know this person and feel immediate exhaustion). It would explain why she has such a desperation to be seen as.... not that? Because no one envies that person? And she is not living unless people envy her?
    I don’t doubt she was disliked in school, whether from her own actions (yes) or the attitudes of others but I don’t doubt there was a feeling of separation she had with other kids.   Even if she ended up more popular in later teen years i doubt there were any actual connections.  Cause like... She’s never not performing? And people don’t like people who they feel like they can’t trust and there’s just something untrustworthy about her. I can imagine it was even worse when she was younger. No matter how hard she tries to be self-aware or impress you with her ‘deep’ incoherent stream of consciousness thoughts. 
    She’s just not trustworthy, she’s not real, and she has zero point of view to share outside of “I’m taking care of myself right now.” 
    I don’t know what that means. She says it a lot. She really needs people to know she’s “taking care of herself right now” 
    It’s  funny because it implies she doesn’t normally? Yet... I don’t see her work... she’s always talking about herself... always staring at herself... liking tweets about herself... I’m curious what Dove Cameron does when she’s not “putting herself first” because I don’t think I’ve ever seen it outside of her choosing to sacrifice her face for the benefit of an ideal created by misogynistic horned up dudes
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  4. __nightFox added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    yes. This
    Director: You... you want the music video to be entirely based on this one photo you found on an Instagram model’s account?
    Dove: yeah. I think it’d be edgy and show a new side of me if my hair looked like this and I could like, run my hand through it and stuff, ya know?
    Director: this song is three and a half minutes long
    Dove: yeah. I’m complicated I have a lot to share
    Director: and you’ll be sharing it by looking like this Instagram photo?
    Dove: i mean, sometimes I’ll be moving my head to the side? so it’s not like an actual photo? lol, duh
    Grateful for this creative visionary
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  5. __nightFox added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Wow. Longtime lurker first time poster. I couldn’t stand it anymore and had to post something. 
    Big thanks to everyone here for creating and contributing to a place that accurately spots this girl’s bullshit
    I feel like becoming a licensed psychiatrist  should require you to write a 10 page essay on this woman-child’s brain. There’s so much to unpack here and if she contributes nothing else to society she’s certainly a character study in how far someone can go if their hunger is strong enough despite such huge gaping insecurities frosted with narcissism
    Honestly. Her biggest problem and so many people have already said this so I’m just echoing, she has zero identity. She’s just a Frankenstein / patchwork quilt monster of different traits she visually obsessed over but didn’t do any of the back end work for. It’s normal to find traits/characteristics you admire in other people and want to adopt, but what she does is only focus on the surface level of them and none of the substance and the work required to get there. Hence her serious mental illness regarding her looks and the inconsistent answers in her interviews. she has zero clue who she is. She just has a bunch of ideas of who she wishes she was. 
    And again, does none of the work on the back end. This girl is lazy af and entitled af. If she actually was all these things she claims she was she wouldn’t be so uncomfortable to watch in interviews and unable to answer questions with the same personality she had in the last interview. Watching her in an interview is like a 5-10 minute cringe-fest because she’s jumping from so many 2-dimensional personalities (cute/bubbly —> sexpot —> wannabe genius prodigy teenager (failing miserably) —> 90s goth). Again. It’s possible to have all/some of these traits but it has to come from an authentic place. Not a performative community theatre act 
    And that’s what she’s still stuck in. She’s a community theatre act. It’s like she got stunted from when she was a kid performing in those local shows she was cast in and just bullied her way to LA with her mother and bullied her way into the industry by any means necessary and thank god, it finally looks like it’s catching up with her. 
    It wouldn’t surprise me, and this is real dark,
    but looking at the timeline it really points to this...
    Her, her mom, and her sister all moved to LA before her father committed suicide. There is no way, no way, her father wanted them to move. No possible way. 
    And if I’m online psychoanalyzing someone I’ve never met personally which is supes valid and not at all problematic (feel free to call me out on this), I would bet the fact that he never wanted them to move and ultimately tragically ended up committing suicide (not saying it was the reason for his suicide just pieces of the narrative of what happened), magnified her (and her mother’s) hunger even more to prove that they didn’t make a mistake in moving down there. So they did every morally fucked up thing they could and it laid the groundwork for how she navigates everything now 
    It’s all fucked up. She 100% should not be an idol to little girls. Also, it must kill her that her sister got the nose/mouth she always wanted
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