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  1. BB-8 added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Some comics  on LINE WEBTOON are so generic especially the romance section..
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  2. BB-8 added a post in a topic Kmusicandblackwomen (kpopmeetsblackwomen)   

    Understandable, however you at least have to acknowledged that us "African" Americans we were stripped of our identity throughout the course slavery and so forth from there.The way that the system is built is to make black americas feel isolated,unimportant, and alone in order to gain control over us. Also the school system doesn't help either when it just lightly glosses over slavery and the US and the Civil Rights Movement. Looking back now the text books bounced backed forth between America and Europe, we'd be lucky if Africa got a paragraph. With that being said, some "African"Americans are trying to bring some closure to themselves buy trying to understand the motherland even though we are very ignorant when it comes to Africa. Looking at our past history and where we are now its time for "African" Americans to heal and by heal I mean by breaking down all the walls of fear,anger, and doubt. We mainly need to focus on our mental health and how find a middle ground of peace and compassion to make the black community feel connected. 
    Now as far as kpopmeetsblackwomen, I'm aware of this blogger. Like everyone else I was curious and watch some of her videos. I was intrigued but also had a strange feeling about them as well. I couldn't helped but wonder if what she said was true then why were these black women who were hanging out with these K-Pop guys were always dressed like they're going to club and why didn't she posted videos black women and asian men in normal social settings and why didn't she mention the true meaning of being in a relationship like yes this man is Korean but what else about the man that makes him special? Is he smart and witty? Is he funny? Does he share a similar interest with your does not involved KPOP or Korean culture? And lastly does he truly respect you and values you for who you are and not what you are? These question kept buzzing in my head when I read her blog and watched her videos. In conclusion, It got a bit uncomfortable and I couldn't continue.  
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  3. BB-8 added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    So I just watched the video and looked at her website and overall its just feels very basic and boring. The clothes are interesting but not worth the price. You have better chances of recreating those styles yourself rather than cough up that kind of money for an overly large shirt. Also the plastic skirt is just a big NO!!!! it reminds me of the plastic heel shoes ewww so much sweat. The website does not match her theme or in this case represents her style so it feels very awkward when Megan is trying to promote her edgy bold fashion with pink pastel flowers in the background. She should of gone with a monochromatic theme that way you can focus on the clothing.  
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  4. BB-8 added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    Well Megan is  currently in Dubai right now according to her Snapchat. It seems like she went to a lot of cool places so hopefully she'll tone it down with the goofy overly forced use of "That's so Raven"ebonics when she edits her videos. 
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  5. BB-8 added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    If Mimei decided to make a tell all video she has to be willing to go down with the ship too. Tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Because this is just getting ridiculous, everyone is just adding fuel to the flames. It may hurt her YT career a bit but she can recover. Let it all out and take a break from social media and then she needs to heal herself mentally and then return to YT.
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  6. BB-8 added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    And so the plot thickens........but honestly I want to know what happened and just get it all out in the open! No more cryptic clues or passive aggressiveness just rip the band-aid off !!!! 
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  7. BB-8 added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

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  8. BB-8 added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    So I broke and ordered a pair of Sakura Ouka Earrings........It looks so beautiful.
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  9. BB-8 added a post in a topic K-Vloggers General Discussion   

    understandable, Her second channel is my favorite because you get to more of her personality and her life style. I think she is catching on as far as taking care of herself appearance wise.As for her hair, so far from recent videos I've seen it looks okay......but she may want to change it come summer, because once that humidity returns,unless she has a magical Korean hair straightner treatment done, the curl is inevitable. Kumushichan's hair (Loretta)  falls in this category as well...Her video are very educational but I see her hair struggling in the summer when it shouldn't have to. But back to Whitney she doesn't have to go all out glam but just nice simple basic clothing would work. Ex, solid cardigans, sweaters
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  10. BB-8 added a post in a topic How did you come up with your username?   

    Because this droid is a one-of-a-kind and has stolen my heart. 
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  11. BB-8 added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I see no difference from PULL or Tumblr because most social media sites fall into the same formula overtime. I think its silly how some people pride themselves by saying how bad Tumblr is and etc. It's only as bad as you make it and what you surround yourself with and how you handle the situation. 
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  12. BB-8 added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    Referring back to my "She feels like she more Korean" comment, with all jokes aside I honestly do not feel that was the best way for Megan to start off her video. Then proceeding how her Korean friends gave her the seal of approval and all that jazz. It just rubs me the wrong way and it reminded me a bit of Mira(meaning how it feels that she puts _________ country on a pedestal). However, the points that she makes after that are valid when she mentioned her skin tone and her ethnic background and fashion choices. The United States for the most part is a very casual dressed society. I myself have started dressing up as well and people always assume that I am a tourist and I too get that comment "Why are you so dressed up?". So I'm not saying that she has complete gone off the rails but, they're some tidbits of her that I am weary of. Also I am very curious of what her overall goals are in the long run. 
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  13. BB-8 added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    "I feel more Korean" She says. A very poor choice of words to use if she's trying to get her point across, I think Megan is treading in Mira territory after all.
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  14. BB-8 added a post in a topic K-Vloggers General Discussion   

    Well to be fair, Whitney did admit that she wasn't makeup savvy or a fashionista. However I do admire her personality and her success in Korea. I enjoy her WhitneybaeIRL channel the most because you get to she her personality shine. 
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  15. BB-8 added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    I feel that you should always tread with caution before agree to these types of procedures in general and always research!research! research! I worry about young Youtubers who quickly agree to plastic surgery for sponsorships. Also the little curl thing isn't work for me, it just makes her hair shorter and her face longer....(personal opinion) 
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