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  1. baklavakind added a post in a topic Nisrina Sbia   

    mdr calm down, I won't be a fan of some teenage girl for posting selfies, but anyone can just claim to know someone so my doubts are understandable. most people on this site speak english as a foreign language so don't hesistate.
    merci toi aussi and I know I am being annoying but could you please tell some more about your encounter? 
    est-ce qu'il ya beaucoup de personnes qui parlent de sa différence dans les photos? that's something I'm asking myself all the time about these social media girls
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  2. baklavakind added a post in a topic Nisrina Sbia   

    Wait, I don't want to offend you so excuse me for being sceptical but why is your english not "perfect" if you live in the UK? And did you just go up to her and ask her all that? Are there a lot of people talking about how different she looks compared to her pictures? Would be cool if you could tell some more
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  3. baklavakind added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    these nonsense videos many people post just staring in the camera (and playing music in the background they halfway move their lips to)  are EMBARRASSING and make you look cocky af
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  4. baklavakind added a post in a topic Nisrina Sbia   

    "someones clothing brand" , "a lot of opportunities" , "well known artist" , "would be exactly where I wanted in life" , "modeling for one of the worlds biggest musicians clothing brand" , "new season"
    I instantly thought of YEEZY and then this

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  5. baklavakind added a post in a topic Nisrina Sbia   

  6. baklavakind added a post in a topic Bella Thorne   

    You do oil pulling in addition to brushing your teeth, it gets rid of bad breath and pulls toxins out of your body but not of plaque, just naaasty
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  7. baklavakind added a post in a topic Meredith Mickelson   

    found out they both were 15 when this was filmed, some notes no need to waste your time:
    - suede says "I'm gonna throw up" about 39 times
    - she interrupts meredith the whole time
    - white girls in their natural habitat: starbucks
    - say them hanging around guys doesn't mean they are dating
    - Meredith :"people like us because we're likeable"
    - Meredith keeps staring at her own boobs
    - want to create drama by clearly refering to a Kian (? that's what comments say), talk about hooking up and their "slut phase"
    - assure they're not "sluts" and "don't get around town"
    - fake laughs and and narcissistic looks in the camera
    I'm sorry but I couldn't torture myself with their non existent personality longer than 6 minutes, but the comments are funny and worth a look
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  8. baklavakind added a post in a topic Bella Thorne   

    seems like the type to be too lazy to brush her teeth  

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  9. baklavakind added a post in a topic Nisrina Sbia   

    During their trip Nis used to tweet stuff like "the worst is being around people but still feeling alone" and you could see in snaps that Cindy flirted all the time with the guys there (Alex Hayes was with them too) so I assume that Nis felt left out. Shortly after their trip they unfollowed each other.
    I wouldn't call her a "cultural" Muslim: Unlike Gigi and Bella she used to tweet and post islam related stuff and on curiouscat she once said that her partner being Muslim is very important. So I believe that her faith is essential to her but it is very hard to balance religion and western culture. She just got tired of her comments looking like a religion lecture and internet sheikhs saying she'll burn in hell because we can see her stomach and hair.
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  10. baklavakind added a post in a topic Fatherkels   


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  11. baklavakind added a post in a topic Gina Lorena Mastrolorito / Ginizzle   

    she seems pretty cool in this video
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  12. baklavakind added a post in a topic yungfoxy   

    Omg I am so happy about this thread: Last year January I went through the threads here and she was mentioned in the Sasha thread
    Then there was this another one about her with only the after surgery pictures, asking who that is and how much she resembles Cindy

    Damn I thought she was so beautiful so I googled her but sadly her tumblr and insta was gone, ask was all I could find:
    http://ask.fm/zainadt , seems like she and Cindy kinda had a fight (?)

    I might seem crazy now lol, but after seeing the pics I started stalking her because her photos made hella insecure. I found the "before surgery" pictures you posted and did not recogonise her but now I feel relieved lol
    I found somewhere that she is Lebanese and as a fellow Levantine Arab, I can tell you guys that plastic surgery is HUGE in Lebanon, but not as huge as in the gulf region. Lebanese women are known to be the most beautiful in the Arab world and usually fixed on their apperance.
    I went to her twitter that is inactive now and apparently she also lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia? But the arabis tweets she makes are in Levantine Arabic, so I'm sure she's Lebanese and since she can afford flights to New York and stuff, she definetly has the money for plastic surgery which is a lot of cheaper in the Middle East.

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  13. baklavakind added a post in a topic @lauijan - instagram boy   

    @Kalinka do you know them personally?
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  14. baklavakind added a post in a topic queen_tran   

    She probably thinks it that one popular coffee scrub every baddie promotes... lmao
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  15. baklavakind added a post in a topic simplynessa15   

    Just found his videos which sum up how I feel when I watch her storytimes or the ones on youtube in general, they are getting a lot of clicks and he gained pretty fast. in the 'expsed part 2' video (+ min: 1:00), Vanessas comment on his other video is brought in and how she content ID'd him. I'm sure that these videos are part of the reason she say "goodbye"
    I'm sorry, you guys probably noticed that english is not my first language
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