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  1. Funnybunny added a post in a topic Ashe Maree AKA kittenisodd   

    You guys just ruined my reputation. -18 now from +4? Wow, you guys are total assholes. My comment wasn't a big deal and it was very true (do you guys have small morals too, maybe that's why?). Oh wait, I remembered this is a gossip site and only losers who wish they were their idols they gossip about, go on here to b*tch. You're on a level that's even lower than these "pretty ugly little liars" you gossip about and get off to.
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  2. Funnybunny added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    Is that supposed to be kawaii desu?
    I couldn't stand wearing some bulky thing on my wrist like that, it would be really bothersome.
    Not to mention, it looks like something I'd find at Goodwill or my local thrift store. At first look...i'm like...what even..? She's aging pretty quickly..
    What happened to all your kawaii uguu~ pictures, Dako?
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  3. Funnybunny added a post in a topic Ashe Maree AKA kittenisodd   

    I don't understand why I got so many thumbs down. I was just stating my opinion, which isn't far off from the truth. The truth is, the sex industry is disgusting and no one should be a part of it. But it does, because of business....just like the meat factories that abuse their animals and yet we still eat chicken, cow, pig. Why don't you guys understand that objectification and exploitation IS wrong, no matter what you say?
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  4. Funnybunny added a post in a topic Ashe Maree AKA kittenisodd   

    The video is really sad. What she is doing is kind of sad, and a bit gross. She's basically a prostitute on the internet that men get off to, and "nude cam model" is a more nicer name to hide behind. But hey, business makes money for satan and one must do anything to get it, even if it means going beyond one's moral values.
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  5. Funnybunny added a post in a topic Taylor R General Discussion Thread   

    100k income is way too much to give her credit for though. And keep in mind that she doesn't do the big buck jobs (movie and tv show jobs) every month so the money can't be spread equally for all months. Maybe some months she has very little extra money to spend, and other months she can spend a bit more (like in the vlog where she went to that really peaceful and expensive hotel). I'd say she makes the equivalent of $75,000 a year in Japan, just enough to keep anyone happy and go out to eat at restaurants a couple times a month, but not so much that you can overspend or buy expensive, luxurious stuff (look at the ugly clothes she has been buying...and she doesn't spend much on nice furniture, she likes to buy cheap plastic stuff a lot..). She is not a supermodel or famous either, she's an exceptionally average "pretty girl" model, and she's like 23 or something, correct me if i'm wrong? I think she's even more famous than dakota, she has thousands of followers in the triple digits. 
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  6. Funnybunny added a post in a topic Taylor R General Discussion Thread   

    That's a lot of money for just looks (being born pretty) and standing in front of a camera (posing becomes second nature). 
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  7. Funnybunny added a post in a topic Jess Woods / MoonPrincessJess   

    I just looked at her instagram and I think she's cool. She has her own beautiful garden and grows vegetables, and flowers for herb-making? That's amazing
    The strange thing is, I don't get why she never shows her full face in pictures?
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  8. Funnybunny added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    It looks like someone smashed her face in, and the result was the on the left. Everything on her face looks sunken in and smaller, less cat-faced or doll-like looking
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  9. Funnybunny added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    OMG. That's probably one of her worst shopped looks sooo unreal. It actually looks like she's wearing a mask
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  10. Funnybunny added a post in a topic Frill-Ability (Ellejay/Helljay)   

    She's a lesbian, drug addict, attention seeker, AND a muslim? I don't understand this, how can she do all of that, and still worship God? 
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  11. Funnybunny added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    On the left picture, you can barely see any over lining of the lip, giving the impression that her lips are larger and broader on her face than they actually are. Plus, she takes pictures close to her face which makes her jaw line and chin look small and petite, but in normal pictures taken in the light, you can clearly see that her jawline and chin are actually wide because the shadows clearly defines them. She also has strong nasolabial lines (they go from the nose to the sides of the mouth) that are much more apparent in normal pictures. This reveals her lying and purposefully deceitful nature, because she does not actually look like a doll in her instagram pictures, just pretending to be one. I've never seen someone who looks like an innocent doll like on the left picture.
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  12. Funnybunny added a post in a topic Kotaclone   

    It is so obvious that she is using makeup to make her eyebags stand out more, but it just makes her look creepy or like a cosmetic surgery mistake. And seriously, what is up with her cheek/jaw? It looks really fat like taytay's, I think she is going for the infamous "squirrel" look.
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  13. Funnybunny added a post in a topic Kotaclone   

    She doesn't look very dollish to me, she looks "normal" is the best word I can think of. it's definitely something to do with her eyes. Plus, her nose and chin/jaw is quite wide, which you can obviously tell in her videos, because she photoshops her pictures to look like kooty and taytay.
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  14. Funnybunny added a post in a topic zombiephobiac (Десислaвa Добревa)   

    I don't really like her, she naturally comes off as b*tchy and rude. She seems to radiate her deep insecurities towards others.
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  15. Funnybunny added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    She actually looks normal in this picture, and much better looking.
    She overdraws her lips TO THE MAX, it's actually kind of creepy. I wonder if its because of her insecurities, or just a long "phase" she's gone into
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