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  1. Offline added a post in a topic Yumi King's Instagram   

    I know I'm late to the party on this, but, I feel as though Yumi is destroying her fan base. She deactivated comments on her Instagram. How "personable" of you, Yumi. Really. She's so fucking delulu. Fans like being able to comment on something personal, like her instagram page. She needs to stop tunnel visioning on "da haturrsszzz" and just focus on the positive. Of course, she can't even do that because she literally thrives off of drama. 
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  2. Offline added a post in a topic James Charles   


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  3. Offline added a post in a topic Xiao.anna (possible snowflake & PULL user??)   

    Idk if I posted this yet but I 100% vouch that she is a fellow PULL member. She was around  PULL in its early days, I can't recall her PULL name but I believe her Chatango user name had the word apple in it. I forgot what was her username specifically, but she definitely lurks/posts here. One day I will provide pic evidence. I think I still got a selfie she sent to one of my bro friends. I mean, that's if you guys want me to post it. 
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  4. Offline added a post in a topic Amy Schumer   

    I agree with everything that you have laid out, because it's just facts that comedians do take jokes/take inspiration etc. the glaring issue that many people have with Amy though, is her claiming it as her own completely. Making statements as to how she came up with the material when in fact we know this is not true. There's interviews of her making such a bold claim, it's really shameless. To make things worse, her delivery for said stolen jokes is completely terrible. And honestly I don't think she simply stole jokes "here and there" on the same scale as other comedians. 
    Besides that one video posted, there are other 30-60 minute long videos of her stolen content. Even in recent interviews where she is confronted "do you steal jokes?" She says she, and I quote "
    As well as her response on Twitter, Schumer appeared on a US radio show to address the allegations. “I wanted to come and talk to you ... and clear my name, because I would never ever do that and I never have,” she said, adding that she is “literally going to take a polygraph test and put it on my show this season ... I will show that I have never seen Patrice do that bit"
    “I’m so like: ‘Is this anyone’s bit?’ I have to come up with so much material, for my TV show, this movie, standup, and I’m so careful, and none of these things had ever reached me. I would never do that, it would be so stupid for me to do that.”
    Again, she has a team that does her writing, but she continuously claims it's all her doing. I would dislike her less if she would just fess up to having a team writing her material. But since she wants all credit, I just don't think she is genuine and she's severely problematic in other ways as well. 
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  5. Offline added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    For me she looks completely different compared to now. In before photos she looks like your everyday, normal blonde girl. After surgery she looks extremely dolled up. I hope she doesn't get anymore procedures done to herself, she is one limb away to looking very uncanny. (Especially since she already does look unnatural to me, personally, when she was on Disney)
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  6. Offline added a post in a topic emibabylee   

    That is why she's in the 'Online Personalities' category versus being in the 'Snowflake' section. 
    The main thing that annoys me about Emi, is the humble bragging and constant lying. Other than that she's fairly boring to follow. 
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  7. Offline added a post in a topic hiyaang   

    Tbh, for some reason, a lot of Asians tend to dislike mainland Chinese people. There's just a lot of issues going on between China and other countries surrounding it.
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  8. Offline added a post in a topic Unique IG Users   

    Theres no caption in the recent photo. No update about what has happened or anything on her profile. 

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  9. Offline added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    wtf why is he being like this? People on here are going SO easy on Edward. And I'm actually lowkey a fan of his channel. So why is he straight up blindly hating? Man if he keeps this up I'll probably unsubscribe, he's just being so ignorant.  I hope his subbies find this thread and read through it themselves. We aren't even being dicks lol...
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  10. Offline added a post in a topic Unique IG Users   

    Same, what happened to jui6e? It's just so sudden how she died... idk if I'm overstepping boundaries for asking. 
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  11. Offline added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    WTF, why? No. Just freaking fix it. Your target is a wide English speaking audience. Just.. why meg why?? $65 for an outfit with a spelling error, are you kidding me... the English spelling errors on clothes in Asian countries, are there because English obviously isn't the main spoken language. It isn't left there to be charming wtf. It's definitely not worth $65. 

    Im fine with broken English like, "happy cute  lucky!" Whatever that's fine... but literally it says CALN and gentle. No. Just no. Agh. 
    Edit: @envymori if that's what she is doing, then that explains why she's trying to reason with everyone as to why there's a blatant spelling error on this outfit. She knows she can't ask the original manufacturer to fix the error for her. 
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  12. Offline added a post in a topic Bella Thorne   

    For some reason, Bella had always have this kinda strange/off vibe about her, even when she was on Shake it Up. There was always something about her that made me feel as though there's something troubling her. I always tried to ignore it, and simply saw it as Zendaya being a better actress/outshining Bella.
    But now I see clearly, that there was  definitely something going on, that caused her to be the way that she is today. I truly don't think this was an overnight thing. 
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  13. Offline added a post in a topic Catherine Chi @catherine_chi   

    Another shitty opinion of mine: 
    I still think this ain't deep. Duy even stated himself he isn't upset over what was written. And I think people should respect Duys statement and just quit meddling around.
    The whole situation is literally just between Catherine and Duy. All of this extra stuff and death threats is pathetic and just as bad as Catherine's action. Also, side note, am I the only one iffy on the loose use of the word 'bullying'? I think Catherine made a very poor, and mean girl esque decision, but in no way do I think she went out her way to "bully" Duy.
    Even when she told Duy she is going to be a mean little bitch if he continue to ask her to write in his yearbook, Duy says it's cool he don't give a fuck, and Catherine proceeds to write the mean shit she said she would. And guess what? Duy read it and apparently still doesn't personally care about what she wrote. (No I'm not victim blaming, Duy literally doesn't care lmao) it genuinely takes TWO to tango. Her decision simply chalks up to being a very stupid girl,  that's for sure. The main issue here is, people need to stop being offended/outrage for people who ARENT even offended themselves. The only people who has the right to be involved is Catherine and Duy and their parents. But I do understand, whose to say that Duy truly isn't offended... but again, whose to say that he IS offended?  
    Catherine is playing victim etc. etc. she definitely doesn't know how to handle this huge backlash, and people coming out of the woodworks suddenly "caring" about the "greater good" (I checked the profiles of the people making death threats to Catherine and a lot of them are genuine problematic bullies themselves) Catherine didn't say she isn't able to walk, don't take things out of context. She states that she was advised, not to do so, due to possible dangers/harassment/etc. If I had a large community of peers that brought up something shitty that I have done, to the point the whole school knew, I would want to release a public statement as well. 
    I have friends that won't shut up about this incident, it's just so petty. I think petty things like this will attract petty people, who wants to drag other petty people. Regardless if people involved has already resolved it on their own accord, people just wanna milk this for all its worth. And yeah I probably sound like I'm defending Catherine right now, but honestly I'm just tired of SJWs stretching this shit out waaaay too far.
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  14. Offline added a post in a topic Kneewah   

    even top tier instagram girls that makes YouTube videos don't even get that kind of spike in following on YouTube.
    (ie: Hayley_bui with 225k followers on insta but only 425 or so likes on her YouTube video....
    even with the amount of videos sarahnade has out, she didn't get that much spike like niwa has with two boring videos....
    ALSO infrontofapple AKA YouTuber PrincessMei... she gets a solid 15k likes on photos+tons of comments... 150k+ Following on Instagram, and a decent 5k likes on YouTube videos) 
    YouTube has become so massive with a sea of endless videos/content, it is unlikely that all of these numbers are organic. She definitely bought her shit, in my personal opinion, and as an ex YouTube content creator myself. 
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  15. Offline added a post in a topic Amy Schumer   

    Throughout the years she consistently had stolen jokes from other comedians as well, here is an example of one video compilation (out of a dozen on YouTube) ...even her movie Inside Amy Schumer has stolen content. 
    She's an unfunny, problematic, plagarizing, scum bag.  
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