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  1. Senka added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    Oh, Rachel.... 
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  2. Senka added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Venus needs to learn the difference between being sassy~ and just being a downright rude bitch.
    On one hand I understand that she is living her puberty now that she can finally afford to, but acting like her husband is some kind of parent figure she needs to rebel~ against instead of a life partner is so fucking ridiculous.
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  3. Senka added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    Women wear jeans, oxfords, blazers, suits and short hair just fine without anybody calling it a man fetish. A girl can dress up as a male character and go to a con looking like that any time she wants. Why does it get called a fetish when a man does it? This isn't the Victorian times. 
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  4. Senka added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    She is happy to be getting attention again, that is the only thing that matters to her. Sick. 
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  5. Senka added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    I'm thinking she and Venus had a phone conversation about this and then later on Margot got the genius idea to write this email as tangible proofs and that's why it's written in her signature idiot style. 
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  6. Senka added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    She definitely will consider operating on it because it's a genuine health issue and it needs to be dealt with. But I hope the doctors can find some other solution instead of just cutting a part of her stomach out. Isn't that what messed up her nutrition in the first place? 
    EDIT: So, apparently there are different stages to this thing and we know hers is already in her hip area which counts as advanced stage. And we know this both from the scar she showed us and from her telling us (I figure she can lie but she can't fake a scar right?). 
    What if they chop it off but it still keeps sliding downwards more and more afterwards?

    This will mess with her ability to be pregnant big time. 
    EDIT2: also found this: surgery doesn't get rid of the problem bc it comes back again. A couple of different sites seem to say the same thing - you can acquire it with age if you lack abdominal muscles or you can be born with it and in both cases not exercising makes it worse.  
     Apologize for digging this up  I didn't know of it before Venus and now I'm curious. Off topic or not?
    It pisses me off that she could have been getting treatment for this years ago and it never would have gotten this bad if she had, but her bitch mother didn't want to bother getting her adequate medical attention. We need a knife emoji. 
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  7. Senka added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    I can see why the doctors in the hospital told her she doesn't have an eating disorder, despite Margot yelling boolimia, anorexia, weight loss surgery! 
    Counting calories when your body isn't capable of feeling full due to a biological issue isn't anorexia, it's the only way of monitoring food intake.
    Thinking that she will get fat isn't paranoia of an anorexic, it's the reality of living with an abnormal appetite. People with under-active thyroid issue all gain weight unless they monitor their calorie intake and take medication for it. There are people with a genetic disorder (I can't remember the name but it's something to do with a hormone gland in their brain and they also have mental retardation) who feel hungry 24/7 like Venus does and they all end up obese over time. It's a valid concern and counting calories is the way to deal with it.
    If she had stayed in Switzerland the doctors there would have dealt with her prolapsed stomach by both giving her a meal plan she has to follow and doing some kind of intervention on the organ itself to give her a normal person appetite. This crazy surgery was a very bad attempt at doing just this, not a sign of an eating disorder. Being forced to live with constant hunger for two decades with zero assistance (I never take my doter to the doctor, I good mutter!) would have driven anybody to desperation on top of being abused and shamed for having a condition she neither caused nor can undo. 
    If your prolapsed stomach makes you feel the need for food 24/7 you are going to think about food 24/7, that's a consequence of a real biological issue not a mental disorder. She explains that once she didn't experience hunger 27/4 she could afford to use all the extra mental energy spent on food on other things instead and it's what got her to re-examine the binge/starve pattern her mother put her on and taught her is normal (her mother - not her own brain).
    Surgery complication making you vomit is not bulimia, it's surgery complication. 
    The self hate she felt for eating and feeling hungry is literally her mother abusing her for eating and feeling hungry (I honestly believe Margo was doing it because she was projecting her own weight issues onto her daughter - even now Margo is eating clay with sugar and thinks that's a normal diet and this is who Venus grew up with). 
    All her "eating disorder" symptoms are normal consequences of childhood/young adult abuse and life with a prolapsed stomach. The underlying abuse issues she needs to - and is currently working on in therapy after slowly easing her way in talking to friends first, the prolapsed stomach she decided not to fix and to try and live with - now with support and understanding which she never had before. She explains that now that she has a support system in her life she can make better decisions and that the first surgery never would have happened if she wasn't fresh out of having escaped from Margo and weighted down with history she had nobody to share with and no support to turn to. 
    TLDR my opinion: The doctors are correct that at this point she doesn't qualify for an eating disorder. She is on her road to recovery from child abuse and all the issues that stem from it as well as having to find a new healthy way of living with having a prolapsed stomach. 
    It took me a long time to stop swinging between crying and raging to form coherent thoughts on this topic and calm down enough to write them down.  Venus is an incredibly strong girl but she can't be strong all the time and that's ok. I hope the therapist helps her see that and prevents her from potentially punishing herself over this mistake and helps her work her way out of any lingering feelings of guilt and shame for not being strong enough/good enough to never make it to begin with.
    I am incredibly proud of her decision to go public with this (bc she totally could have gotten away with not saying shit and not exposing herself to any attacks or criticism for it). All the viewers sharing their own stories and empathy with her and one another warm my heart.  
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  8. Senka added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    I had to stop and consciously remind myself Manaki is an adult man and not a 12yo boy cornered by an adult woman. His reaction made me feel so uncomfortable  Venus shouldn't have uploaded this. 
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  9. Senka added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    Calling out a child abuser for their actions is not "hate" nor is it "bulling".
    Talking about your experiences at the hands of your abuser is not "throwing your abuser under the bus". 
    This is a highly irresponsible discourse. 
    I can't believe I am logging in for this after almost a year. 
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  10. Senka added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    TBH, if I got half the shade Mimei threw in Taylor's direction thrown at me I would have cut her off so fast no amount of crying about people leaving her, her introvert personality, her issues, her sense of humor, being misunderstood, being sad, literal tears and fake baby hooker voice would have helped her.  
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  11. Senka added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    I kinda rolled with it up until the moment Talyor tried to explain that it was just a joke because Venus looked genuinely uncomfortable. She did try to laugh it off but whatever.
    Would have been much better if she had actually put in effort to make an outfit, something we don't see on Venus like a rocker/biker thing, it would have still been funny but not rude. Or she could have taken it seriously and tried to make a more adult friendly but still fun spring outfit which is what Venus wanted to begin with. 

    This whole play pretend mean prank thing seems so passive aggressive and I would side eye any friend who tried to do it to me.  
    Also, I get the feeling it's a game Margo would just love playing - doing something for Venus pretending to be nice and then making fun of her for falling for it. 
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  12. Senka added a post in a topic What anime girl stereotype are you?   

    So I'm a lesbian in anime too 

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  13. Senka added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I'm just watching the new video and, dear God, I had to stop to write a comment. She has this black sleeveless shirt with Pink Floyd album cover art on it, and she says that she's been carrying it around without wearing it "for a long time now".... because she "doesn't know how to style it".
    Doesn't know how to style.... a basic black shirt... how to style... a basic black shirt... .  
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  14. Senka added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    I distinctly remember all the river and Kappa comments here that followed Margo's suicide threat for a long time and nobody was triggered by those. 

    As for "bullying", this is false equivalence. Us saying Margo and people like her can go die is not comparable to her throwing a knife at the child she spent years abusing and almost sold into prostitution and was attempting to manipulate into coming back with fake suicide threats. 

    + I definitely bear her ill will tyvm.
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  15. Senka added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    @Andromeda Galaxy I got interested in Venus when she posted her escape vlog and I started reading all the old threads this summer from the date of her escape forward, I remember the drama at the time very well, I read multiple general threads from start to finish in like 4 days one after the other. 
    I was thinking of before that, before Venus ran away, what did Margo use to do on her birthdays? I'm trying to imagine why Venus' birthday would be a trigger for her (beside the obvious, it's the day eevil baby Venus stole her life from her by existing and pooping), did she try to cash in on her birthdays or something? 
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