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  1. Laramie added a post in a topic Fegalvao/Fe Galvão/Fer-Cosplay   

    Found these pics on a convention website. I believe it was taken last year (after her weight loss) and even though they still photoshopped her face... this is more like how she looks. To be honest, she either got lipo or corset trains (and photoshops since it makes it even more extreme in pics). When she was walking around her tummy was jiggling. It’s not toned at all. It’s chubby in the front. I’ve never seen a natural waist being curved like that but still having lots of fat on the stomach. The rest of her body doesn’t match either. She has large (jiggly fat/celulite legs, arms, etc.). I’m trying to put it in a nice way. Lol. I don’t work out either so I’m not shaming her in any way. 

    this pic was also taken last month. The photographer said he edited it so I don’t know what all he exactly did but you don’t see a major curve like in her other pics either lol
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  2. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    Lol I was just reading the Sarah McDaniel thread and she reminds me of Jenna (not looks wise. Personality). Jenna wants to be “special” so she’s willing to lie about her looks/body. I have a feeling Jenna’s willing to get surgery to cover up her lies like Sarah did with her eyes. I would bet all my money jenna will have tit implants and ass implants (or injections) in a few months and claim it’s all natural like her filled lips 😂 
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  3. Laramie added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Humor does change but when did people think a dude saying he looked up naked kids and thought they were sexy, funny? I've been around forever and I dont remember anyone laughing at pedo jokes. lol
    With that said, I'm sure Shane was "joking" but it was never funny and no one ever found his jokes like this funny. He's lucky that he's had any success. He's not talented and his humor is awful
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  4. Laramie added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    As someone who’s seen her before.....she’s not necessarily fat but she is out of shape. She has cellulite and jiggly fat all over. I hate to point that out because I’m sure she’ll read this but....the photoshops are crazy. She seemed to go in hiding for awhile but I’ve heard from a friend of hers that she said she plans to start attending cons again soon but expect her to only wear bodysuits as she can fake the curves easier in person lol
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  5. Laramie added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    She must have forgotten to photoshop it out of this one lol  
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  6. Laramie added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Yes, please do so. She has claimed her stuff isn't photoshopped but like Van said...her cosplays are even photoshopped. She'll wear the same shirt and photoshop it different colors. (its a given that she photoshops her body but here are some examples of the outfit she's photoshopping) 
    her whole cosplay here is photoshopped. The arms, colors, the color of the wig is photoshopped, the choker is fake, the lipstick is photoshopped:

    If you look closely, you can see where these are actually grey sweatpants that she photoshopped red. She also photoshopped the belt, tattoo, and she photoshopped her wig red (I can see pixels that the wig is actually blonde). She also photoshopped the sword handle in her hand

    She photoshopped the color of her shirt here, the belly button ring, the necklace is 100% photoshopped, the bandana is photoshopped, the color of the wig is also photoshopped, the bracelet is photoshopped. the color of the jeans is even photoshopped lol.  The only real thing is her belt 

    The funny part is I got these pictures off an article that was talking about how amazing of a cosplayer she is and how she works so hard on her cosplays...lol...
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  7. Laramie added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Whats the black  line by her eye in this pic? Its in none of the other pictures from the set. 

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  8. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    haha nice find......But I'm sure her friend just snuck into her room to take this picture so she could lie about Jenna wearing fake tits because Jenna is so honest and would never lie.
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  9. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    lol I know!  Sadly if she is really is 21.... that would make her 17 in this picture. 😂
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  10. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    You could actually see her butt pads in this pic lol
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  11. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    yeah that’s definitely a Victoria secret bombshell bra  
    i dont have an issue with her editing her skin  I know a lot of girls do it but when she started with that #paleandflawless #flawlessskin hashtags then I felt annoyed because it was lying.  Same with the hashtags about her body.... #thicc #bigbooty etc  
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  12. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    I tried to find photographs on her insta and matched it with photographs from the same day/same conventions. Some are from photographers that didnt photoshop her, some are fan photos or video screen caps. You can also see she photoshops the costumes/wigs as well

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  13. Laramie added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    I’ve thought about it but I’d be sad to lose the natural jiggles they make lol. I think tiddys like Jessica’s look decent in photos but not in person ( at least Jessica’s looked awful in person to me)
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  14. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    Here's one she obviously photoshopped her ass and tits. You can see where the pixels are EXTREMELY stretched. lol 

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  15. Laramie added a post in a topic Stephanie Michelle   

    I just cant help but like her. She makes me laugh with how ridiculous she is/looks....Her videos are so badly done too and her constantly grinding on shit is so funny.  She could pull off a trisha paytas image if she wanted... I can totally picture her on her kitchen floor crying (and then midway she can stop crying and start doing her grinding crap)
    Its a shame because she used to be so hot with her natural tits but those lip injections and her boob job look sooooo bad. lol
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  16. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    I noticed Jenna is telling people that her breast size is 36DD now........... We all know she's naturally an A-B cup. So is she lying again or has she gotten some implants? lol 
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  17. Laramie added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    I think the jacket was premade. She mentioned that and showed she painted it.  Same as the shoes and socks 
    (But Im not 100% sure. I thought I saw her mention it on instastories)
    I have big natural titties but sometimes wish I had the stiff implants likw Jessica has so I could just lay material on them and call it a bikini. I have to make sure mine has support in it...its annoying lol
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  18. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    again....where did her ass go in the peach pic above? lol Not only does it look A LOT smaller,  you can even see where they made the buns more round with photoshop.  haha
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  19. Laramie added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    The pants fit her a bit better in person but still they are ugly and the way she photoshops her waist makes the pants look even worse

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  20. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    OMG those pictures are amazing!! LOL
    Crazy to see how much work she has done.... at such a young age too. 
    Not sure if she deleted it or not......but she used to have a twitter post featuring a black & white middle school picture of herself saying she's always had big lips...... If anyone can find it again please link it. haha
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  21. Laramie added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer

    Jenna Lynn Meowri/Jenna Lynn Mowrey is a cosplayer that claims she is "1000% natural. No surgery or injections" despite obviously having some.
    Social media links
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/JennaLynnMeowri
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JennaLynnMeowri/
    Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/JennaLynnMeowri
    Snow flaky behavior
    - Claims her lips are natural and have grown with age (and has lip gloss hacks) lol
    - Claims her breasts are real and says she doesn't wear those drag queen breast plates
    - Claims she doesn't use any photoshop or skin softner in her pics
    - Sells prints & doesnt send them to the buyers
    - Close with one of the main mods at /r/cosplaygirls and bans anyone who says anything remotely negative (aka "Not a big fan of those socks you're wearing" got one person banned) about her but encourages negative comments to be posted about other cosplayers (especially Nigri)
    -Been caught on forums posting negative comments about other cosplayers.
    Luckily, Jenna's sister is also a cosplayer that goes by the name Allyson Hardin who has multiple posts on her social media accounts going back to 2013 where she talks about how her mom is a doctor and loves to give her and Jenna lip injections. Jenna Lynn says her sister is a liar and she's never had any.

    Jenna's ORIGINAL face:

    Jenna also claims that her boobs are "100% natural" in her Earth Chan cosplay even though its obvious she's wearing a silicone chest piece. Her friend accidentally outed her by posting a picture saying "Wearing Jenna's earth chan chest piece. How do I look with boobs?" Of course, Jenna says her friend is lying as well 

    Reddit Users dragonvampp & swaglordmoses claim they purchased Jenna's prints and never received them. When confronted about not sending them, Jenna decided to block them on her social media accounts & on her subreddit instead of fixing the issue.
    Hissy Fits Over Photos
    Jenna threw a hissy fit over a photo that popular cosplay photographer Jurai Media Photography took of her at a convention. She first claimed the photo was photoshopped. After it was determined it WAS NOT, she demanded that the photographer take it down. She also threatened and harassed a fan on Reddit (who posted the photo on a cosplay subreddit). She demanded that the photographer and fan apologize to her for "taking terrible photos" and buy her a reddit gold account.

    Photoshops her photos
    Jenna claims she has never photoshopped her photos however in many of her photos you can see where she has used photoshop.

    The Just As Crazy Boyfriend
    Jenna and her boyfriend HeyOtako (Robbie Stark) have gone out of their way to bad mouth and harass other coplayers.
    A certain cosplayer had to get a lawyer to help fight the harassment. (details in posts below)

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  22. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    I guess I misspoke. I just looked into it more. Giving Botox to a minor is not necessary illegal (it says you must get doctors permission though because they use it for some illnesses but Jenna's mom is a "doctor"). They did however say giving juvederm and other filler injectables to a minor is often looked to be child abuse and you can lose your parental rights. I found lots of articles on people losing their children for doing this. Of course, Jenna is no longer a child.....but....if her mom did give her these injectables at such a young age.....it can (and did) really mess with the face. No wonder her lips are droopy and nose looks wonky. You're still growing at 14. 
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  23. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    I’m tempted to report her mom for child abuse in Roanoke so police can investigate the claims. Who knows if she is giving Jenna’s younger sibs freakin fillers and Botox too now That is super illegal to do to a minor and pathetic.  If Jenna is truly 21, her mom really fucked up her face and that’s sad  
    Doesn’t Alyson and Jenna have another older sister? I always see an older lady in pics and she has their family’s face. Lol. I just assumed it was their sis
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  24. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    Bitch please.  She looks mid 40s. Theres no way she is 21. lol
    But doesn't she realize that saying this.... she makes her mom look even worse. If she truly is 21, that means her mom started giving her lip injections when she was underage. 15 or possibly younger. lo
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  25. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    I don't know why she feels the need to photoshop herself "thicc" and then use the hashtags like #thicc #thiccbooty #thiccthighs lol Or wear those breast plates to make it appear that she has big boobs and then mention her big boobs in the caption. Its funny. 
    But theres really nothing wrong with being skinny or having a small chest. Embrace your real body type Jenna. Don't go through life lying or photoshopping.
    Sadly I bet she'll feel the need to get breast (and butt) implants to fulfill her lies.
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