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  1. FightStar added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    You’re all right Dove says one thing, then says/does another. She’s young though, I said/did dumb stuff when I was young. Did any of us lose our father by suicide at a young age though. That must destroy you. He was gay also right. I do think Chloe is currently very messed up given what she’s been through who would’nt be. I obviously don’t agree with a lot of her actions, i hope she seeks more inner work. I need to say this though..... I don’t get why you need to make fun of her constantly. I don’t agree with her actions but I don’t want to make fun. You say this is a place to rag. Are your lives that pathetic really?? My purpose is to change the world in some way but you just want to make fun really?? I’m going to sign out, I won’t check again. You can dislike and hate my comments all you like it doesn’t mean anything to me as I know what’s good, right in this world. You’re missing out though, actually you’re almost as bad as her fans who suck up to her as you’re wasting your time on hating. Ps why did I write so much about her... because I was trying to put you all off continuing your bitchin but it seems it didn’t. She’s a lost soul, she needs to find herself, may be you should find yourselves too. 
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  2. FightStar added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I agree totally, that’s why I wrote the second post. I shouldn’t have included my beliefs, I apologise for that. I’ve highlighted my hair too in the past, I’ve got a feather tattoo on my foot I had done years ago which I’m currently getting lasered off. I don’t dislike snakes. I don’t love them either but it’s because hers is linked to descendants, she’s very satanic in her imagery and I find that all hard to swallow when she has millions of impressionable young fans. In terms of cosmetic work in that industry I think a lot of people get tweaks, people you wouldn’t believe have but they’re mostly minor. The issue with Dove is she changed her whole face, I find that really disturbing since she has millions of young fans. Thanks for the feedback though. It didn’t come off harsh, I appreciate it. I can go a bit overboard sometimes. 
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  3. FightStar added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Ps the sun has gone in, I was pondering on what I wrote. I realise my post is God heavy and that’s not for everyone. However, whether you believe or not people need to wake up to what is happening in this world. Redesigning your face, bleaching your hair, wearing fake lashes and drawing freckles on your face is not any “brave new world” I want to be a part of nor should anyone. Brave is accepting your natural looks, saying no to Hollywood’s demands to look a certain way. She will most likely never get big acting jobs because her face doesn’t move in a natural way when she talks right. How sad is that. Dove was no doubt a sweet, innocent child but somewhere along the way she got lost and she now thinks because she has the face she always wanted that equals happiness. She’s finally starting to love herself. Why because she sold out, changed her looks. That’s nothing to be happy about. I don’t believe it, her soulless stares into the camera tell a different story. Tbh I think she looks weird without makeup, puffy and odd. Plastic surgery only seems to be able to imitate features. I know as my cousin got a nose job. It was a drastic one like Doves. In photos it looked alright but in real life it wasn’t natural at all, looked carved. To sum up the toxic side of Hollywood is that it uses people for what they want and then spits them out. Apparently Marilyn Manroe slept with loads of directors to get her roles, jobs. It destroyed her and according to Elisabeth Taylor I saw in an interview in the last 6 months that was the norm in Hollywood. The directors were always preying on women to sleep with them. I’m not saying Dove does this but she certainly has allowed Hollywood to change her looks to suit them. I know Disney is different to other Directors but a side of that industry destroys people’s mental health if you get caught up with the wrong ones. 
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  4. FightStar added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    She needs to take a long hard look at herself. She is so unbelievably ignorant and selfish. There’s a reason she was chosen for Descendants as Mal, as she is rotten to the core and with all her surgeries she has an unnatural devil spawn face. She thinks she is so cool being anti-God, having that vile snake tattoo and that gun with a rose coming out of it like she’s so bad ass. I don’t come from a religious family, I didn’t believe in God but I do now. I believe there is a good versus evil battle on Earth. Things have happened to me in times of need which guided me away from evil influences, which lets face it are everywhere. If people don’t want to believe in God fine but people like her are ruining society. She’s normalising  plastic surgery at a young age for a start, not just changing one feature but every feature. If some Beverly Hills rich wife or whatever wants to rearrange her face I don’t have a care in the world really. More fool her. Dove though is influencing millions of kids right. She’s also hooking these kids deeper into social media at an age when they should be having fun with their own friends, not idolising someone online, almost hanging on her every word and begging her to reply. These poor kids must have such low self-esteem if a few words from Dove rocks their world. Their minds are so warped from watching too much tv, social media. I don’t get why she even posts so much. It’s mostly nonsense. I’m not isolated with my bf but if I was I would’nt be on social media. I’d be spending time with him, privately. She can not help but update all the time. Instead of letting kids live their lives she’s giving them crumbs to keep them hooked to her every move. Why? probably because she wants them to stay hooked and she’s addicted to the praise she gets from then. Keeping kids hooked onto your existence. That is truly selfish. 
    Whether Dove realises it or not she’s one of Satan’s minions damaging young people with her ignorant actions. All she does at the moment is mostly skincare videos yawn! No one accept kids are going to be watching that and taking note, which is the scariest thing. So all these kids are now thinking they need to spend their money a. on a new face b. expensive skincare in their 20s. That stuff she’s using is more designed for the 40 plus generation right.
    Dove is a lost soul, I hope she finds herself and realises there’s more to life than having a Hollywood “star” and getting a role in a play or whatever. I’ve seen those “stars”, there’s nothing impressive about them. They’re actually quite small, really close together. Some of the older ones are cracking, falling apart. They can’t be bothered to maintain the ones from years ago. Hollywood is a joke. I quite liked some of the bars on Sunset Boulevard and I enjoyed dancing in the clubs but you can do that anywhere in the world right. The whole Hollywood thing is weird, people who seek fame have a deep emptiness inside them. She’d be better off staying off social media, talking to a therapist about her past and present (in private). Some people get a nose job or lip fillers but they don’t totally change their whole face. That is mind boggling, I can’t get my head around it totally but I’m guessing you must have to feel a lot of self loathing, feel empty inside. She must have serious mental health issues and I don’t think her bf is a good influence either. Posting a video of some kid swearing on Twitter because she’s bored of lockdown. Children swearing is not funny or cool, it shows their parents do not care enough about them to teach them how to be good people. Then, joking that he gave the cats catnip and they’re now acting like junkies. I watched a documentary on the drug addiction in the USA with meth, heroine and it was horrific and so sad. People who joke about things like that need to majorly check in with their conscience. Anyway, said my bit. Back to enjoying my day, sun is out  
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  5. FightStar added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I had to take a look at what you’re all saying one last time. That jacket yep agree so cringe, especially since she asked someone to make it. I think with Dove the whole I’m so full of myself might be a cover. It must be so weird to look in the mirror and see a totally different face to 10 years ago. She may now look how she’s always desired to look but she’s still the same person on the inside right.. it must be like wearing a mask of someone else, not ever being able to ever take it off. I think all the selfies she takes, presenting herself as a classic Hollywood starlet is because she needs to constantly remind herself, affirm that she’s beautiful as deep down she must feel inferior in some way. I think her need to constantly tell the world “IM BEAUTIFUL!” is more important to her than sending her fans genuinely healthy, positive messages. I doubt it very much she deep down even cares about any of her fans because if she did she’d act differently. She just knows she needs them. I don’t know how she deals with being around people who haven’t had loads of surgery, are naturally stunning. I think it’s why she used to be so annoying, try to dominate the conversation in interviews with Sophia.
    Lastly, when I was looking at Dove’s twitter and saw her “it’s my favourite day of the year” tweet (umm Dove your birthday should be your favourite day, stop acting like you’re an accessory in your boyfriend’s life) I saw Dove had retweeted a tweet on 11 April by a girl called Julia @talkingshit. I clicked on the girl as I thought she’d had some freaky posts. She uploaded a few clips from Thomas’ live chat. One is called “handsome lad baby” on 22 April. You have to scroll right down to find it as this girl is obsessed with both Dove and Thomas. It’s a weird interaction between a couple. It’s when Thomas shaved his moustache off. The tone she says happy birthday in (fake) and then in the end she acts like it’s the end of the world and says “oh you lost a feature, I’m gonna cry” idiot! Thomas replies in a sarcastic tone, seems visibly annoyed by her. I think although Dove loves having a hot boyfriend she knows deep down she’s punching and so puts him down to ever keep him from thinking he’s too good for her, straying. I saw it in interviews in Descendants too. If Thomas seemed off with her she’d flirt with other male cast members to draw him back in. Classic textbook behaviour. Also, I found the childhood picture of Thomas she posted in his birthday post an odd choice. I can’t imagine it was one of his cutest. He looks chubby and a bit geeky. Him at the awkward age we all go through. I’m sure that was done in a manipulative way. Sad. 
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  6. FightStar added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I noticed she’s still posting “sultry” selfies. Yawn! This time in her car fold down mirror. It’s the kind of picture you’d send a guy you’re trying to impress. Why is that fit for Instagram, why is she almost flirting with her Instagram fans.
    Also, yes it’s your boyfriend’s birthday but why does the whole of Instagram need to know. I can’t help feeling with these 2 they kind of cling onto each other to cope with life. I would never describe my boyfriend at 24 as my world. He’s from Scotland, was new to LA right.. I honestly think he made a beeline for Dove not for reasons most men date women. Here’s a link to a descendants interview I watched a while back https://youtu.be/7AscGrnp4Uw
    Dove is vile to him, vice versa. If a guy was like that to me I would write him off straight away. There’s no way I’d ever see him in a romantic way. After that toxicity how do you even ever build on that. Seems to me they just enjoy one another’s notoriety. She enjoys his for being a looker, he enjoys hers for being famous. Anyway, this is the last I’m gonna say on Dove. It’s nice to have somewhere to vent about how awful society and it’s celebrities have become but I’m gonna stop looking at her as she’s just not worth it, she winds me up much like the Kardashian’s do. They are worse than her but not by much. On her Twitter some girl told her to calm down in reply to her post about Thomas’ birthday post. She should have ignored it as it was a valid comment. They live together, she doesn’t need to post about him right.. Funny thing is Thomas hardly ever posts about Dove. His Instagram is far more professional. Anyway, Dove replied to the girl saying something about her being an Aries, being jelly. People aren’t jelly Dove. You’re just a travesty, so is what you post. If she just posted about her work I’d have a lot more respect for her. Instead she tries to make out she’s a model and shoves her relationship down her fan‘s throats. Living her life a bit more humbly wouldn’t go a miss.  Furthermore, if I was her I’d dump Thomas before he does what she did to her fiancé.
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  7. FightStar added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I think you’re right she was 15, so she’d already had rhinoplasty. I think the rest came after though the eyelids, dimples, fillers and further  rhinoplasty. I’m not 100% though it just seems after the age of 16, just before Disney she got a heap more procedures
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  8. FightStar added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Also, I don’t think Dove’s mum pushed her into surgeries. It sounds like Dove was the one who pushed people around. I found a thread somewhere written by her school acquaintances that said Dove wanted the initial surgeries, used to bully her mum. Losing her dad must have been devastating, I’m guessing her mum didn’t object to the surgery as she probably felt bad for Dove and so said yes, paid for it. I’m sure losing her dad was the reason she was a bully and I can understand to a point.
    I agree playing the victim, twisting the story years later is so morally wrong. By all means have surgery do what you like right but to make a career off the back of it, claim your face is natural and act like you’re on a pedestal nope not acceptable.
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  9. FightStar added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    In the first pic she’d already had eyelid surgery, nose job(s) and her bottom lip possibly slightly filled here. Her hair is also obviously bleached and then fake lashes so she was far from natural here. I don’t think we’ll ever know what she should look like as she started surgeries before her  face had fully formed, right.. The last natural picture there is of her is at age 12. On page 1 of this thread. There’s also a picture somewhere in this thread when she was in shameless, she’s holding a heart lollipop and pulling a glum face. It’s one of the few pictures from Shameless where she isn’t wearing loads of makeup. She’d definitely had a nose job(s) by then but I think the rest of her face is close to natural apart from her hair. In a line up of her then and now they would’nt even be close to the same person facially. I find it so bizarre how changing your face to such a degree is even allowed. Just goes to show what bs Disney is and supposedly child friendly when they’re doing nothing to promote healthy behaviours like accepting yourself and real self-love. If Disney was a decent company they’d have a no surgery policy. What I find so hard to understand is how someone who’s basically had a face transplant, with all these stories out there about bullying, diva behaviour can have such a following of fans. When I was that age I don’t remember ever being sucked in by celebrities but then there wasn’t social media and I think that’s the difference. One poor person has even taken it upon themselves to set up a Dove Cameron updates account on Instagram and from what I’ve seen they’re updating it constantly and watching her every move on there like it’s their life purpose. So depressing! 
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  10. FightStar added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

  11. FightStar added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I find it creepy too, especially since he must know she’s changed her whole face. Furthermore It’s not a genuine comment if her face is not how is should be and it’s almost like he’s saying ” yeah well done on the surgery!” Also, I’m sure Dove had another nose job between Descendants 2 and 3. In 2 it was longer, not snubbed like it is now. They must of been serious by then, she must have said to him “I’m getting a nose job, I’ll be in recovery time or whatever”. Why didn’t he talk her out of it. Her nose was fine. Her nose now is so ridiculously carved, forced to upturn it’s so obviously not natural. In my opinion looks too small for her face now. She’s all puffy cheeks and blow up lips now. In photos she manages to look okay keeping her face still but the minute she talks her face looks misshapen, especially around her mouth.
    I think after her dad died she thought “I know I’m gonna fix everything by changing my face, becoming famous” when she first was famous she actually looked happy in pictures. Now I think it’s hit home that being famous isn’t all that and walking around with a face you weren’t born with doesn’t get you much respect.
     Also, I find Thomas so annoying, all that goofing around they do in videos isn’t attractive, it’s awkward. There’s comfort in silence, being mature adults. It’s like they feel a need to fill it with childish noise. They’re no longer teenagers. I didn’t even act like that with the serious boyfriend I had at 18 nevermind 25. He is handsome but his goofing around, not taking anything seriously comes across as cocky. It’s like he’s a big kid. Also, I don’t know why Dove goes for men who are prettier than her naturally. Personally I think the woman should be the prettier one, have the male look up to them. However, with men like him they’re used to being the peacock. His ego probably couldn’t take being with a naturally attractive woman as she’d have far too much confidence. With her and Thomas it’s like he’s taken on the role of having to boost her confidence, he probably enjoys it because he knows she’s not in his league look-wise, so does she. I find that imbalance in power gross. If that hand over heart protect thing is real then eww as well it’s like he’s taken on a father role. If a man I was romantically linked to did that to me I’d feel totally patronised, I would not be thinking of having sex with him anytime soon. Talk about passion killer. I don’t think he’s in it for the long run with her. In an interview a woman asked him if “Dove was the one?” He grabbed a cushion and hid behind it (totally defensive behaviour right) then said “yes” in the weirdest, unconvincing tone. 
    I’d like to add... why is she posting a pasta meal he made her. It’s nothing special. If I was him, I saw that she’d posted that (which he must do) I’d be feeling cringe vibes. “Umm hello I’m here in lockdown with you. You can just say thank you to me etc you don’t need to brag to social media about a basic pasta meal I made you!” It’s sad she feels she has to try to evoke jealousy in her impressionable young teenage fans who most likely can’t see what a pair of narcissistic, vapid idiots they both are. Honestly social media has ruined society in terms of how people display their relationships on them. Relationships are sacred and plastering them on social media cheapens the very essence of it. 
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  12. FightStar added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    The problem with Dove is she has created a new person through surgery, erased her old self. She looks almost nothing like how she should. I had a friend at primary school and she hated her nose. She said as a child she had a small cute nose, then when she hit her teens it grew into what it was. Dove’s nose would be like her mother’s no doubt. I actually find her mother quite attractive. She doesn’t have the “ideal nose” but she seems happy in her skin, she’s natural and she exudes an inner confidence. At the end of the day she rocks what she’s got. Dove has submitted to grossly changing herself so she’s essentially a “sex object” she looks like a gross blow up doll and and she’s changed her name as well. She claims it’s what her dad called her, may be it was but it plays into the hands of men being seen as a symbol of innocence and purity which is laughable as what is pure about plastic surgery? The jobs she’s gotten, the boyfriends she’s had along with the fame have all been obtained through changing herself. If she’s not had all the surgery would she have the got those jobs, the boyfriends she’s had and the fame? Sadly I doubt it very much. Deepdown she knows this, that has to weight heavily on you and that must hurt to your very core. In essence she’s totally sold her soul. If she naturally had the same face from birth she would take it for granted in a sense, actually probably be sick of the male attention she received. She would’nt parade herself shamelessly on Instagram. In my opinion real natural beauties have far more class, are actually fed up of being viewed as objects and so behave in a totally different way. If you notice it’s normally the plastics objectifying themselves in a disgusting way. You don’t see Nathalie Portman so obsessed with herself. She’d rather be valued for her brains. With women like Dove it’s almost like they never had the attention they wanted from men etc. So, they change themselves to get it. Women have died to get the vote and sacrificed themselves so women can have rights etc. Now women like Dove, the Kardashian’s are poisoning society. Devil’s work. 
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