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  1. House

    Y'all think my handle is @House because of Gregory House but it's actually because I like House music.

    #conspiracy theory


  2. House

    Remember when Onision saw his thread on PULL and made a video featuring it because it got his panties in a twist? That was gold. 

    1. Alicona

      oh no, it was more than gold. It was platinum.

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  3. House

    Exams are killing me. In the case you thought I'm dead, I'm not yet. Stressed, yes. Not dead.

    Life update, life is happy and I have somebody to love which is nice. House in love? Yeah, I don't fall easily but I do feel like that person is worthy of my respect. Depression and that personal shit is kept in check for the meanwhile. Life is OK, considering the great amount of examinations I still have in the future.

    I will be back to PULL soon.

  4. House

    I had my phone close to my face and it smelled like pancakes. Idk if I am having some sort of olfactory hallucination or something, but it legit smelled like pancakes.

  5. House

    I'm probably dead on the inside. Are you?


  6. House

    Kinda miss the times the status feed was on the front page, it allowed a lot of OT talk which was quite nice

  7. House

    Broke up with my boyfriend and I feel miserable... I go between feeling normal but there's this weird feeling that I can't get rid of, similar to regret and all I can think is "what if" things were different. It's weird. When I act happy and 'normal' he liked me but when I showed that I thought deeper than that, that I can be a complex individual... I feel angry. He didn't even have enough respect for me to listen to be on a call as I was crying. He was browsing Facebook at the same time. Shows how much he respected me and my feelings when he claimed that he loved me...

    sorry for the emotional shit, gotta vent somewhere

    1. GrumpyCat

      Hope you're feeling better after the break-up is now more than a month ago, random person from the Internet! :alpacacrush:

      Realizing someone hurts us despite us loving them makes us feel like shit, with anger, and regret and sadness...and rightfully so. You're probably better off without him, glad you were brave and made that decision to be good to yourself :)

      ~ just randomly leaving messages ~

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    2. House

      @GrumpyCat thank you, you are so sweet! Means a lot :)

      I feel a bit better now about it, I understand now that he was not a nice individual to begin with. His views were the opposite of mine and he did not even research them properly (like when he said that "Islam is not a religion" and that we should keep Islam out of the UK therefore immigration is bad... the fact that I am an immigrant myself and can identify with being a victim of this viewpoint hurt me at the time but now I know he is just a dick). I am much happier now that it's over, I feel much freer. I think it is the best thing I had done for myself in a while. Thank you very much for your support <3 :)

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  8. House

    I began playing Mystic Messenger and I feel like my life has been changed. Anybody else play it? I'm in love with 707 but I didn't purchase the deep route which makes me sad :lamasad::lamasad:

  9. House

    Exams over soon and I know nothing for my last exam, not sure whether to work hard these last few hours of night or to accept the imminent failure...

    1. Senka

      Whether you go on to sleep or study do take the exam. Even if you fail at least you got to see what it looks like so you can prepare better for next time. Good luck :D

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    2. House

      @Senka thank you! I passed all of them with the grades I'd need to get into the Uni I want to so I'm very happy, I just need to keep the grades up this year :alpacacrush: thank you again for your support <3

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  10. House

    are snowflakes like dandruff?