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  1. ellaa added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    gladly 🥺
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  2. ellaa added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    honestly a part of me didn’t want to believe this, this place is safe about everything unlike twitter and now that pull is closing i feel like i’ll start ranting again on my notes instead. 
    i deeply wish there was a solution to this because letting go of this site is like going through a breakup 🥺
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  3. ellaa added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    i wouldn’t know who jo was if it wasn’t for taylor tbh, and what is this bs lmao “jo doesn’t want to be tagged because she thinks most of her followers are because she is taylor’s girlfriend” it was absolute bs
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  4. ellaa added a post in a topic Madison Beer   

    y’all only gave Madison a little bit of the fame and now she can’t stop.
    All the people who put her on top of every other girl are delusional, she’s the most basic person i’ve seen and if i saw her for the first time i wouldn’t look twice.
    and all the girls wishing to look like Madison should know that if you have money anything is possible, not like she is natural anyway.
    that’s all i have to say, i know that some fans of her will reach this and start shit talking about how amazing & beautiful she is. 
    let’s hope her libra rising doesn’t get hurt this time, or her leo moon. 
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  5. ellaa added a post in a topic Confessional   

    my confession:
    i find any person with a clear beard, good smile, sharp eyes, tall and masculine attractive.
    it’s like my mom manifested me to think of this shit, because literally the ideal type of her son-in-law aka the guy she wants me to marry is the type i described earlier. 
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  6. ellaa added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    i highly dislike the kind of people who judge the person you like based on their appearance. i’ve realized that it actually hurts because my feelings are valid as well and you ain’t making it any better by putting down someone who i genuinely like and then patting my back as if nothing happened or as if nothing was said. 
    laughing about it after is even more of an asshole behavior. 
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  7. ellaa added a post in a topic @annhxy (instagram) @asiandevine (twitter)   

    before i read your comment i was literally gonna say how she looks like one of those brat girls who are mean to everybody and flex with their mom’s money.
    the face she makes in the photos has some attitude that doesn’t taste that sweet to me.
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  8. ellaa added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    bro i still can’t get over the fact she left Taylor. Like this guy was genuinely sweet, and wasn’t Jo the one bragging about her relationship and giving advice on how to last longer and be happy and have a healthy relationship?
    she was the one who mentioned that she doesn’t keep secrets from Taylor and that they talk about everything together.
    To me their relationship seemed really healthy, but the random tweets of Jo about men being toxic still doesn’t make sense to me, it actually doesn’t add up. And i think she was the one who broke up with Taylor, to think more i can’t imagine how much she must’ve messed up his mind to make him feel like the bad guy in this situation.
    It goes like: Oh wait, let’s make Taylor the bad guy in this situation so then i can play the victim, him being manipulated and guilt trip will start posting about how it was his fault so people will agree and i’ll remain the innocent kpop girlie with butterflies all sparkly and shinny. 
    Brother, she’s 22 years old. I know times have changed and okay liking soft aesthetic and shit doesn’t make you immature but making it a personality trait is just cringe, the nose scrunchs and the cringe posts she has to remain this “i’m baby” figure is just so disturbing to look at.
    She has to realize that her mask is slowly falling off. 3 years and she didn’t even try to change a bit. I praise Taylor for keeping up with her shit, you have to be the most gentleman on this planet to keep up with a 22 year old who still acts like 12, has mentality of a 5 year old, still does those nose scrunches and makes kpop a personality trait. 
    They might have had a healthy relationship but it was missing: maturity.
    Their relationship was more of a teenage relationship than an adult one. Of course relationship should include fun and play time but i think that’s what it all was.
    And about her moving to America, didnt she post some stuff with Taylor from Berlin? Because i remember very well she mentioned living in Berlin when someone asked her, unless i have alzheimer and forgot her moving to America. 
    Sis had everything planned out only to be disappointed in the end. What did she think lmao that we would keep up with her behavior just like her fans do? Specifically during this pandemic? Someone has to put her back on her place. And which boss would fire u if you say you have a good relationship with him/her, most likely she quit her job by her will to pursue her weird dreams of having a rich boyfriend and living the desired LA lifestyle.
    Life is not that easy even if you have money, some people are smart and don’t care if you have that shit, and some others have common sense, they stay inside not outside during the pandemic. The sudden urge to appreciate nature or the view is just stupid to me, it’s mostly Jo trying to pull the  “i’m a simple girl who likes nature” card. 
    She disgust me, she has the looks but her brain is empty and i doubt she’ll get anywhere in her life. Instagram is a social media, now you have it tomorrow you don’t.
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  9. ellaa added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    i’ve been told to stop it since it’s “unhealthy” but i’ve been consuming it for years, and actually if i ever had health issues they came by people who smoke around me, the same ones to tell me coke is unhealthy lmao.
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  10. ellaa added a post in a topic Kneewah   

    i must have missed the part of her being iconic, i’m sorry but what?
    must’ve said it as a joke but the way she says sum words to me is ridiculous, she interpreted it in a way that makes you think she got a big ego. it ain’t that deep but she’s not iconic...

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  11. ellaa added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    pathetic of her fans to be honest, social media’s main focus has always been skinny girls with abs and small waist so to them bloated stomach or a little bump automatically means you’re pregnant. 
    and when you deny being pregnant they will literally assume you’re trying to hide it, the sad truth is that what you see is natural but that shouldn’t be a big deal because it’s literally normal and what makes us.. human? 
    such assumptions are the reason why most of us cover our tummy rolls and hide some parts. 
    shouldn’t let social media and a bunch of kids define your beauty, and your size isn’t bothering anyone neither are your tummy rolls, you do you keep glowing, these kids have still a lot to learn.
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  12. ellaa added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    it’s 2am and idk what made me read this thread because now my eyes hurt from all the koreaboos using the wrong hashtags to describe what they post which makes zero sense. 
    also i feel terrible for the asian guys who get fetishized by these girls. i don’t know what pleasure they get from all of this but it’s all so wrong, and trying to adapt a whole ass culture that is not yours makes me cringe even more.
    and i dislike how most posts under the hashtag ulzzang are white girls.
    - i cut my hair i’m so ulzzang
    - i have lenses i am so ulzzang
    taking a word and twisting it over and over again and giving it a new meaning, for what? for a few likes from korean people.
    Literally educate yourself before thinking Korea is a K-drama, accept that the stereotype you have created is far from the reality, you won’t find a rich ceo at the local cafeteria, nor Jackson Wang at some party you’re invited in. 
    Korea is just like any other country, but with a different language & culture. You will find assholes, drunk people, disrespectful boys.
    It’s damaging the younger ones because they will grow up with hopes and high standards and requirements that they’ll never meet, only if you’re a successful extremly rich girl with a perfect Korean and visa. 
    Wake up Korea has basic people living their daily life, going to school, working, shopping etc. This ain’t y/n.
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  13. ellaa added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    this thread is 4 years strong! ah 🍷 
    also i’ve realized that they make everything about Japan, most of their youtube videos contain “Japan” in their title. 
    Japan this Japan that.
    I feel like she makes living in Japan a personality trait.
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  14. ellaa added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    why does she look so scary, you know those dolls, for example ballerina ones that dance in circles? she looks like those dolls with small body and big head
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  15. ellaa added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    i got a coke addiction since i was little and i’m pretty sure one day i’ll end up to Freaky Eaters. 
    I like the taste of it, it goes well with every kind of food. But i dislike the 0 sugar aka diet coke.
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