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  1. Lilianna added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I don’t think so. What do you all think about this: it is just another marketing plan? They know that their fans are waiting something BIG for Valentine’s Day (or some baaaaaaby), and if they don’t give them what they want, they will be more curious and excited.
    Few days ago there is silent. I think they do it just for the views. They are smart enough to understand that they need a new strategy.
    I hope Kojak is not blocked. It could be good to know the true about him and his story.
    Marilyn, you don’t know what happened to him?
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  2. Lilianna added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    She has one level in her voice. One. That is special (the video about her classical performance at her grade night is not the worst), but from that she doesn’t become a singer. I don’t think that she wants write songs (she did and are the songs good?!), or wants to play an instrument. She wants to be famous and the only way what she knows for it is to sing (or live with E). We will hear the autotune in her songs soon.
    I live with an opera singer. I know a lot about this “classical music singing-teaching” thing. She has no talent in her voice, but I respect if you like how she sings. 
    So has Kojak blocked? 
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  3. Lilianna added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Oh my Gosh... It is horrible. How could she get a Degree of Classical Music?
    I am working with classical musicians, so I used to clear sounds, and I think she is absolutely antitalented. ( I heard in that IG story when they were at the party in Tenerife and she tried to sing with the band the “Shallow” maybe... She can’t sing!!! )
    Where is Kojak? If he is her father, he could have big fights now with Ingrid. If he is a troll, we had 2 movie-days at least. 
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  4. Lilianna added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    And the silent thing is going on now, because they are on a plane back to the UK. 
    Btw, I wanted to write to you before this father or not father thing, that Julia seems really-really unhappy 3-4 months ago, and she can’t hide how E annoying her. I always saw on her face the thought, that “How can I escape from this horrible situation?”... Sometimes it is very embarassing, E is just herself, but Julia doesn’t like her “herself”anymore.
    If Kojak is her father, he has right; at Christmas they took a break and J’s mother helped her with the ticket and with that 2 weeks chill. ( I think you all remember how J ignored E when she was in Brazil)
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  5. Lilianna added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    This photo is disgusting. (and old, “before Tenerife”, look her nails) But she answered for my question after 40 minutes - they are still existing and reading the PULL. (somewhere)
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  6. Lilianna added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    There is a big silence on the other side... No “arrived” IG stories or photos from the airport... Maybe they have no time because the schedule is too busy in the US?! 
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  7. Lilianna added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    If you are her father and you say the true, this story is sadder than I ever thought. I mean not just the father-daughter thing; all her life.
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  8. Lilianna added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Thanks. I give the chance that Kojak is her father, why not? But I don’t think that Lieileen is E. Her style is so much different than E’s.
    The strangest thing would be if they fought here for Julia. 
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  9. Lilianna added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I am really interested in this question!!! 
    It is really exciting. Better than what J&E did in the last days..
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  10. Lilianna added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Julia, make a video about “ Our amazing, professional makeover! (age gap)”!
    We would love it!
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  11. Lilianna added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    They both burned down in Tenerife...  and became more crazier... (Will E go to the Court next week in the US like this? My Gosh... Btw, I think J left herself too. Before E, she was always perfect (or natural) if she made a video but nowdays, she doesn’t care how she looks like. They have no money for the hair salon on the corner... ???
    Where is the respect for her “supporting fans”?
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  12. Lilianna added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Who is that “friend” Karen?
    Did she make the BEFORE/AFTER photos (about any surgery what we will know soon...) ? 
    I really don’t understand why E doesn’t get any sponsorship (  ) from (for example) a Hair Salon. That could be the biggest advertisement for a hair dresser/salon if she could make something with that nest!
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  13. Lilianna added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I think we all hope the best for Julia, we are not “haters” (no, E, we are not those people who want bad for you two!), just we are feeling sad to see this young, nice and (ex-)motivated girl how to loses her control over her life. She deserves better and maybe one day we will understand why she does what she does now. (The Green Card was always my first thought when this E-hurricane came to her life...)
    I am not sure, why do you think? (From Heathrow 5 where they departed from, I was always flying to the US...) Or they could go to Tenerife for a few days to prove us the “holiday” and then they jump in the US to the Court for another few days.
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  14. Lilianna added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Anyway, Julia could reach many views, if she could make a video about “Wifey renovation - begin with her hair”...  It was a shame how E looked like on the airport. (Did you notice that J lost many followers on IG, but she could raise her number of subscribers on YT? Why?)
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  15. Lilianna added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Before the trial they will make some work with J’s Green Card. I am absolutely sure that the final goal is the US citizenship for her. (sorry, English is not my native language...  )
    And the video is total fake or Julia is total fool (and not a good actress...by the way). 
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