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  1. House added a post in a topic Bananaman   

    Don't think it's Wylo, the account sounds like a troll. Fakeufakeu had a similar style of writing, the tone is very obviously sarcastic haha 
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  2. House added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    Do y'all think she'll come back and be all like "I felt bad because of all the hate and bullying but be yourself xoxoxo haters made me do this but I'm back" or something?
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  3. House added a post in a topic Sheslulu   

    I'm not a fan of the brows, they look very artificial, but that's just my personal opinion.
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  4. House added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    I thought my fish died years ago... but here it is!!! 
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  5. House added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon   

    I think I love you. Just for this sarcasm.
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  6. House added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon   

    I celebrate every time something is good enough to make YandereDev whine like a little bitch that he is

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  7. House added a post in a topic Unprettiest/tisuebox   

    You know what? Because she is 17 she has enough of a mind to know what will get her into shit. So because she's young it's okay to actively bully someone? It's fucking annoying when people baby teenagers. You know, because of the "oh but they're only [insert arbitrary number]-teen, it's what they do!!!" attitude teenagers do not get to have a proper voice. Stop excusing shitty behaviour.
    This is a generation that honestly cannot take responsibility for its actions. If you do something shitty instead of actually apologising, you do what, whine that you're only young and make mistakes?
    That is no fucking apology.
    So stop fucking excusing people for their shitty behaviour based on age. Stop babying. Because of shit like that young people don't even learn to take responsibility for their actions, apologise like decent humans, and instead just wait until the issue dies down to say "oh but it was long ago" only to repeat the same shitty behaviour again and do the same thing over and over.
    And before you tell me since I'm "older" it's easy for me to say, I am not very far off her age. And at 17 I knew how to take responsibility. People didn't have to baby me over my shitty behaviour, I had to own up and repair the damage; not whine and be aggressive over the internet. And I did that at 16. 15. Even fucking 14. 
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  8. House added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon   

    Do you think the subreddit was legitimately hacked or did they just guess Eva's password? Can reddit be hacked in any way?
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  9. House added a post in a topic Unprettiest/tisuebox   

    I find it hilarious how aggressive they try to be in their posts. They keep trying to desperately scream out paragraphs why she doesn't deserve a thread, which in turn makes her even more deserving of a thread.
    Drop the attitude and this thread will die, you're not that interesting anyway, tisuebox

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  10. House added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    I find it stupid how she made it about race. There are Asian girls wearing the same clothes she is describing and they look good. Furthermore, I think that some Asian beauty standards are much more extreme than Western ones. In Korea pretty much all celebrities are very thin and it's difficult to even find any clothes at all for a thicker girl. Why does she have to blame it on white people?
    Her posts piss me off. She blames white people for everything and like they are the only reason as to why she doesn't feel attractive enough. Erika, it is not like white people are deliberately born white to offend you. Why fucking offend somebody because of their skin colour? Instead of doing something with herself she just fucking cries about it all the time instead of doing something about her problems, like wearing the clothes she likes anyway or if she wants a thin body so much, if it's no issue for her, lose weight and stop blaming it on white people? I don't mean this in a fat-shaming way; I find her rather pretty without the 'shop. But I don't see a point of somebody who is complaining about their body and blaming somebody else for "beauty standards" because they don't want to actually stand up and get what the fuck they want for themselves.
    Everybody whines sometimes, I get it. But she's an entire new level. 
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  11. House added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    She's racist.
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  12. House added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    It's like she's actively LOOKING for things to complain about, intentionally buy them, and act as if she doesn't understand why people do these things while she purposefully did them herself. 
    Can we please move her to Little Snowflakes?
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  13. House added a post in a topic Erika Lipps   

    Why the fuck was she offended because somebody didn't like rice? And does she know that "American food" has many cultural origins, both European and Asian as well as African? 
    If somebody doesn't like rice, they don't like it. What's so offensive about that? Did she expect him to force himself to eat even though he didn't enjoy it just because she finds him HAVING HIS OWN PERSONAL TASTE ABOUT FOOD "offensive"?
    That kind of shit pisses me off. As a kid I didn't like rice but that didn't mean I was disrespecting cultures, I just didn't enjoy that sort of food but I loved noodles. I like some rice dishes now but they're a hit or miss for me. I bet you she would not be offended by a Japanese or Korean guy who didn't like cheeseburgers. And that is the same kind of logic. 
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  14. House added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    Not sure how to feel about it. But I did find it funny because I did not expect them to do it either, and Pewds did not expect it tbh. I like offensive humour personally but I know that many people could be offended by it.
    Technically it was also the guys' responsibility. They delivered his request as they were paid and for all we know they knew English but just delivered what they were paid for. The lines are blurry when it comes to situations like that.
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  15. House added a post in a topic akidearest   

    Senpai knows about us?
    Hmm would be nice if this finally pushed her to make good content which is properly researched. Makeup is also an issue but I care more about content tbh. Just because your fans like it, Aki, doesn't mean you can't make it better. You are often misinforming them.

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  16. House added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    @[email protected]@Biscuit
    Guys, would you consider this? Do you think she's worthy of her own subforum??? 
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  17. House added a post in a topic Chinese living dolls   

    Small question, but do the people who follow them on weibo or whatever... even some of them... do they believe that they actually look like that?
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  18. House added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Tbh I feel like Jeffree is gonna act like a little bitch as always and be like "they should have contacted the customer service instead of putting it on YouTube!!!!!!!!1111"
    He has a tendency to do that. He does not realise that he has a public brand and customer reaction and reviews are normal things. If he wants to be hissy and bitchy about it perhaps he should eliminate these errors of his. He seriously acts like a 13 year old sometimes.
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  19. House added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon   

    Fucking love Azzman
    I find it hilarious how obvious it is that he's not fond of YandereDev. He's basically saying "yeah, he doesn't want you to see Osana, but you know what, I will mod the game to see her current routine anyway. OH and also show my viewers how to do it."
    What a big fuck you to EternallybutthurtDev. Love it.

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  20. House added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    She's baiting PULL.
    She's escalating.
    I'm voting to put her to the main 'flakes.

    (ran out of upvotes, I wanted to upvote you, sorry)
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  21. House added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    I do prefer how her face looks when her head is more up and her chin isn't down. She looks kind of awkward when she does that.
    It's nice she's at least beginning to somewhat interact with fans by posting that fanart. Still a long way to go but she's improving  It's nice to see.
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  22. House added a post in a topic Unprettiest/tisuebox   

    Digging that bitchy attitude. I quite enjoy seeing her reactions since she seems so annoyed at this thread she's alternating between being edgy and then saying she's hurt over it. Very distraught young lady it seems.
    She posts a lot of tl;dr tbh, I didn't read half of the shit she wrote. The picture of the child in a bra she posted seems kind of "revealing", bordering on CP IMO. Not something to post online.
    Is there any more drama on her? I still have tea and I need more lulz to sweeten it up with.

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  23. House added a post in a topic akidearest   

    Her lips look so cracked :'( can't Akibento provide Vaseline?
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  24. House added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    Idk why but her facial expression always reminds me of the photos Victorian people used to take after somebody died where they posed the body to make them look lifelike. Particularly children. A haunting, disturbing sort of stare. She always looks so rigid.

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  25. House added a post in a topic What do you love about yourself?   

    I quite like my legs. For some reason they are naturally slender and I gain muscle quickly so that's a plus. I like my nose and I have straight teeth which I honestly can't complain about. My eyelashes are long and I like the shade of blue in my eyes. I'm quite short. My hands are the same size as my friend's 10 year old brother's... I actually like my voice, I've been told it's very soothing.
    Personality-wise, I am quite empathetic. I find it easy to put myself in other people's shoes. I am thoughtful and I can analyse information quite well. I do value intelligence in people as I value it in myself (that sounds like I'm full of myself, doesn't it) and I do like my linguistic capabilities. My humour can be sarcastic at times haha. I like my strong moral beliefs. I am not religious by any means, but I have ideals about how we should or shouldn't be treating people. I like how I am open and rarely biased. I'll take people at face value unless they seriously hurt somebody. I try not to take sides.
    That's very long for somebody who hates themselves haha. There's more to me than that I suppose but then I am a deeply flawed individual.
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