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  1. New ig photo. Look at the tiles on the floor near her butt.




    lol Isn't she embarrassed? She takes a photo in front of her friends then ridiculously photoshops/filters  it? Her friends get to see what she really looks like... are they like "WTF?"  If my friend did that, I'd be laughing my ass off!  ......haha  


  2. It really is because they were friends for like 10 to 15 years. She used to be so nice until fame got to her head. 


    And its "internet fame". Theres like thousands of other cosplay girls with the same fame. Its not going to ever amount to anything. lol



  3. I don't know if this is true but someone on insta said Jenna Lynn invited Jessica AND Darshelle on a trip for a Patreon shoot. They apparently didn't know each were going. It'll be interesting to see if they do any pics together or if they ignored each other and just did solo photoshoots.


  4. Either her purchased likes/retweet dropped (according to the other board I go to, instavisits where you buy fake likes got all their fake accounts deleted lol) or she was embarrassed where you can see the filter and warps.

    I also think its incredibly suspicious that her instagram account has been ghosted on instgram for a few weeks and she's still gaining so many followers: https://socialblade.com/instagram/user/jennalynnmeowri yet she doesnt show up in the feed and you cant find her in the search unless you type her full name.


  5. Dont these two hags hate each other? Lol



    Jenna went to Japan as Jono's guest (I think thats the photographers name?) who went with Nigri & Ryan and  that one cosplayer Kelly Jean was also there. Jessica shared all kinds of stuff of the vacation but always made sure Jenna wasn't in the pics (and never tagged her). Kelly later told Jenna that she was warned about her there (how she's shady/bitchy and acts interested in guys to get what she wants out of them and thats what she was doing to this particular photographer) ....in which Jenna angily posted publicly about on her facebook. 

    Well there was only a few others that were there so it was either Jessica or Ryan who talked shit about Jenna... Then all of a sudden Jessica was sharing Jenna's stuff and kissing her ass (a day after Jenna posting on her facebook asking "WHO TOLD KELLY THIS ABOUT ME?").  I think she was afraid of backlash and  lol Nowadays who knows.... Jenna is obviously giving Jessica some face filler/lip injection tips. lol  


  6. Still wouldn't be surprised if she got implants by now after being called out on wearing the chestplate constantly.

    Then again.... her breasts look saggy. I'd be super upset if I just got implants and they looked that saggy already. lol So it still probably is photoshop



  7. I personally would rather see cellulite than the horrible skin softening/photoshop she does. lol  It doesn't look human at all.


  8. Am I the only one who thinks she looks like one of those adult film stars with the horribly large fake lips and the clumps of mascara on? 



    She looks like one of those porn stars that is too old and has had too much plastic surgery that they should retire but they keep on working in low budget porn films anyway and everyone feels bad for them. lol


  9. I feel like this isn't a full legit listing. The red flag being in the Details section as to why she's a bad buyer it's just dhdkdkdkdkdkfjfkfl but if you look at other listings of just random people this section is filled out with a reason.  It looks like anyone can submit a report on someone if they have the right amount of info (which isnt hard to get an address and number if you scout around enough).  Though I'm not sure how the report process works if the host website checks the authenticity of the report (can't be that good if they accept that keyboard bashing letters as a detailed reason to be placed on a bad buyer list)

    Places like Arizona aren't highly desirable so you can get a nice piece of property pretty cheap versus a studio apartment in New York.  It looks impressive but not as impressive when you dive into the house markets.


    Possibly but its the same address/number listed in the white pages for her business so that part is legit.

    I think it was originally a property her parents owned because it looks like they bought it in 1997 and it was transfered to Jessica's name in 2017.

    It looks like its around $300,000 now


    She also has another bigger property under her name thats worth double+


  10. I think that is just really sad. You hide your marriage just for the sake of continuing to make money and self yourself. Plenty of e-girls publicly announce their marriages/relationships and for Jessica to hide it for her “career” is just pathetic and sad.

    Also, scary that you can just do a paid search and all that information shows up. Gross.

    just curious though.. how many employees is she claiming? I am assuming it is for tax purposes but she always makes it seems like she puts her dad and friends to work helping her with her patreon rewards 


    It listed 6 employee names. She also has a "business" home thats under her and her moms name. Its a house thats worth around $300,000. Nothing fancy like her other home but still interesting.

    It also listed her name under "bad buyer" accounts.  Looks like she commissions work sometimes and does charge backs lol



  11. Uhh.......today on a paid people search engine (I had to buy a membership for a family member and was just having fun using it)..... it says Jessica IS MARRIED. It didn't list spouses name sadly...lol...

    But It lists the houses she owns with the addresses (super nice btw) and her phone number.  It also lists her business (just titled "Jessica Nigri") and her employee names. As well as her family members names/ages/etc... all this checks out as being correct....

    So I assume Ryan and Jess are secretly married now?


  12. Its sad to see someone....who based on looks only could have a big social media following but instead becomes a sugar baby, druggy, and crappy person.  She could easily be popular with the younger girls on insta (or wherever) just because she has an interesting look but instead decides to go the trash route. Ugh!  


  13. Its weird... I believe she also did the wedding Peach cosplay at this con too... because she has the same terrible makeup on in those pics. Its like she put blush over her entire face. lol

    I always shake my head when I see her cosplays.. She obviously spends so much money on them/the wigs/etc. but they always look like shit. I blame her though because she buys them from different (decent) people/stores. Not only is she giving wrong measurements.... I assume she's giving bad direction on the design. The bad bust padding in her Jessica Rabbit. The bad unrealistic wigs. She must be requesting these things.


  14. She'll regret swimming with contact lenses. I did a photoshoot with contact lenses in a pool once (a very clean pool at a friends home and the photoshoot only took 30 minutes) and got the worst eye infection. Bacteria/mites gets under the circle lenses and is able to attach itself to the eye better since the lense can hold it down. I would never trust swimming with the lenses at a foreign hotel or even worst...at a beach.... Eeeek!


  15. Thothub comments about Jenna from the past few days:

    She was the worst one I've dealt with so far. Took 3 months to recieve the photosets I paid for and they were no good. Her manager is a fucking nightmare to talk too. Totally rude (Jenna never actually replies to any messages)

    I was on her April patreon, and just pledged for the month because I wanted that onsen set. So end of the month comes, nothing for a month and a half. I message her, her photographer or some shit messaged me back saying “we sent the set you should have got it” I told them I got nothing. Had to wait two more weeks and show them a patreon receipt to get my stuff finally. She’s so unprofessional and just dosent give a shit.

    The worst is that she has a "manager" (Samii or something) so they should be able to do something but no.
    And when you have a problem and try to messace you either get blocked or ignored.. or it takes them forever to reply.
    The funny part is that they are active on the discord lol if you have time to post hentai shit on your server you have time to reply to the people who pay you....

    Here’s my experience with sammii, he uses the term mailing system, however she has like 100 some patrons, which could easily be done by hand, just a matter of inputting emails. So thas probably a bullshit reason for sets not being done on time. I’d like to know if anyone else on here was on for April $20 and actually got the set on time


    I signed up for may and never got it. When I messaged her (him) asking about it I was told it would be late and I'd have it by the end of june. I waited until the end of june and never got it. When I said I wanted a refund I was blocked. Patreon got me the refund though.




  16. I know quite a few cosplayers personally that know (and despise) Jenna.  Jenna feeds off drama and is constantly in a fight with someone in her personal life (and online). She is not a good friend. I even know one cosplayer who was extremely upset that Jenna was being overly flirty/touchy with her man during a dinner at Comic Con. This cosplayer thought Jenna was her friend but she kept rubbing the boyfriends hand and touching his body. The cosplayer was soooo pissed with Jenna.

    From what Ive heard from other cosplayers and her former friends it seems, Jenna's the type to be best buddies with you then backstab you and move on to another girl who she can be best buddies with.


  17. I just don't see the humor in "making a random ugly face". It's not funny at all. Could you imagine a comedian going up on stage and ONLY making ugly faces? It wouldn't ever get an laugh. People would boo his/her ass off stage.  lol I mean... at least.... say (or type) something funny or if you must make a ugly face... have good timing or do a picture thats funny.  Like you said, Jessica always has her tits hanging out or is in lingerie.. She facetunes her face to look "flawless" despite making an ugly face so you can easily see her intention is not to be funny or be "ugly".  She only does the faces to say "I'm just a dorky girl. I'm not doing soft-core porn. I'm bouncing around in a micro bikini BUT look at this ugly face I made. This isn't softcore!".

    Her fanboys even say they hate the faces. lol


  18. Something about her nipples looks off here, too high maybe? And is it even possible for them to poke through the towel like that - unless it's those shitty breast plate nipples



    I highly doubt nipples wouldn't be poking through a thick cotton towel either...lol... She's either wearing her breastplate again or photoshopping like crazy.

     You can also see where she photoshopped the towel into a curve.