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  1. indiangirl1234 added a post in a topic Offline TV General [ + their friends ]   

    The thing is Beyond fucked, But here's how I make sense of it.
    A simple one-line explanation for that guy's relationship with poki would be "If I can't have her, Nobody can" In which he failed obviously.I believe Poki and fed had a thing not even sexual just he confessing his feelings or some shit like that.. she rejected... might have said let us remain friends. So he planned to cockblock her as much as possible and make her as much depended on him as possible. So he isolated her by shit-talking. A lot of people will agree on this..that guy has a 15-year-old retard High school kid's mindset. That Retard bastard tried to "get it on" with almost all the girls in their circle with these fucking "tactics"... But as far as we know failed every time.We do not have the full story and probably will never have. There must have been a lot of things behind the scene. We must never take things at the face value.And finally, I strongly Believe-->The statement "you guys only know 30% of what he did" Is about the "manipulation" not his creepy ass behavior Or even if it is (which I find hard to believe cause no one has come forward yet..) It is the same shit of him Trying to "get it on". Nothing Serious. If someone is thinking his "Ex-Friend circle" is hiding (let's say for the sake of arguments) actual rape allegations or some shit like that... They are fucking stupid. 70% is about the manipulation of how he fucked over almost all his friends.That guy is a piece of shit... None of these people deserved this. But they also not that innocent and sanctimonious as they are pretending to be.He got the punishment by getting his Life and any prospects about relationships, Carrier destroyed in front of the fucking world. (which in my opinion was way too harsh considering the nature of his actions) 
    Please feel free to inform me where I might be wrong and also add to it how you look at this thing.
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  2. indiangirl1234 added a post in a topic Offline TV General [ + their friends ]   

    The Fed drama is an ongoing OTV related situation...Where the fuck else are we supposed to discuss that shit .. on this platform..If you have issues with that.. take a break.. am sure it will blow over in a week..And pokimane thread was nuked cause it crossed well over 500 pages.. usually new threads are created after 500.
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  3. indiangirl1234 added a post in a topic Offline TV General [ + their friends ]   

    Yesterday after saying she will support him in his recovery.. Today she she says this..
    100% he has done fucked up things we don't know.. FUCK THAT GUY...
    (i don't think this is after moe and kimi statements..cause they don't even give out 100%)
    So, My question is .
    Is this a case of 
    Person A          : I might support him.
    His Ex-friends  : don't. here's what happened.? Here's the 100% data.
    Is there someone feeding people data who might not know 100%. I mean that's .. i don't know what to feel about this..
    What do you guys think.. Is that the case..???  
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  4. indiangirl1234 added a post in a topic Offline TV General [ + their friends ]   

    Hello friends, First Post here cause the Pokimane one got fucking nuked...
    I have been Following the fed situation very very closely (had nothing to do so. followed the drama)
    Some Observations..I have made in last 3 days.. about 
    Migration Pattern of Fed Supporters
    They were defenders at first but gradually became Supporters.
    (Defenders : 'he did nothing wrong' TO Supporters : 'lets hope he gets help and becomes a better person')
    June 28
    NARRATIVE : He did nothing wrong.
    Dominated every platform for complete 24 hours   ---> r/fedmyster + r/Offlinetv +r/lsf + Twitter + Instagram + YouTube comments  
    June 29
    NARRATIVE : He might be a manipulator but not a bad person deep down.. Hope He gets help and comes back.
    After Poki statement  : They took a major hit.. lost r/Offlinetv and also Twitter to some extent They were Still lurking here  --->  r/fedmyster + r/lsf + Twitter             And here still dominating     --->  Instagram + YouTube comments    
    June 30
    NARRATIVE : Almost no change 
    After fuslie statement : They seems to have actually emboldened by her statement : Literally no changeBut sadly r/Fedmyster got locked So,  They were Still lurking here   ---> r/lsf + Twitter and here still dominating        ---> Instagram + YouTube comments July 01
    NARRATIVE : He is been a horrible friend to everyone, but He is Human, Hope He gets help.
    After Moe statement : This is where the most damage has happened.. too many causalitiesWiped from all Reddit almost completely.  Also YouTube seems to have taken a great hit They were Still lurking here..  ---> YouTube comments and here still dominating         ---> Instagram  
    Finally, After the Kimi statement the rep fell a little bit lower but status quo has been maintained.
    only 2 Platforms with some Presence  Instagram + YouTube comments. Surprisingly still dominating Instagram for every hate comment numerous supportive comments..Today actually they made kimi to take down her tweet linking to her twitch saying. 
    In Moe's statement he mentioned "i have talked to a female friend and she is deciding whether to come forward or not " (I don't think he was talking about 'kimi' cause here's was mild stuff same as fuslie and I don't think she knows Moe)
    But, Looking at Moe's Expression that is going to be Something more Serious... So we have to wait for that.
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  5. indiangirl1234 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    It is an Actual fucking news.. What the shit..
    Here goes his twitch channel and any kind of potential job in any related entertainment industry.. or any industry for that matter.. 
    I know a lot of people have a hate boner for that retard motherfucker.
    THIS SHIT IS INSANE.. THAT GUY DID NOT DESERVE THIS.. I don't care what anyways says... fucking hell.
    Hope this helps in his "betterment and personal growth"  fucking people.. I feel tilted.. see you guys in like 10 12 hours.. Fuck.
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  6. indiangirl1234 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Absolute truth..
    What a fucking unfortunate time to run out of those damn upvotes....fuck  👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
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  7. indiangirl1234 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I feel the LCS guy wasn't mentioned cause 
    "grabbing my ass in a Uber, when my boyfriend was there"
    takes far greater precedence and is actually an assault compared to the 
    "Drunkenly Laying in my bed and kissing and holding my hand"
    So If they had mentioned the LCS guy then that would have taken attention away from fed.
    And most importantly... they didn't want the LCS guy to "grow into a better person"
    they also didn't want the LCS guy to "make actual changes in his life"
    also he wasn't there "Close friend"..
    So no point in naming him in front of the fucking world and hate mobs
    and impeding the "Personal growth and betterment" of the Monster that is Fedmyster....
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  8. indiangirl1234 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I ran out of Up-votes so here  👍👍
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  9. indiangirl1234 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I know its against policy to white knight and shit...but
    You are fucking awesome.. Such nuanced, awesome and based in reality points.. I just fucking love it..
    Fuck i don't even have anything to add to this..
    other than that.. You have said everything..and I almost Agree on all your points
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  10. indiangirl1234 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    First of all thank you for looking at it rationally. 
    for 1st para..
    I would implore you to read the statements of Yvonnie and Lily one more time.Nowhere in those statements there is mention of assault harassment or any type thees egregious things.. The VICTIMS know what they have gone through..It will be disingenuous on our part to manipulate that.  I choose to believe the VICTIMS instead of forming my own opinions. I request everyone to do that.for 2nd
    100% he deserved to be kicked out of OTV no doaubt in that.But along with that he is getting his life ruined. Again i will Reiterate  PUNISHMENT MUST FIT THE CRIME. for 3rd
    I think you are taking the bounce back thing very lightly.. Next to impossible to come back from this thing At last I hope he does learn from this.. and repents for his shitty retard actions. 
    Again thank you for looking at it rationally.
    People seem to have Forgotten not to look at things like 100% good 100% bad 
    Life is not that Simple.
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  11. indiangirl1234 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Nobody is  downplaying the girls’ experiences and trying to paint Fed in a more positive light by finding fault in the victims...
    Anyways .. I 100% agree with your second para.. 1000% true and accurate.. Fuck that guy.. he is a fucking retard.. No doubt about it.
    But still not a fucking monster though as some people are portraying him to be.. did not deserve to be publicly executed...
    Fuck I wouldn't be surprised if that fucker ends up killing himself cause of this public humiliation --> AND IT WILL BE 100% OH HIS SHOULDERS... not anybody else's fault just to be clear.
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  12. indiangirl1234 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I would like to take back some of the things i said about poki in the past like she being a bitch to her friends and whatnot..But i stand with all my other Criticisms of her..  
    Thoughts After Poki statement 
    Fed is a fucking stupid ass Manipulator and a horrible horrible horrible friend .He is a fucking retard and a 15 year old kid stuck in an adult body. for all that cock-blocking shit he did (I know retard and manipulating people are contradictory but still for the lack of better word.. have to call him fucking retard).NOW TO THE MAIN ISSUE..
     I THOUGHT this was about #Metoo and how he is a Serial molester..or something..
    We Still have no statements other than that of Yvonne and Lily.. and to be honest at this point he is done and dusted. Anybody can shit on him and people will eat it up.. (His own retardation is to blame for that.) All we got was "just fed things" "being a fucking creep by being in someone else's bed"  STILL NO SERIOUS allegation..and this fuslie shit.. fucking garbage.. absolute garbage. 
    So yeah I am still going to hold my ground but with slight changes

    These are not cases of SEXUAL ABUSE or SEXUAL HARASSMENT or fucking SEXUAL ASSAULT
    These are cases of "Overstepping Personal boundaries".
    This is fucked up..
    Does he deserve his life to be completely torn apart over this in front of the whole fucking world I STILL DON'T THINK SO.
    And Please calling me incel..'fed simp'  is not helpful to you.. I don't mid it.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.. and I think I should be able to state mine also.
    Final thoughts on this.
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  13. indiangirl1234 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    A lot of peope making false accusations.. 
    All the people who being a little bit lenient with fed.. are just looking at it rationally.. 
    Everybody is biased.. if you say no.. you are probably lying.. 
    I am biased towards thinking that Hr is not the monster people are painting him to be.. 
    Some people have already made Up there minds.. thats fine too..
    But tbh.. this shit that.."people showing colors" "fed simps" "Incels" is just not good..
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  14. indiangirl1234 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    you seem to have some personal Vendetta against that guy.. and have already made up your mind.. so hard to talk with you
    But still I implore you to think rationally..
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  15. indiangirl1234 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    what a load of bullshit ..
    make sure women are "careful" around him. 
    what the actual fuck...
    You are making him look like a fucking serial rapist...
    All I have to say is Until further serious allegations come up (I doubt there are any serious allegations)
    I am going to hold my ground.. 
    that this is not a case of SEXUAL ABUSE or SEXUAL HARASSMENT or fucking SEXUAL ASSAULT
    This is a case of "Overstepping Personal boundaries"
    Is that fucked up Yes
    does he deserve his life to be completely torn apart over this ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT
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