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  1. Agni added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    I can't believe I watched every single video lol. 1 hour and 20 minutes of Stories and I've counted like 7 promotional-related Stories, 4 in which she's singing and only 1 interacting with fans - which was pretty weird because she was tarot reading (? Idk how to say this) a follower. The rest are her just checking herself out, sometimes with a fake deep text, sometimes with an emoji, and a pair with her dog.
    The one in which she appears with her dog (Minnie?) on her lap and you can just tell she's trying so hard to no look at herself made me cackle out loud. And there is another one in which she's laughing way too loudly in her (I assume) front door while she grabs a boy's neck... think how weird is that - she waited for him with the Instagram app ready to record, grabbed him, gave a witch laugh and abruptly cut the video. No idea who this boy is, but I'm 99% sure he isn't a public figure. Maybe he's the person she's sharing the rent with? It didn't look like he wanted to be recorded.
    Oooh, and the one in which she's in front of a mirror doing weird movements with her legs with a text (paraphrasing), "This is how I'm feeling about life"... It gives me ~quirky girl tiktoker~ vibes tbh.
    I do like the ones in which she dances. But overall she just gives such a forced perfect whimsical persona. I understand if you're feeling pretty one day and you decide to show yourself off to your followers. But every single day? For some years now? And shoving the camera into your friends' face when they're distracted and look weird and then zoom back to you, perfectly posing? She always has the perfect clothes, makeup, hairstyle, lighting, location... So much for being human and imperfect lol. She looks and feels so calculated. She's hard to work with, but I can't even imagine living with her.
    Anyways, does anybody know what happened to her other dog? She did have two bulldogs, right? The only that has appeared these last two years is the white one.
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  2. Agni added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    Off-topic, but yesterday I stumbled upon this youtube channel that has uploaded lots of her Instagram Stories and I don't know if it's just me, but I find it extremely weird how she's checking herself out in literally 97% of them. She looks at herself (not at the camera, at her face) and makes a pouty/open-mouthed/distant look face and maybe has some old, vintage song playing in the background. If she's feeling creative she adds an emoji.
    There's one from this year in which she's in her Highschool Sweethearts costume with her back to the camera and next to it it's written "Nov 14, 2018" - what's the point in this Storie? Is it supposed to be the day she got the costume done? The day she recorded the music video? I don't get it. There's another one from this year too in which she's just doing weird, non-sensical movements with her hand...? She has the perfect opportunity to interact with her fans now that she's not touring and yet all she does is this Tik Tok-esque shit.
    But yea, most of them are just her face while she does some weird move to be seen as ~quirky~, I'm guessing. You'd think that at the rate she uploads Stories (the biggest gap this year was of 8 days) she could upload one with her boyfriend or something. He does upload quite the Stories with or about her.
    The ones where she's with friends (which are very, very little and has always been like that) she always does some eccentric move and throws a fake high pitched laugh in.
    And don't get me started in the promotional Stories she did for Play Date - she's never had that baby voice, ever. If anything she has kind of a deep voice. No wonders she's fucking it up if she's not only singing but also talking like that.
    She reminds me a lot of Amerblynn Reid with all these narcissistic tendencies she has.
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  3. Agni added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    She and her fanbase honestly believe that she is innovative and special. But she is not. You could find thousands and thousands of people like her on Tumblr way before she debuted on The Voice. Split hair, pastel clothing, vintage toys... nothing new. She takes herself way too seriously and thinks she's smarter than everyone. There are videos of her in 2013-2015 fooling around with friends and fans where she came off as genuine, now she's just a condescending woman with a ~whimsical~ and ~deep~ mask put on. I haven't seen her interact kindly with fans in literally years. And yet she preaches that she loves her Cry Babies uwu. No wonder all the fans she has left are kids, the older ones could see through her bullshit or have grown her out.
    I feel like the fact that she gained fame quite fast during the Dollhouse EP got to her head and now the only thing she's after is more fame and the Grammy. Too bad she'll never have any of both as she has not only become more immature, but she has also musically alienated herself so much that only a small demographic (that is only getting smaller and smaller) will listen to her. She'll never stop with the Cry Baby story because it makes her feel special and deep. She's just too thick to understand that people will get tired of listening to the same shit and having to wait for it for 4 years. She'll eventually die down and it'll all be her fault. Her songwriting skills don't help either. Most of her lyrics make no sense and are filled with curses. I've seen better on Tumblr.
    In short, she's the embodiment of r/im14andthisisdeep and r/notlikeothergirls.
    And I agree that Globelamp deserves a thread.
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  4. Agni added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    No, she has never sung Piggyback live. And yeah, her comments on any social media are full of like 10-year-old kids talking to her as if she was a poor baby uwu and not a grown-ass woman. She's had 4 full years to recover and practice and yet all she has done is release a repetitive album along with a terrible movie and she's already fucked up her voice again. She doesn't need a break, she needs to learn how to do her job. And honestly, the way she and her fans write irks me so much. All full of 🥺✨💖🌙 and ~*Sending love & light*~... It just screams fakeness to me. 
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  5. Agni added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    It baffles me how she hasn't learned from what happened to her voice in late 2016, only that back then she had been touring for a whole year. Now she's been touring for like 4 months and she has already lost her voice. So much for a vocal coach. What she should do is stop singing in that fake forced baby voice and learn proper breathing techniques because she's gonna end up damaging her voice permanently. I genuinely don't understand if she's thick as bricks or just doesn't care about her career...?
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  6. Agni added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    My friend attended the Frankfurt concert and sent me a video of Melanie singing Copy Cat and it was terrible. So I decided to watch other of her concerts on youtube to see if it was just this one but nope, they're all the same: her voice sounds hoarse and breaks very often. It isn't because of sickness, she just sings incorrectly and it's fucking up her vocal cords. Either her coach isn't doing their best job or she just doesn't care. At this point she's just gonna damage her voice permanently.
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