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  1. kana added a post in a topic amndayuian / Amanda Atsumi Alsindy / pretending to be Asian (Amndqq douyin star)   

    She has literally deluded herself into thinking that she is actually hapa. She has such an easy time pretending to be half Japanese because the moment anyone ever questions that she goes apeshit and sends her followers or friends to attack them, saying "Asian has no look ur fucking racist!!" when East Asians, ESPECIALLY Japanese, are incredibly homogeneous..
    Seriously. She always says that "my friends sent me this thread" the moment she's mentioned online, like she wasn't searching herself up..
    What's so fucking crazy is that Hannah is literally half Korean herself... really. Amanda is also surrounded by many, many Asians to appease her fetish and make her feel like she really is Japanese. This reminds me of the whole monotonesoraaa/sky scandal where it was so obvious she wasn't Asian but many Asians still defended her??? turns out it was for the clout, oop! Like, come tf on fellow Asians this shit is embarrassing, stop endorsing it 🤦 Just makes me wonder how far she's manipulated them....
    I'm just surprised a thread wasn't made more recently! there's so many weebs, race fakers, and problematic people it's hard to keep track. Will be updating this thread lots in the near future! I found a lot more info
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  2. kana added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    I'm honestly disappointed that Venus doesn't give a single fuck about privatizing or separating her disordered Onlyfans content. Does she think just because she wanted to be a sex worker when she was in the kindergarten, other children should too?.... I hope her channel gets taken down tbh, it was a good run for what it was.
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  3. kana added a post in a topic amndayuian / Amanda Atsumi Alsindy / pretending to be Asian (Amndqq douyin star)   

    Looks like Amanda is keeping a very close eye on this fourm and is freaking out because it's progressing. She is removing followers daily from her private account, and is NOT allowing more people in.
    but the funny thing is: she's making her friend (apparently) @Hannahkimsolis come here dislike all of our posts. This is the friend who called us retards in the beginning, involving herself in shit that she is not part of. I expect she will come here and WK soon. IK its her friend because she's posted her before. Her instagram is https://www.instagram.com/hannah.kimmyyy/
    Hey Amanda!!!! let's see you try to debunk this
    Notice how she disliked things that aren't true, that users added for discussion. Except mine ofc because what I said is all backed up. Now her and Amanda are going to come here and focus only on the things that are false ( she isn't brazilian, and her empty fan accounts are actually fan accounts, they're made by Chinese people from Douyin who seem to do this kind of stuff alot ) and disregard ALL the facts. Get ready for "ASIAN HAS NO LOOK!11!" dumbass rants when Amanda herself posted her Assyrian AF mother on her own.
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  4. kana added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    she seems so much more confident and looks great candid :(( my heart
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  5. kana added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    this was 4 months ago.
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  6. kana added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    ever heard of the boy who cried wolf? seems like Venus hasn't because she keeps being suicidal and sad then says "u fell for my trap!! i tricked you!". Don't know if this is real or just another one of her gimmicks..
    Has she ever done an ACTUAL livestream where she'd promise she'd do all the shit she said in her OFs? I know she did a couple, but from what I know from PULL, it seems she makes excuse or does do a live stream where she looks disheveled and is having a mental breakdown...sexy much?
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  7. kana added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    her 'fans' making jokes in the comments and not taking her seriously at all.. yeah those fuckers that endorse a mentally ill's manic choices that leave her vulnerable don't give a fuck about her.. who woulda thought?
    (I'm aware it probably wasn't real lol, but what if it was? then what?"
    they could make people feel sorry for her without making her look like she hasn't bathed and was repeatedly beat with a metal bat, bc wtf is this...

    looks like someone held her hostage..although I guess looking this way is her personal choice bc we know she isn't a fan of looking put together and being hygienic.
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  8. kana added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    the frustrating thing is that himari surrounds herself with like minded, horny cunts who don't give a fuck whether she lied or not and are only there for the content and VTUBER culture. they have unwavering loyalty and will continue to support her despite her wrong doings. i'd imagine they'd only stop supporting her if she full on fucking abused them but even then there would be some supporters left. (i am not saying that her former fans are like this, its different)
    the only reason she would ever delete is:
    - can't handle the amount of people calling her out
    - ppl irl know the full extent of her pedophilia
    - decides to rebrand
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  9. kana added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    She thought she was artistic and groundbreaking by hiding her pussy with grapes but now she looks like she has a raging infection... when will she ever learn 🤦
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  10. kana added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    I mixed Haru ? up with someone else. Thank your for pointing that out for me and letting me know!
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  11. kana added a post in a topic amndayuian / Amanda Atsumi Alsindy / pretending to be Asian (Amndqq douyin star)   

                                                                                             DEBUNKING AMANDA #1
    Hello everyone, I've done my research on Assyrians, etc, and this is what I've gathered.
    Assyrians ≠ Arabs. While Assyrians are Middle Eastern, they are not ethnically Arab, or at least they do not present themselves as such. They usually self identify as "Assyrian" and can be found mainly in Iraq, where Amanda is from. Yes, they are from a long gone civilization / empire. Their language is dying, however is not fully dead.
    Assyrians are usually very patriotic people. Pretending to not be Assyrian out of shame or for any other reason is hurtful and seen as a disgrace. The reason they are patriotic is because there are very few of them left, and they are the direct descendants of a very powerful empire: The Assyrian empire, which now ceases to exist. You can imagine that her parents (the very ones who she lies about their race for)would be very, very upset and hurt. 

    Amanda identifies as Arab though? I've seen an Assyrian say that some Assyrians who link Assyrian and Arab together and identify as such are usually 'arabianized' because they feel closer or more connected with Arabian AND Assyrian culture. Nothing wrong with it, may or may not be the most accurate, though? Idk, not my place to speak on it.
    Here is what one of our Assyrian PULL member @Batsy had to say about Amanda:
    this is the worst thing i’ve seen today lol.
    this is just a 100% Assyrian girl whose a weaboo/Koreaboo/east Asian fetishist. Assyrians are not white and they are not Arab, they’re an extremely indigenous minority of middle-eastern/mesopotamian people. Assyrian language is dying but it’s not a dead language. somebody needs to let her mom know what shenanigans she’s pulling online race-faking, so she can get her ass whooped with a slipper.

    i know all this bc i’m Assyrian and she is pure 100% Assyrian. she looks just like my cousins (minus the photos altered with Snow that make her look caucasian af). we’re a dying minority of people who are displaced and scattered worldwide, it breaks my heart to see a young girl be so naive and undermine her own dying heritage and culture. she seems so ignorant. i hate to see one of my own on this site behaving so poorly smh i promise she’s an anomaly. hopefully she grows out of this cringey phase and embraces her own heritage.  
    So, is Amanda white?
    Amanda is not white, she is 100% Assyrian. Her mother is Assyrian as shown by the video she posted to her private account and also photos that were found on Amanda's old, public Facebook. Her father is also Assyrian because her last name for is Alsindy, and she has said multiple times that her father is Assyrian.
    Amanda does look like an average white girl but that is purely because of the filters that she uses. They whiten, brighten, and soften her 'harsher' features. So although these filters do not make her look like 2 different people, it sure does make her look like a different race, and her blue eyes do not help.
    These photos most accurately show what she looks like in real life:
    NOTE: Her hair is dyed. Amanda's hair is naturally light brown. It seems to have darken as she's grown up to just an average brown shade, but it is NOT black as she claims it to be.

     then why does Amanda look white in her photos/videos?
    I don't think Amanda has any reason to alter her photos and make her look more Caucasian other than this one: Douyin.
    This is where she looks White.
    A friend of mine said that as long as you're a foreigner (ESP one with blue eyes, small lips, conventionally attractive, WHITE) you will be popular on Douyin. As we know, Amanda has nearly a million followers on Douyin. (988k but close enough, she lost a lot when she got pink hair? not sure if there's a correlation). When I showed my friend, she said, "It's because she's white". There are quite a few comments on her Douyin asking her to speak Chinese, but of course, she never does, since she doesn't know how to. This is because they're interested seeing a person, especially a foreigner, doing so. (Think 2019-2020 Bart Baker lmao).
    TL;DR: clout.
    Like I said, there are not a lot of Assyrians around and she may or may not have a community in Windsor. (Not sure if I'm allowed to say her city, please let me know if I should remove this). This could mean many things.
    1. Amanda is out of touch for her culture. Because she may not know enough Assyrians, her appreciation for her culture is not there and she has become bored.
    2. Bitch is literally just a fucking Weaboo who said she was Japanese instead of Chinese because she likes anime and she might be called out by Chinese people on her douyin AND ESPECIALLY in real life (Windsor has a lot of Chinese immigrants and the high school Amanda attended is made up of mainly Chinese people)
    PT 2 COMING SOON! whew guys, there's A LOT to tackle. Besides Amanda's race faking, she's overall a shitty person so I'll be addressing the following in my next major comment:
    - Yellow fever
    - Rude behavior
    - Manipulation
    - Ignorance on Japanese culture
    - How she "speaks Chinese"
    Thanks for reading! Please let me know of any of your ideas
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  12. kana added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    Anyway, Venus is 100% doing porn now. There's no fancy way to say it; she's a porn actress, whether good or bad.
    Now it's a matter of how much she's willing to fuck her life up and go with an agency
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  13. kana added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    all of us on mimi's thread rn 💀 btw, do you have any more proof/screenshots of her letting her little brother fondle her? or anything of that nature

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  14. kana added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    Just for the future! if he even does anything lmao.. sorry for being vague!
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