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  1. House added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    Overall I don't use my gifs too much so I see that some of my more 'serious' posts and analyses tend to get upvotes as well. Not sure if some users view me as somewhat rational or something similar, much more so compared to before I became House.
    I find it rather interesting.
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  2. House added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Essentially it is because the blue is "under" the outer surface of the eye whilst with a contact lens it floats on top, it's about how it looks under different light at different angles.
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  3. House added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    I remember that one of them was racist trash so some of them at least get exactly what they deserve 
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  4. House added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    I'll make a long comment because I've been thinking about this thing for a while and I suppose I may as well.
    House is a persona. You all probably know it, obviously he's a character from a TV show originally and he's not really me. Still, when we read somebody's comments we sort of accept their persona in our mind almost as real. 
    What I found interesting about commenting as House is a few things. Initially on PULL I was not House, I had a different username. Super dark past. My writing style was essentially the same as it is now except that I did not use my House gifset.

    Yeah, House without the gifset is like toast without butter. But I digress. 
    What I realised after assuming the role of House is that suddenly the users tended to like me more. I began getting more upvotes, replies, generally good reputation and I assume that I am a relatively well-known poster on PULL. I'm not complaining but it was an observation. I suppose it's because as House I appear more sarcastically humorous and borderline rude things that I say seem more 'okay' to accept and like as that is how the character behaved in House MD to an extent.
    Furthermore, the important thing is that House is an authoritative male persona. Now, I won't be talking about my real life self, my post history may tell you a little but I'm an anon. Sorry. But I did see a pattern with user behaviour on various forums and chat sites as I switched from a perceived female persona to a perceived male persona. As a female persona I was not as notorious or paid attention to however that drastically changed when I became 'male', even if my stated sex is otherwise.

    For instance, when I still used IMVU all those years ago I began as female. I had a set of friends however people generally did not flock around me or pay that much attention to me compared to when I switched to a more male character. That was interesting. When I became 'male' on the chat website people tended to want to listen to my advice more, to what I wanted to say more, to what I thought more. I even knew some of the staff. Fuck, I didn't have to ever ask anyone for a chat because my chatroom soon became the main hangout. That happened very rapidly as I did the female->male avatar switch.
    It may be because that website is predominantly female and a male persona is more unique. However it may also be because as a male persona I am viewed as somebody with more authority and credibility. And that is also what happened with House. I have more credibility in what I say and I assume it is partly due to the authority of the character itself as well.
    I do write what I think in my posts. I am still me just without excessive emotional attachment to what I write. Obviously I am not tricking anyone. And I did not become House as a form of social experiment, I like the character and I think the nature of the character suits this forum. Even so it is interesting to observe.
    That being said, a male persona itself does not give credibility as such. What I did find a lot on PULL is that users with a very clear persona tend to be well-respected. If you have an avatar of a well-known character or a name of the character I think people tend to view that person as a bit more detached in their opinion (as in, putting in less emotional weight in their posts). My conclusion may be wrong, however. All personal opinion and observation.
    Any of you have a similar experience?
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  5. House added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    She's not even the British version of chubby. Fuck, not even the Polish or German version of chubby (the body standard there is a bit more harsh). She has a normal, healthy body. In the pic attached she does not look chubby at all. It's scary to see somebody have this sort of mentality.
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  6. House added a post in a topic Tati/Glam Life Guru   

    I guess since Tati is quite popular they expect the more dedicated fans to swallow it all up and buy it.
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  7. House added a post in a topic Sarah Therese   

    I guess there's no proof of her anti-vaxx video but people who are anti-vaccine really makes me question their intelligence. 
    Also, she sounds like a bit of a dick. The video basically says "oh non-Christian parents are bad" because of how they dress their kids, how kids talk, and that not being Christian makes somebody immoral. That it is an indicator of a broken home. Just the fact she links it to religion is gross. She just sounds ignorant to me tbh. She's part of the Christian superiority complex it seems, I dunno.
    Also, this:

    "The most beautiful thing you can give him is your purity". Ugh fuck off, that's gross. Virginity is by no means an indicator of purity. Believe whatever you want but perpetrating those ideas to me is gross and damaging to young girls and women. 
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  8. House added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    Lol since when does she even talk to her followers in the first place unless it's negative comments or creepy old men?
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  9. House added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    In all fairness, since Venus was the main source of income then all the stuff she "stole" from Margo came from her own money and so it is not Margaret's to begin with, really, especially if Venus used them on the regular. Don't know what makes Marg feel so entitled to Venus's money. Also, if the storage is really bleeding her dry then why not just abandon them? She can take whatever makes her feel sentimental and if the rest is not worth how much it costs to store in long term then just ditch it.
    She's a bloody idiot.
    Also, teratomas tend to be easy to remove from surrounding tissue as they tend not to invade surrounding cells. Tbh I do not believe that the surgery was as dangerous as she makes it out to be as they tend to be easy to operate on. But what do I know, Margo is the expert after watching a couple of medical shows and hearing that stuff around your arteries is generally bad.
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  10. House added a post in a topic Onision   

    Please take it to the DMs, y'all starting to go against PULL rules.
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  11. House added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Ffs the bath water isn't pink, she doesn't know shit. I didn't know she did DR before, now I feel sick in the stomach
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  12. House added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Seeing you on this thread reminds me how grateful I am that she did not try to cosplay as Fukawa Toko or any other character from Danganronpa as far as I'm aware. It would've made my eyes bleed and that blood would certainly not have been pink.
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  13. House added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    Kind of controversial in a way but part of me doesn't find this particularly odd. I dislike her, I really do, however such jokes are rather normal humour to have for somebody outside of the US.
    Many people in the UK that I know would post memes of how ridiculous USA gun laws are and how school shootings happen. Because they are a reality, and we do not need to live through that shit and to us that seems ridiculous. Normally humour is used to diffuse a situation. Say, somebody falls over and you see they're okay the usual thing to do is to laugh. Not at them, but it is a relaxation technique telling you that 'it's okay'.
    Humour is not meant to be sensitive in all cases. I enjoy dark humour personally and so long as the image was not posted straight after a mass shooting I don't see too much of a problem with it. I see a problem with her as a person and she tries too hard to be edgy. Even so I don't think the meme she posted to her story was a sign of her approval at mass shootings or that she found the shootings themselves funny. The 'back to school' gun pictures to me illustrate how ridiculous American laws are and it highlights the stupidity of those who do not want to create more strict gun laws.
    While I agree that the image is insensitive I do believe it was posted in a different context and it does not indicate that she approves of school shootings. Then again, as a person she seems to idolise killers so she's still gross idk.
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  14. House added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    Oh Margo, it's always the same old story.

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  15. House added a post in a topic Evelina Forsell   

    She's pretty but how she overlines her lips gives me hives.

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  16. House added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Glad I'm in the UK. I'd rather buy a kinder egg in my local Tesco than a semi-automatic
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  17. House added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Question, do y'all think that she will fly back to India to change her cosplay implant to solotica implant? How many times can you operate on the eye?
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  18. House added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Fucking hell, she's delving into proper pornography very quickly, it's rather alarming
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  19. House added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    His fake ass in proportion to the rest of the body makes him look like a toddler wearing a diaper ngl
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  20. House added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    Is she trying to feel like a child that she wants to be with her pedo aesthetic by actually sleeping with a child molester?
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  21. House added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Right so if her nude tier is $75 why tf sell nudes for $22 as well? Girl selling herself short.
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  22. House added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    History of racism, attacking people, militant veganism etc
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  23. House added a post in a topic sentient_meat   

    It's nothing unnatural, part of it is having thin skin, for example women tend to have thinner skin than men. Similarly being pale also makes your veins look more visible or stand out more at least. Varicose veins are a possibility but highly unlikely if you're young and they're more common in the legs since blood flow there depends on leg movement so lack thereof may result in veins being more visible.
    i think her veins are very visible because of how light her skin is.
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  24. House added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    They upgraded the implants from cheap cosplay lens to solotica lens lol
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  25. House added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    That is generally quite natural tbh, a lot of women have a rash in that area without realising. Part of it is shaving, the other is sweating as when you wear clothes sweat accumulates and might result in a rash, particularly in warmer climates. It's not an indicator of hygiene but a normal thing that your body does, I guess she just chose not to Photoshop it out.
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