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  1. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    yeah she's more thin and bony. Not thicc at all. You can see her bones on her hip.  
    I'm skinny with no muscle tone and thats how my hips look.
    Also her "snags" on the socks look really big due to enlarging her thighs and ass in photoshop. lol 
    I dont know why she feels the need to lie and photoshop her pics.
    ....I wonder if she does the photoshop or if she makes her boyfriend work on it all day? haha
    ---------------edit to add pic----------------
    When I put it in the pixel program you can definitely tell where she edits. Lots of editing for the booty and thighs, some pushed out to make breasts and pushed in for thigh gap.  
    It also looks like she edits her chin a lot. She also pushed her collar in. Probably quite a bit looser. She should pin it in instead of having to edit it.

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  2. Laramie added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    omg i just about died from laughing....this cant be real...lol
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  3. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    He also said the face was photoshopped and smoothed (like the whole body) but didnt want to mess with that.  lol
    One girl on reddit was complaining that she bought those exact socks that Jenna has (Jenna told her where she got them...Sockdreams) and said they dont fit her thighs. She says that she has thicc thighs about the same as Jenna and wonder if they sent the wrong ones...lol... I was so tempted to comment that Jenna photoshops the shit out of her ass and thighs. She has nothing thats thicc and thats why the socks don't actually fit thicc girls.
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  4. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    Her latest photo is badly photoshopped. You can see where she warped everything to give herself more curves

    I asked my friend who edits pictures for a living if he could edit it back to the real picture based on the stretched pixels. (he doesnt know of Jenna) He send me back this version. He said the pixels were majorly stretched around the ass/hips/thighs.  He also said the boob was majorly stretched to appear bigger.  He said the photo was obviously taken with an angle to make her ass look big but he imagines the real pic looked something like this:

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  5. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    I don't understand why she feels the need to photoshop her ass so big. Isn't it embarrassing to go to cons and reveal your actual ass in con pics and videos? 
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  6. Laramie added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    She stopped doing youtube videos because the sponsorships were revealed.... She's not doing many cons nowadays..... She barely ever makes an actual cosplay (like 1-2 times a year?), theres literally nothing to talk about. The only thing we can talk about is the new lip fillers she gets or her overly photoshopped pics because thats the only things that are happening.  lol
    At least.....I hope........ she stopped lying and being problematic because she saw how we'd find out about it and expose her and she felt bad.  Hopefully she's grown into an actual decent adult now (that or she's figured out how to be more shady and hide her lies lol)
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  7. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    Ugh! Thats sad. She seems to have a stick up her ass 24/7. Constantly complaining and bitching. Gets triggered way too easily. I'd hate to be around her ever.
    A guy on reddit said he was donating to her patreon and said he messaged her about not receiving last months photoset.... I guess she (or whoever responds for her) got upset and banned him because she says in her FAQ that she can't resend a link  after "a few weeks" and he needs to learn to read better and he should have let her know he didn't receive it earlier.  It's like Bitch, you took time to respond..can't you send your "fan" a link to your overly edited photoshopped pics that he paid for?  Freaking toxic.
    I've also been laughing my ass off on /r/cosplaygirls because her Asuka cosplay pics haven't been getting any upvotes... so she's been deleting the posts and reuploading them over and over under different usernames every single day. lol Its like she can't accept the fact that no ones likes it.  
    Oh and I'm also keeping a document of every single username she has that is doing this. lol
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  8. Laramie added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Its hard to even judge the no makeup pic. Its extremely low quality. You can barely even see her nose shape or her lips in the pic. Its that pixelated and blurry. 
    You never know if she looks good without makeup.... I hope she has some natural beauty left. But due to all the tanning she's done...shes probably really badly sun damaged. She also gotten lots of work done on her face and all the injections... it might have scars or weird stuff going on. There has to be a reason why she cakes it so much. Even in her workout pics she has full eyelashes and eye makeup/foundation. If she was naturally pretty I don't think she'd cake her face so much honestly. However I honesly hope that she lets her skin breathe every so often and just dolls herself up for selfies every once in awhile and thats what we're seeing. But then again she did a hike a few months ago and ryan was posting tons of pics from it. She had her foundation and lashes on that time too. I wonder if she leaves it on when she sleeps so Ryan thinks she's always pretty...lol...
    We've also seen what she's done to her balding hair.... She's gonna probably start wearing wigs 24/7 too. 
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  9. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    and the sad thing is she's probably still wearing butt pads underneath that. lol
    Probably getting fillers in the chin/jawline.  We do that often in our office but I wouldn't have recommend her to get it. Her chin/jaw looked fine before.
    But her botched lips make me angry. I want to fix them so bad for her. Actually...I'm not sure they could be fixed. Her mom (or whoever continued doing hers) really messed up! 
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  10. Laramie added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    I wonder if Jess allows Ryan to hook up with other guys......? Anytime I see tagging other dudes in his pictures...the guys are gay. He favorites gay cosplayers (tweets/likes softcore gay stuff) . He had a history of working as a gay camboy. 
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  11. Laramie added a post in a topic How did you come up with your username?   

    My real first name is Lara and when I was learning to talk as a baby I would introduce myself as "Lara Me". So my family always called me Laramie
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  12. Laramie added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    I've met Hedy. She's super nice but looks nothing like her photos to me. Like I thought she looked like a completely different person in her pics
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  13. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    eeek, I saw her at the con as Peach for a quick minute. Her face is like 10x worse in person. She looks mid-40s due to all that filler. I felt sad/bad when I saw her....lol..... I can't imagine being her age and doing all that work to her face (especially being encouraged by her own mother). There were so many cosplayers there (around her age) that looked so fresh, young, and beautiful. I felt bad for her........then I remembered what a horrid lying witch she is. lol 
    I wonder if she's giving Jessica Nigri tips on the lip injections since they started hanging around each other? Jessica's injections are starting to look real bad too.
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  14. Laramie added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    I saw her in person. Her face is extremely old looking and bloated now. Her lip injections look awful. 
    The cosplay though looks good so I was impressed with that. Sadly, all the work on her face & body is aging her so badly. 
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  15. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    You can often see the butt lift panties she wears underneath her leggings lol Of course she also adds photoshop......And I notice in her butt pics that she'll lift a leg up higher and also be half way sitting (like a squat/both knees bent) while standing. I guess it must give a bigger butt look but its kinda hilarious to see her try so hard.
    I honestly think its fine if someone wants to get lip fillers or wear fake chest pieces or whatever and I don't think you necessary have to admit it to anyone if you don't want to but as soon as you start lying and say you're all natural like Jenna did then you deserve to be outed for being a lying bitch. 
    There was this one cosplayer that I follow that lied about this and she recently came clean about the lies...her excuse reminds me of something Jenna would say like... "The lip filler I got is natural substances so thats why I said it was natural and I didn't get any surgery on my breasts. I had my real breasts underneath the fake chest piece so thats why I said I was all natural." lol 
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  16. Laramie added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    You are so wrong with so much you said.
    But I wanted to point out this one....you do realize there are older and overweight women on patreon that do better than Belle and make more money? Theres plenty of men who prefer someone older than 19. And theres plenty of men who prefer women with meat on their bones.  People have their prefrences and just because you prefer young skinny girls doesn't mean every man does. 
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  17. Laramie added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Jessica is just so desperate for attention. It's getting sad...lol... She's seeing Belle get all this attention and she's panicking. Youtube channels/Popular Youtubers are now covering Belle the way they used to cover Jessica. Jessica is probably having a nervous breakdown over this lol
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  18. Laramie added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    Belle is making bank off patreon. I counted last months numbers and she had at least:
    135 $25 patrons
    240 $50 patrons
    42 $99 patrons
    1 $1000 patrons
    I calculated these numbers based on her posts and how many likes from individual patron's she got. I didnt calculate the other tiers. She's making AT LEAST $25,000 each month off patreon alone. And probably a lot more.  
    My best friend does patreon and she told me you can tell by the number of likes per post (it says what tier on the post too). According to her, only about 25% of her patron's click "like" on a patreon post and I'm only calculating by the amount of likes. Belle probably makes soooo much more than we realize.
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  19. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    I know she was getting injections a few years before from her mom but she should have just stuck with that size. Her lips now look deformed.  Her Tali cosplay doesnt even look much like her anymore.  Such a shame
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  20. Laramie added a post in a topic Tana Mongeau   

    Jason is gross lol
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  21. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    Probably left the tag because her butt is obviously photoshopped here as well. Even though she didnt photoshop it as big as she does now lol
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  22. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    Her latest gif/video is a total embarassment as well. She's playing with her tits but trying to make them look bigger by wearing a bra that looks waaaaay too big. The bra is easily 2 cups too big. 
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  23. Laramie added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    I hate to give Jessica advice but she should try to take care of her marrionette lines before she gets more lip filler. They make her look way older.
    I just started working at an injection place and think I found my passion...lol... I love looking at faces and "fixing" them (even though I believe people look best when natural.)  Seeing Jessica's latest videos, its obvious she's gotten cheek fillers and lip injections but I would recommend undereye filler and filler for her terrible marionette lines. She may have gotten undereye before but its wearing off dramatically and she needs more. With her lip injections, her marionette lines are waaaaay more noticeable. 
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  24. Laramie added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    Its hard to say when she started getting them. 
    Her sister mentioned on Facebook that the mom gave her injections in July 2013. That was her first mention of it. Dont know if Jenna was getting them eariler or not
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  25. Laramie added a post in a topic Hana Dinh / Hana Bunny Cosplay / hana.bunny_bunny   

    Hana says she wears fake boobs and fake bodysuits. I asked her awhile back via instagram dm. She sent me this link:
    She said that she's selling art and that provides her with the perfect artist breasts and butt.
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