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  1. Lmao this video. Shes clearly leaning the cup back against her boobs, trying to pretend her boobs are big enough to hold the cup right up, shes obviously leaning back too.




    omg I feel embarrassed for her. So funny  😂 

    She also posted another one on her Twitter the other day where she’s grabbing her “breasts” over her shirt. You can tell whatever she is grabbingsqueezing is not even part of her body. Lol. Her real cleavage/skin doesn’t move when she’s squeezing the fake part. 


  2. Miccostumes posted her photo on their Instagram page, shes featured there a lot (miccostumes is a cosplayer seller like cosplayfu, sky cosplay, ezcosplay, ect.) When they first posted the post there were tons of negative comments under the post but when I went to go back to look at the comments they were all deleted and now its only positive comments. Do you think miccostumes deleted the comments or Fe asked them to take them down?20190619_120658.thumb.jpg.7b9fdff3018f7820190619_121000.thumb.jpg.0ea7db4c8aff38


    Pretty sure a lot of the comments there are purchased. Most likely by Fe. Some of the comments are random and come from new accounts. Like there was a comment that said "Great video. I enjoyed your tips on caretaking."  lol 


  3. Has she talked recently about her "natural" boobs size? Or has she since abandoned that hill to die on and just now ignores anyone asking or any mention of her boobs being natural? I remember her talking about how natural she was a few years back but recently I don't think she makes any mention besides that she has huge honking tits. 


    If I remember correctly, she replied to a comment last year saying she was all natural. But then somewhat recently replied to a comment someone wrote that said FAKE TITS... and she said "Thats Old news!" or something like that lol 


  4. I'm unaware,

    do her followers really think those are natural boobs or do they actually know it's those cosplay fake boobs that you can buy on AlieExpress?



    There was an old post on reddit where a few of her "fans" were arguing with everyone about how she said her Earth Chan tits were natural and they believed her lying ass so there are at least a few idiots out there lol


  5. I never found her to be that cute either. 

    But yeah. She was probably a full C Cup (maybe a 36C). during her first boob job. She has to be a DD now. They look ridiculous. 

    And still has hella over-processed hair. 



    She says she's a "natural" 36DD now. lol

    There are old posts on facebook from her very early pikachu days talking about how she was a small B (naturally) and wishes big boobs ran in the family.


  6. Honestly imo she was never attractive or "cute." Some people are born natural beauties, and some aren't. She definitey wasn't. Everyone can do things to improve their appearance, but the only thing she ever did right was stay in good shape.

    It looks like she was probably either teased or ignored in her formative years but desperately wanted to be the hot girl. Instead of taking the time to learn how to understand her own features and how to flatter them, she wanted to go from zero to a hundred as fast as possible. So, she sloppily pursued the hot girl trends of the 90's and 00's (when she was growing up): tan, blonde, big tits, raccoon eye makeup, skimpy clothes, ditsy and bubbly personality (think Pamela Anderson). She never took the time to actually understand beauty and how it applies to different people, how to do makeup and take care of your skin, evolve your style with the times, etc. She likely took whatever men close to her thought was sexy and tried to assume that identity (it's probably a similar situation with the "nerd girl" angle - I guarantee she really cared about some guy who was super into videogames, anime, and bimbos).

    That's why she comes across so desperate, fake and unlikeable. She never developed herself, she developed a persona, and she did it poorly because she never knew what the hell she was doing. None of this stuff ever interested her, it just interested people she wanted to notice her.

    Makes sense that she's sunken to doing lingerie shoots at this point. There's not enough substance to her to do anything else. If you look at her personal Instagram page, it seems like her only true hobbies are hiking and memes. She never posts or expresses any actual interest in the stuff she pretends to like, which is what you would expect on a personal Instagram page.

    Her entire personality is "please like me" and her entire look is "please want to fuck me," which results in any interest in her being shallow and fleeting.

    It's almost primitive.

    ...end armchair analysis, lol. Sorry, I was on a role.


    Oh I definitely agree with you 100%!

    When I said she was cuter before, I meant that she was better but she's never been a knock out. At least before she looked like the typical high school girl you'd see at the mall.  Now she looks like a 40 yr old former porn star desperately holding onto her youth. lol

    Also when I mentioned that her boob job was great...I meant the surgeon's work. They are waaaay too big for my taste and they look ridiculous on her...lol..

    Also this is random... but do you think she has tattooed her eyebrows? I don't understand the dark brown/black eyebrows she does all the time now. When she was younger they were thin and blond-ish



  7. I think she was sooo much cuter/hotter before the fillers/lip injections/surgery but its sometimes hard to see that when you look at old pics of her... She has always wore the piles of makeup and over tanned that her older pics arent the cutest whereas she photoshops the pics so much nowadays that she looks better but you see the truth when you compare her in fan pics/vids at events...she looked so much better before. 



  8. Nose is ok but hate the fillers and lip injections. They age her like crazy and look terrible. I think her boob job is A+ though


  9. She could be gaining the weight back or it might be some stubborn stomach fat. 

    In candids, her arms and legs aren't that big imo. A skinny girl being a little jiggly is normal/more common than most think. But her stomach area (even when shooped) puzzles me. 


    I've seen her in person, her arms and especially her legs are really large/chubby (compared to her waist). Thats why I lean more towards that she has lipo on her hips/stomach. And the middle of her stomach jiggles when she walks so its fat/not toned.


  10. Was looking at cosplay stuff on etsy and came across an old photo.

    Cant believe how much she changed her looks



  11. I've worked with Markipler when I was with a youtube network and met him mulitple times. He's an asshole. He's extremely rude. I've never met someone that has a good experience with him.  Even look up the fan encounters on youtube....many of them say it was awkward and that he was stand-offish or rude.


  12. Its either photoshopped or a chestplate. Who knows with Jenna these days!

    Her natural breasts look like this (just went to her switch and took a screencap of the first video that popped up)

    She's probably a b-cup even though she claims shes a DD lol




    Also, high key wish she'd admit to her Plastic Surgery because if she looked like that before then I have hopes for when I do hopefully have my own nose job. I know not to go to her surgeon but at least I feel lil better about the fact about wanting one. She could really be empowering women instead of lying to them... 


    I think Jenna’s nose and face looks majorly botched. Too skinny, not smooth looking, etc. Her nose before was fine.

    Not sure what area you’re in but I’ve been meeting with surgeons for my nose. I want to get it done but I’m so scared of having it messed up like Jenna’s so if you need any surgeon recommendations let me know. I think I found a really good guy in Arizona that I’m gonna go to but there’s also one in Beverly Hills that I met up who’s work is amazing as well. 

    I really don’t get why some cosplay girls lie about their surgery and injections/fillers. It’s  their own body and other women appreciate the honesty (and help). Guys that find you hot don’t give a fu*k if you’ve had anything done. Lol. Being honest would only help you. Look at all the popular youtubers (tana, Trisha, niki, etc)..... they constantly talk about the work they’ve had done.  It’s not a taboo thing anymore. Most women get at least some Botox. Lol


  14. I agree about the locations. Whoever chooses the locations is doing great.  I think Robbie has potential but Jenna holds him back.  If you've seen her sets, its often like 10 pictures of the same pose/face. There's no variety at all. I think Robbie might have potential since he's just starting out but I think Jenna's lack of knowing how to pose and her over photoshopping the pics ruin the look of his photos. I'd love to see him work with a cosplayer that knows what their doing and doesnt require overly softened skin/photoshopped face. Sometimes I'll notice that they overly brighten and contrast pics just to hide (I assume) any imperfections. It lowers the quality of his pics. Unless thats his artistic choice which then I'd tell him it cheapens the photos and makes him look like a amateur. 


  15. And she’s lifting up her arm with the bigger breast side which usually makes your breast on that side appear smaller... either photoshop gone wrong or her breasts are majorly different sizes. 

    Im guessing it’s a photoshop issue though... as you can tell she photoshopped the rest of her body like crazy in the pic. 


  16. well I'm sorry, I met this website like 3 days ago, I don't know the rules and I didn't mean to break them, but I already removed it.

    and yes, I live in Brazil and being a CEO here is synonymous of being rich, there are several photos I've seen around her family's Facebook that shows a life of a rich family. 


    According to google, her father's net worth is 1.5 million in US money and then her mom has a good job as well so they are definitely rich


  17. OT, but I find it hilarious she’s turning 27 or 21, hard to keep up, and still can’t spell sweetie.  😂 or maybe she actually meant sweaty because her only real followers are beta neckbeards who are easily fooled.  


    Oh and she had to use a picture of her boyfriend Robbie for that question......... who she tells her neckbeard fans that she's NOT dating and blames him for being late on all the patreon shoots. lol 


  18. I'm pretty sure her parents are rich. I don't want to share more of their info but I googled it all and her dad has a great job and so does the mom.  Legal papers showed up of her dad being the ceo of 7 companies and they live in a HUGE house.  

    Also these pics of Maria popped up:




  19. "plastic surgery/lip injections" - wheres the actual evidence, im not talking about some random screencap of someone thats not her, im talking about legitmate evidence. where is it? you dont have it, therefore, hasnt happened.

    "lying about her age" - she hasnt lied about her age, and if you try and bring up the fact that shes drank while underage then you must not go outside much, because lots of people drink while underage.

    "buying her own instagram followers" - again where is the actual evidence

    "faking her patreon... getting constantly "under review"" - patreon is a shit tier site that fucks over nsfw content creators all the time

    "get a twitch streamer banned because she was acting like a drunk idiot in his stream" - youre literally delusional.

    im aware this is a gossip website and i understand what that entails, you gossip, and youve every right to why not go ahead waste your time and do it. but do you not think, like at all, do you just not think that this is a real person that youre consistently harassing.


    get a fucking life 


    You still didn't answer what exactly is she successful in? lol Or how is she comfortable with her body? ...yeah so comfortable that she wears a prosthetic chestplate and claims they are her real breasts. 

    Even though you're most likely Jenna...

    You want evidence? Read the threads. Look at the achieved links of her SISTER talking about Jenna's mom giving them lip injections back in 2013. Or the screencaps I've posted of her followers being blank foreign profiles or her videos getting more "favorites" on twitter than actual views at times.  


  20. alright we get it, none of you like the idea of a woman being successful and comfortable in her own body you can stop now and go back to leading your incel lives somewhere else


    If she was comfortable in her own body, she wouldn't be lying about her plastic surgery/lip injections, photoshopping herself, lying about her age, etc... ?? And what is she successful in? In buying her own instagram followers?  Faking her patreon success by buying followers there too (and getting constantly "under review" because of doing that)? Having to get a twitch streamer banned because she was acting like a drunk idiot in his stream? 

    I'm sure you either have to be a troll or JENNA...


  21. Yep, I guess Jessica is taking plastic surgery/lip filler advice from Jenna Meowri. LOL Bad choice Jessica! Its not a good look.  
    She MAY be able to photoshop it to look decent but thats the issue...it only works for photos!  She's gonna have that same overfilled duck look in person. Full lips do not work well with Jessica's face. It ages her terribly. But I'm gonna be a bitter bitch right now and root for her to get even bigger lips so I can laugh about it. I really hope she goes as big as Meowri lol 


  22. Notice how Jessica hasn't done a photoshoot with Darshelle in a loooong time now....after Darshelle got her implants, Jessica has stop doing photoshoots with her... WE CALLED IT TOO!  Jessica doesn't want someone with a better body in pictures with her. Now she has to find a small titty friend all over again.