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  1. mikudoll added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    its all over twitter now, a bunch of vtubers are posting and she is rapidly losing followers !!! hopefully this is the end,,, and i really really hope her brother is safe hhh
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  2. mikudoll added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    yeah she would also use that to claim we are harrassing her family nd stuff, it just seems like a bad idea at this time..
    on a better note more ppl have retweeted and mimi is losing followers rapidly !! hopefully we can put an end to her now 
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  3. mikudoll added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    we have tried getting in contact w several authorities abt this bc just as u said, it is really worrying esp knowing how mimi is. we haven't really heard anything back but hopefully there will at least be an investigation started, i do hope her brother is safe. i'm not sure if her parents know she does this or if they allow it
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  4. mikudoll added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    actually her ex confirmed she never even finished persona or got to the part where futaba was introduced oops mimi only kins popular cute anime girls and then drops them once the hype dies down
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  5. mikudoll added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    honestly senzawa isnt all that great, sexualising her fake loli voice irk belle is also problematic herself so it is a combo 
    ngl i actually preferred the parts where belle "rapped" over senzawas high pitched squealing, i think without the subtitles i prob wouldnt understand half the song kek
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  6. mikudoll added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    mimi kins himari from penguin drum too oops, she literally has so many kins that she doesnt even know, she literally said her ultimate kin was futaba from persona 5 yet she hadnt even played the game to where u meet her LOL i wouldnt be surprised if she only kins himari from penguindrum to fit her cute "nice little girl that loves penguins" style
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  7. mikudoll added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    im pretty sure thats bc she kins himari from penguin drum kek ive never watched penguindrum but i dont think the protag ever emotionally abused and took sexual advantage of her 3 years younger than her ex 
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  8. mikudoll added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    i can belittle u and talk down to u like ur a peasant but...d-dont say anything mean to me or i will cry and send all my WK's after u.....
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  9. mikudoll added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    yeah its really strange, it kind of feels like she is trying to play this dominatrix act or something LMAO like how she acts like she is above everyone else while also trying to be hehe uwu cutesy girl ??? what even is her oc like neko, maid, princess, devil like pls pick one u cant be all of that its just a whole mess honestly. Her character is also such an obvious ripoff of chocola from nekopara (iirk game abt exploiting minors) 
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  10. mikudoll added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    The thread has been cleaned and now has all the information that is on the doc, please check it out!! As i said earlier it was very outdated earlier due to the fact it was sent for approval April 16th, way before we got into contact with old friends and created the doc. However the entire starting point has been changed and I hope this is better!
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  11. mikudoll added a post in a topic idolmimi/himepen/himeidol   

    I actually am one of the people that helped with the doc, the thread here was made a long time before the doc and all the info we currently have was available, I have fixed it now so u can read it all if u want !! It's the actual doc so if you already have read the doc it's not really any new information, however i encourage everyone to read through the new post as me and several others worked very hard on gathering all of this and hopefully we can put an end to mika for good now!! 
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  12. mikudoll added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    hi i started the thread, the thread was sent for approval before we got into contact with the people who helped provide a lot of the information on the doc !! as u can see the thread was posted on april 16th so its pretty outdated yeah, but me and the others who helped create the doc are honestly just happy it got approved LOL at the time the thread was created we didnt have much on her but requests ab a seperate thread for her were alr there, we are planning on adding the information in the replies !! 
    im devllcake btw in case anyone is confused as to who i am in all of this LOLOL 
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  13. mikudoll added a topic in Online Personalities   

    “Idol Mimi/himari”, real name ‘Micahaela’, but also known as imovto, idolkitten, miminyan, lulu, yukinesgf, hanwako, vampyloli, pettanko, navinene, tsunIRL, petloli, loli-nurse, and many other names, is an 18 year old twitch streamer who claims to be the “IRL Futaba Sakura”, as well as having the vtuber persona “Himari Himipen”. She has gained quite a large fanbase, and this document serves to let those who support her be aware of who they are supporting.    
     NOTE: Please dm @petidol on twitter or check earlier tweets made on the account for higher quality screenshots/clarification on statements. All messages on this document have had the appropriate context provided. 
     DISCLAIMER: All screenshots and statements included have been taken from ex-friends of Mimi. Do not attack or harass any of the individuals mentioned in this document. This document is made purely to inform people and the community as to the interactions people have had with this individual, and for the viewers to form their own opinions regarding it. Do not harass/attack people who were/are involved with her, as the majority of them are still minors or those unaware of her activity. 
     None of this has been brought to a court of law and all accusations of illegal activity have been reported online and are pending investigation.
     This document is not meant to kinkshame ddlg, or any other adult sexual interaction, but to shame the use of it as an excuse for pedophilic action involving minors. Minors should not be sexually involved or exploited in any way online as they are seen here.
    Mika often associates herself with the term ‘loli’, as shown by her numerous social media accounts with ‘loli’ in the username or asking others to refer to her as a loli.

    (A screenshot of https://pengin.carrd.co, her carrd that was found via her linktree @idolkitten, and a screenshot of her discord and the accounts linked, including her Spotify account named ‘loli-milk’. Check twitter for proof the accounts are hers.)

    (A screenshot of her old instagram username, vampyloli, and old twitter handle @tsunIRL)
     “Fictionkins” characters such as Touka Nijou, an underaged character in a Henreader doujin. She has stated that it’s only because she found the character cute, but still posts the name of the doujin without seeming to see any issue with it)

    (A screenshot of her carrd, https://pengin.carrd.co, and the MAL title of the manga. Her kinning this character is also shown on her most recent carrd, https://toilet-kun.carrd.co)
     Claims to not use the word ‘loli’ sexually, stating that in her ‘culture’ (Japanese) it’s alright to use the word. However, she has admitted herself to lying about being half Japanese. Also has a NSFW instagram account, with pictures of nude lolis on it, which will be brought up later.
    “Loli refers to the Japanese discourse or media pertaining to the attraction of young looking cute girls that blend slightly erotic characteristics to form this intriguing sub culture.” She tries to deny such definitions by bringing up "her culture" and refuses to acknowledge how problematic lolicon is.

    (A screenshot from her tellonym, @pettanko, and her older tellonym account, @shinobu)

    (Screenshots from an ex-friends’ discord dms, as well as statements she’s made in the streamer Sykkuno’s public server)

    (A screenshot from dms between one of the expose accounts and Mika, her stating that she is only part japanese, if the math is done this makes her less than 12%, being generous since her statement didn’t mathematically add up)
     However, she had the contradictory statement of “Don’t call me a loli” on her twitch page. She’ll presumably add it later, as she’s updating her panels right now.

     To get into the topic of Mika’s NSFW instagram account, here is a statement and explanation from one of Mika’s close ex-friends:
    About Instagram Lolicon NSFW
    You may notice her instagram isn’t tagged in her social media- and that’s because that’s where this exposé begins. Her first account, the biggest and most official was @idolkitten where she would post cosplays and outfit ideas. Her aesthetic and fashion garnered a rather sizable following. Here are some examples from that account, before she removed all her posts from it. As well as proof before she changed all her usernames. 

     Username change for twitch:

     Now if you look at her instagram “idolkitten” nothing is really out of the ordinary besides the lack of posts right now. That’s until you look at who she, and her friends follow. Pay careful attention to the user “idolkitten” and “calasdick”. She already partially leaked her old accounts in a 2018 discord dm, however, since those were all abandoned and had pfps removed- we’re going to be seeking to prove that she does certifiably have more than just “one account” as she previously stated.
     As an individual who was friends with her, (friends on insta, twt, and discord) I’m able to see what mutuals follow which accounts. Which I’ll be using to my advantage today. 
     So calasdick and idolkitten are mutuals, that’s for certain:

    I know this because I was friends with her, her ex, and knew her friends to some extent. I was closest with mimi. Oh, but also this guy is important later on:
    Now we can look at the accounts idolkitten follows- and her mutuals follow. Get ready because this is a long one. By the way, reader, (vaiku) was her ex. Keep in mind he’s still very much a minor right now, but also testifies that these ARE her accounts.

     Posts from hanwako proving they belong to mimi:

    Remember reinnxddd from before? More proof @hanwako is her account. Besides the obvious dox statement, which was only brought about because people knew vaiku and what she made him do, and how much mimi has been abusive to others- they wanted mimi to get off the platform. Also mimi’s parents’ names have never been leaked publicly on any of the accounts run by people making this document- nor has her sibling’s name been leaked. The reasons people within this document had those names- is because they were close friends to her. And they were never used maliciously or to spread any information that could harm her.
     However, mentions of illegal activity involving mimi has been reported to the authorities online via cyber tiplines and is pending investigation.
     Regarding the accounts she claimed to not have, however I continued to dig, 
    And it leads us to this, which her Ex and her "brattyidol" acct follow. Warning, lolicon.

     Video where I click around these different accts, (ignore idolbwat, which is a mutual, but if you pay attention vaikuu and calasdick who are mutuals of hers follow her on all these same accounts she runs. Vaikuu (her ex) confirms that the accounts listed above are her accounts.)
     If imovto “isn’t her account”, why does she and her ex follow an account that promotes MINOR nsfw? Keep in mind her ex was 13-14 while they were dating. She was around 16-17 (18 now). And she encouraged he do sexual acts via online (images,calls,erp).
     For full transparency purposes, it will be noted that she didn't know he was 13 at the beginning of the relationship, and she was told of his age as soon as he turned 14 (abt 6 months in). But- she chose to continue the relationship sexually with him despite being told that she should not. Defending herself by stating that "he was a boy". Even knowing this was wrong she continued to pressure him into sexual activity. 
    Again, it is not illegal to date, it may be morally questionable but she could have dated him without pressuring into sexual activity, or enabling it- knowing it was not okay.
     You’ll see that some of her pfps are lolicon characters. Who she “kins” by the way. I don’t recommend searching it up but if you need to for proof- go ahead and do so. This screencap was from her carrd.co site. She has also lied extensively about her involvement with these accounts, despite following them, having her mutuals follow them, and talking about her/her personal life on them.
     Though I avoid mentioning my personal feelings on it all: This situation is very personal to me, as I was friends with Marco before this all happened. And I shouldn't have trusted Mimi to stop being sexually active with him/abusive with him even though she knew it wasn't legal. She chose to continue despite warning, and was hurtful and manipulative in a way that will forever remain with him.
     This is the end of the statement.
    Toxicity and Extreme Jealousy

    This is a dm from one of Mika’s ‘friends’, in which she states she’s often jealous when it comes to her and her ex’s relationship. The hypocrisy of this statement will be discussed later, in “Cheating”.
    For context: These dms surround an event in which one of her ex’s friends asked for chemistry homework help. The friend got upset when she felt he was distracted while giving help, and blocked him. He had a conversation with Mika about the event, in which she insulted the friend and showed no sympathy, despite claiming to have severe depression herself. 
    During conversations with her friends about the event, she lies about the details, claiming that the friend wanted him to do a project for her, whereas the friend just asked for help to understand a previous lesson.
     Considering Mika’s denial around this event, where she states that this specific screenshot has been faked, a larger higher quality screenshot will be provided below.



     (Screenshots go from left to right, Mika having a conversation in discord dms with her ex and her close friend about the event)
     Death Threats

    (Screenshots are from her private instagram account, hanwako)
     Mika has made multiple death threats on her private instagram account hanwako, to those she had issues with, and those who have created exposé threads and posts about her. This is a stark contrast from the cute, pure and innocent person she portrays herself to be.
    This is where the hypocrisy of her jealousy towards other girls comes in. These screenshots are from dms with a male ‘friend’, in which she initiates a sexual conversation while she was dating her boyfriend at the time. She also sent lewd photos, in which her underwear was fully showing.
    Cheating is not always just physical, especially when it comes to online relationships such as the one between Mika and her ex. 
    It hasn’t been confirmed exactly how many times she's cheated, but it’s estimated to be about 3 times, and this is just with the evidence gathered. Often it would be explicit content she would send to these people or request from them.

    (Screenshots are from dms with a male friend, making sexual remarks and going behind her ex’s back to ensure he didn’t know she was talking to this friend. This was while Mika and her ex were still in a relationship.)

    When confronted by a close friend, Mika stated that she hadn’t been talking to anyone else. 
    However, Mika’s ex has stated that she would often obsessively talk about the streamer Sykkuno to him while they were dating. When he politely asked Mika to stop referring to Sykkuno as “Senpai”, the conversation quickly turned sour as Mika manipulated the conversation and gaslighted, manipulated, and shamed her ex into apologizing for bringing it up.


    Fraud and Scamming

    This is a conversation between one of the owners of an exposé account, and a former fan and supporter of Mika when she did not have her vtuber persona yet. The person states that Mika guilt-tripped them into donating money to her, saying it was for her college funds or for her brother. 
    However, she bought gaming equipment/anime figures/cosplay using the money, and continues to use the donations from her streams in this manner, despite claiming not so long ago that these donations were needed for serious matters such as moving out of her abusive family. This is fraud, and is illegal.

    Mika’s now deleted Depop is flooded with her buying items for cheap and reselling them at a much higher price. While this practice isn’t uncommon on the app, it is not respected in the community as the community encourages buying second hand rather than cheap mass produced products. Many accounts who do this are often left with poor reviews once they are found out. She tended to sell items for at least twice their original price, and even claimed sometimes that the items sold were a ‘bargain’.

    Mika told the same male friend mentioned in “Cheating” that she passed out on New Year’s 2019, due to ‘forgetting to eat’. However, her ex has stated that this was just because she consumed alcohol that night, which caused her to pass out. 
    Ex friends of Mika have stated she would often heavily hint towards having an eating disorder, despite multiple of her symptoms and the severity of this disorder not adding up. For example, she would say she passed out frequently and vomited blood, but was still able to competitively dance multiple hours a day. She also posted photos of her fast food lunches on her facebook and twitter, which is uncommon for those with eating disorders.
    For more detail, please see her ex friend’s statement: Statement
    After speaking to multiple people who have struggled with eating disorders, many of them have stated that it’s possible Mika used the topic of an eating disorder to gain sympathy from others, when considering the facts she has consistently lied to everyone around her and that multiple of her symptoms conflicted with her day to day life.



    A conversation between two of Mika’s close friends. One of Mika’s other close friends sent a snapchat message to the friend censored in blue, and claimed that Mika’s mother had told them the information. (Mika has not mentioned being diabetic.)

    Please read the interaction between her friends, and make your own conclusions about the validity of Mika’s hospital situation. This document will not make a statement of whether these claims were valid or not. That is up for you to decide.
    Predatory Behavior
    Mika has participated in multiple e-roleplaying sessions with her ex boyfriend, when he was 14 and she was 16-17. She was aware of his age, and initiated these sessions, in which her ex was “Otochan”, referring to the Japanese word for little brother, “Ototo”. When he told her he felt uncomfortable with it, she brushed away his concerns.

     "Mairi" is the combination of her ex boyfriends first name and her middle name, and was the name she put on her tellonym as the name she'd want to give her child.
     Mika has admitted to having a ‘big brother complex’, and being into incest. 

    This leads to her most problematic (and illegal) predatory behavior known as of now. Mika has taken extremely inappropriate NSFW ‘lewd’ photos in 2018 with her naked chest exposed and her younger brother, who is 8 years old, leaning on her thigh. She is wearing the same pajamas and the same filter as her brother in the photo of her face. She has sent these photos to multiple friends. Which is not only distributing child pornography to minors, but child pornography involving multiple minors. The image is cropped and her brother’s face is censored to protect his privacy & safety, but the full image has been reported to the authorities via cyber tiplines.
     When confronted about this photo by a close friend, she admits it is real.

    In a statement made by her ex boyfriend, he states that she let her younger brother grope her inappropriately, even in videos.

    This behavior is not only extremely inappropriate between siblings, but because she has admitted she has an incest fetish and has roleplayed with her ex with him roleplaying as a younger brother, this brings a need for concern for his safety at home. Mika should be a role model for her brother, instead of doing such horribly inappropriate things. He is just a kid, and he may grow up with a flawed and inappropriate view of what a healthy relationship is between siblings, and think it is alright to touch others in such a way, because his sister allows and promotes this behavior.
    Excuses and Defense
    Mika claims that in order to get these photos and information (such as location) about her, people have been “doxxing her, invading her privacy, and stalking her family members.“
    However, no doxxing has taken place. Her full name was revealed, but her full name, facebook, and photographs of her were already previously easily accessible by a simple google search.
    She has said to her friends she believes ‘hacking’ of her ICloud or phone had taken place. It did not. All photographs and videos of her were easily accessible on her public facebook, talent agency websites, or youtube.
    Nobody associated with this document has stalked her family. Their full names and faces were posted on her public facebook page, and their pages were public as well. These were used to report her to the authorities, not to harass her.
    Nobody associated with this document has ever harassed vtubers or friends for not believing them, nor threatened to dox them.
    Mika has given information about herself on her public twitter that can make it very easy to find her facebook, such as posting her dance awards and specifics of the event, which could be traced back to the event and her facebook page.
    Nobody associated with this document has tried to find or has in possession her phone number, personal email, or home address, besides close friends she has given these to.
    Mika has posted her city on her public depop page.
    Recent Twitlonger
    Please read my response to her twitlonger: Mika's twitlonger
     Here is a statement from the same ex friend in “Lolicon”, about Mika’s defense:
     Mika said she’s tried to apologize but I have not seen ONE formal apology to her fanbase. I even asked her to prove it to me to save our friendship. To just prove that she didn’t do this… to just show me. 
    Over the course of the call I showed her screenshots, upon screenshots, confronting her, asking her for proof.

     But I didn’t get a single screenshot of disproof. Just her saying, “it’s not me, they’re lying, it’s out of context”. But to me, sending child porn, or involving minors sexually in any capacity?
     That is not “out of context”. And that’s when I felt something should be done.
      So, here I am. I’m putting my name on the line for this one. Keep in mind we are the same age, were friends on twitch, and off of it.
     I was there to help her when she started her twitch journey, and right now I don’t think it’s right for her to continue when she only lies to the people who trust her most. My only regret is not being able to have protected Vaiku and all those involved in the making of this document, but hopefully with the release of this- we can prevent anyone else from being hurt by her again.
     End of statement.
    Streaming Persona
    Mika has only recently rebranded and expressed interest in a vtuber, possibly to use the excuses that come with it to her advantage. She can easily manipulate her fans into continuing to support her despite all of the things she has done, and will most likely continue to do. Another possible reason she rebranded is to escape her old alias, “Idolmimi”, and go as “Himari”, as there is gossip on the internet with her old name. She continues to change her social media usernames to avoid things being said about her. 
     It’s easy to excuse her actions and to continue supporting her by stating that her vtuber persona is different from who she is as a person, hence the argument of “separating the artist from the art.”. However, by continuing to support her streams, you end up supporting Mika herself and enabling her to manipulate others using this power, both financially and emotionally. This document serves only to inform her viewers on who they are supporting, as the decision whether to support her or not ultimately relies on you, the reader. 
     If you have not, please read the statements those close to her have made: 
    Statement 1
    Statement 2
    Statement 3
    Statement 4
     Thank you for reading.
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  14. mikudoll added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    she posted a vid of her singing
    with absolutely 0 credit to the artist, not even a lazy credit to the artist. Unless the artist has verbally stated she is allowed to use this work for (what im guessing) a monetized video without direct credit, this is illegal and considered a crime. Currently im trying to track down the original artist and ask, esp seeing how low quality it is in the video. if u have any idea of who made it or can help dont b afraid to contact !!
    also not at how her japanese is quite bad and the voice is...she also deletes any comments criticising her or not sucking up to her LUL
    my native japanese friend said if she tried speaking like that in Japan she would prob get bullied LMAO
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  15. mikudoll added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    bruh billy is like diamond she just too heavy LMFAOOO idk how she can be this bad since she claims shes played since season 7 LUL
    maybe they cant carry her bc they r too busy simping their dicks off
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