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  1. Woweth added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Exactly. I don’t get why this isn’t realised by more dog owners. If you’re gonna give a dog a stick at least make sure it’s clean and doesn’t pose a risk. I don’t understand owners who wouldn’t agree with that, or argue against it, it’s your dog’s safety and health for god’s sake. It’s not a matter of making a big deal out of nothing, but whatever, if people wanna risk it then it’s not my place to say, I just know personally it can be really unsafe and now I know what I know I wouldn’t be giving my dog sticks. 
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  2. Woweth added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Yes, I have a dog, who’s had multiple trips to the vet over sticks that hurt her mouth or affected her oral health. They’re not harmless you know. Especially for a young puppy they have risks. I’m just saying that these things should be over watched and taken with caution, especially since the stick was at a very uncomfortable looking angle. This isn’t just nit picking, these things can and do cause harm, in my experience especially. Good grief.
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  3. Woweth added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Ugh. 1. That looks really painful The way the stick is angled in her mouth, not to mention The risk of splinters. 2. Again with the damn sweater, from what I’ve heard London has been really hot recently, or at the very least humid, and there’s no need for that. 

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  4. Woweth added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I don’t think julia cares at all, In situations like this you get the people who genuinely care for the cause and feel passionate about it, and then you have the people like Julia who just want to jump on the band wagon purely because they wanna look good, like they’re such kind, compassionate people. She’s full of shit. What cause has she ever helped? Aside from donating a small percentage to the RSPCA with her albums, WHICH she doesn’t even sell anymore. She’s selfish, and clueless, hiding away in her little bubble with no idea of how the world works. No Julia, just because you have coloured hair and an old wife it does not mean you know how it feels. She’s trying way too hard now to prove ‘she cares’, but don’t be fooled, it’s very similar to what big al is doing right now, pretending to give a shit so people will be distracted by the fact she’s a lying narcissist. Now that I think about it those two would get on very well. 
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  5. Woweth added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Ugh, she’s 62, going on 63, and talks like a 13 year old. I find it cringe enough when young people talk like this, let alone an old woman with mad hair and an inflated ego. Seems kind of weird having shit like this mixed in with her tweets of calling people names, trying too hard to use big words, and insulting trump, kinda gives the vibe of a 14 year old who’s just discovered twitter. I guess that’s why julia is so attracted to her, just like her she acts morbidly childish and can never accept when she’s in the wrong. 

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  6. Woweth added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Yeah.... not my business. I don’t like what I see with Julia and Beverley, and I like to voice that, big part of why I’m on this forum, but I’m not wanting to clash on the matter  of what others on here do with their own animals. That’s not my place to comment, People have conflicting views on how each individual pet should be raised and that’s perfectly fine, but I’m not here to argue about it. 
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  7. Woweth added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I was watching an episode of ‘it’s me or the dog’, and the particular episode was about a bunch of chihuahuas that were treated just like Julia treats Beverley, and so they became super aggressive and territorial as a result of a lack of discipline and training. As soon as I watched it I thought that’s what Julia is gonna have to deal with when the dog is fully grown. This comment on the video sums it up perfectly, it is really sad because chihuahuas make great pets just like any other dog that’s handled with love and care, they just get a bad rep cuz of assholes like Julia who get them solely for the purpose of treating them like a child which fucks them up. 
    On the subject of making a new thread, yeah, probably well overdue by now. It’s refreshing to see just how many people are angered by the horror that is juleen, enough to fill up hundreds of pages worth, just shows people like them don’t go unnoticed for being selfish shits like so many others. 

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  8. Woweth added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Saw this and instantly thought this is the only kind of literature Eileen reads, which would explain her very limited vocabulary unless she has a thesaurus handy, and her constant use of ‘erotic’. Oh yeahhh bois, Mills and Boon lesbian style, for the perverted granny in all of us. 

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  9. Woweth added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I think she still will, she just won’t film the hauls. Every video she’s done with them she’s completely gushing about how sweet they are, and how ‘humbled’ she is to be sent their stuff, those feelings don’t just disappear, at least not with someone like her. She already has more clothes than she’ll ever need, but greed is always blind. 
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  10. Woweth added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I don’t get why she even bothers acknowledging the people who ‘piss her off’. Ignore them or at least try and discuss matters with them like a grown adult, nothing has ever been accomplished by calling people bots and blocking them, just makes you look like an idiot. Also, what the fuck is ‘1%-er’, never have I heard someone say that before, unless it’s about motorcycles,  just when I thought she couldn’t get any more stupid... I’m honestly surprised that she hasn’t gone on a tangent about how Beautiful and erotic black women are with the whole deal going on right now, considering she ALWAYS finds a way to bring it back to sex and perverse, rather than the important matter at hand. Cringe at the fact she still calls her herself an anti-trump activist like it’s a profession, you and half of the world Eileen. 

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  11. Woweth added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Ugh great, looks like Eileen is gonna be on the BBC again, what crap is she gonna spout this time, and I wonder if she’ll change her insta bio for the hundredth time because of it. 

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  12. Woweth added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Saw this on my laptop news feed, and couldn’t help but think The article sounds like something Eileen would write. ‘Republican bots’, oh yeah, sure that wasn’t you Eileen? 

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  13. Woweth added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Kinda confuses me as to how Julia says Youtube is her full time job, but yet she uploads videos like once a week, and they're always older and not up to date. The newest vlog was obviously from at least three weeks ago, how can you be this lazy....ughhh. You have a piss easy job, which allows you to stay at home all day and sleep till noon, but yet you still half ass it. Posted two hours ago and not even 4,000 views yet, big yikes, for someone who's only income is youtube, and some old lady benefits, she doesn't act like it. The vlog is really boring, I was looking forward to the comments but it's all censored, they're obviously taking turns deleting them, most likely for the last two hours. I knew they'd try and overly include Brittney for damage control, and I was right, just another facade. Pisses me off julia is still editing big mama's videos, if she can spend all that time on Twitter she can learn to edit. I couldn't stop from exclaiming in awkward laughter at the clip of Eileen trying to play with brittney in the park, she can barely stand it looks like let alone keep on top of a puppy. I really didn't need her commentary either, that stupid baby voice annoys the fuck outta me.    
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  14. Woweth added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Somehow every time Eileen get's onto the topic of women she always manages to bring it back to discussing their 'sexual nature', like I don't understand how you can give men shit for being predators, and being 'demeaning' to women, when you're literally just as bad. Being a woman does not give a free pass to be a pervert, and no matter how many big words and flattering descriptions you use, it's still creepy and invasive. I can't imagine how gross her messages would have been to Julia when they first started talking, even Julia herself admitted she was too sexually forward. Eileen is just grotesque, she has a platform where she could actually talk about meaningful topics and important matters, but no, she uses it to promote weird sex toys to her underage viewers. She's kinda like those middle aged women that hit up their old classmates on face book trying to sell them essential oils and shit, except it'd be clit suckers that resemble animals.... not weird at all right. No thanks Eileen, maybe if Julia actually wanted to go down on your nasty old fupa you wouldn't need all these sex gadgets, just a thought.  
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  15. Woweth added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Yikes, you can really see the difference in her, the two pictures to the right she just looks tired and dirty, which unsurprisingly she’s with Eileen in those. The other two she was single, at least the top left, and looks so much fresher and happier. I feel so sorry for her poor hair though, with this ‘hair battle’ she must be getting ready to dye it again, no doubt with a full on bleach bath. One day it’s just gonna come off in her hands. 
    Then there’s Eileen on twitter yet again reminding everyone she was ‘young once’ and smoked weed, so cool Eileen, you’re totally down and hip with the kids. 

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