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  1. mikudoll added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    yeah my friend did the math, if her grandmother is half japanese that makes mimi 1/8th japanese which is around 12% LOOL, nd yeah she whitewashes herself a lot
    another thing my friends have brought up how they dislike the anime for toilet bound hanako-kun, both his voice and the animation which is their personal opinion however when they stated this the server started attacking them saying "nobody asked for your opinion"

    radish legs is mimi
    if u dare say anything bad abt the anime u get harrassed by several members and mimi pulls a pity card "you're hurting my feelings" LOL

    "Did she not address the voice or height situation?"
    she claims her voice is that pitch because she is "shy" which makes no sense at all LMAOO she hasn't commented on the height tho kek
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  2. mikudoll added a post in a topic General "Loli" e-girls (Aka uwutubers)   

    i knew her before, me and her ex used to be really close before he started dating her but then after that she told him he wasn't allowed to talk to me anymore (LOL??) and had him block me then proceeded to attack me in dms

    now i did say some rude things to her as well so a couple weeks later i tried to apologise only to be left on read
    She also used the "if u leave me i'll commit suicide" so threatening with suicide is nothing new to her at all. Her ex talked about it and how crappy he felt but he also was affected by that.
    Another point to bring up is how her ex was 13 when they started dating, she was 16. She had him do ddlg with her and called him daddy/nii, 13 year old btw!! He did say he was 15 however i asked and nope, she knew.
    She preaches being nice and wtev but her server has so many toxic people that not once get told off for their behaviour. I was talking about how something is a slur and one member continued to then say "who cares if its a slur" and called someone it, he deleted it shortly after but it still happened. Same person has also told my friend to kill herself over something trivial like her saying she preferred the manga over the anime LMAO however since he is subscribed to her twitch and whiteknights her he can do wtev he wants. The members also attacked me when i asked if she was japanese and could help me with learning it because u should "learn it yourself and get ur own help" ???
    Obviously i am not the only person she has been rude/toxic too and most likely not the last. The twitter account quit because she apologised,
    However i tried to apologise to her and get closure abt the whole situation only to be left on seen and ignored. I think it's clear that she won't be changing anytime soon nor stopping this whole fake persona she has nor will she quit being toxic, she has a whole gang of whiteknights that will do anything to defend this girl and despite that she has hurt so many people they feel afraid to come out about it which is honestly really sad tbh.
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