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  1. thechurchesareburning added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    [me, pale as fuck, sitting in the sun as I burn] Well, that's unfortunate. 
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  3. thechurchesareburning added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Oof ikr?? The hentai ahegao icon bs is also old as well. Do you miss the old site?? Where you could use colours and stuff?? Cause I sure do. ): My layout making career collapsed real quick.
    I had to move accounts because my ex friend [who sent me death threats if you could believe that lmaooo] knew my account and I didn't wanna deal with that bs. Now people move because they don't wanna be on a profile that's been around for longer than a month. "Joined 1 week ago" and having over 1k followers is the new aesthetic?
    EDIT: Adding onto that, the "byf" bullshit now is so full of irrelevant stuff. "don't follow if u talk to [username]" "don't follow if u don't like sexual content"
    Bruh...that site is for WRITING AND READING. Go read instead of getting triggered. 
    I also am tired of the people who tell me to "tag" posts regarding blood, even though my profile states I'm into stuff like that.
    I'd get it if it gave you flashbacks, but if blood just unnerves you I shouldn't have to heavily tag my post, to the point where people have to scroll tf down. It's sad that people now have to make seperate accounts to be themselves. 
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  4. thechurchesareburning added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I saw a Hatsune Miku post about her being trans, and if you didn't like that hc [it was forced onto you so you had no choice], they call you transphobic.
    I'm literally only on Tumblr for my followers because we all are in the Outlast fandom and it's quite small, but...I roll my eyes on the daily. Headcanons are not fact. I make Headcanons about characters all the time [including a 'trans' crossdresser, who is my icon at the moment] and I don't force them onto people? The stupidity..
    I see it a lot on Quotev [a site I'm on, aka the one I mentioned in my post], and almost everybody has a kin list of characters they relate to. Like Kimberly said above, it is like a coping mechanism.
    But people will take this too far. I remember jokingly roleplaying an anime character called Death The Kid, and someone who 'kinned' him said "omg can u stop my kin isn't like that'
    ??? how the fuck do you know if your ''kin'' is like that or not??? I will never understand these people. I have multiple characters to relate to. But I won't become a child if someone else relates to them too. 
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  5. thechurchesareburning added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    - 'Kinning' has gotten really stupid.
    It's one thing to relate to a character, and I understand as there is characters I can relate to as well, but to get mad at somebody because they relate to the same character as you do? Like...sis...lmfao you're not the only...one who can relate to that specific character?
    I really don't care if you relate to Kylo Ren because you have daddy issues, or you relate to this character because you had a terrible childhood, but to throw a tantrum and scold someone else for feeling comfort within a character is just ridiculous. They're not there for just you. The website I visit daily has people like this and I roll my eyes so damn hard, man. 
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  6. thechurchesareburning added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    - Gifs that open a new page are disgusting.
    I swear up and down if my slowass phone is forced to load a gif that isn't worth the effort. Grrrrr. 
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  7. thechurchesareburning added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Heavily agree. It's why I stopped playing Mystic Messenger.
    "You're in the story too!" No, I'm really not. I don't have long brown hair. I have half black and half blue. I also have a heavy, masculine build. It'd be best if they let you customize or something. It sucks that something so small can feel so big and prevent you from enjoying yourself. 
    I also see this a lot in the fanfiction world. They label it as reader-interactive and yet you're given a name, an appearance...blegh.
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  8. thechurchesareburning added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I received an email from Purolator yesterday saying my package arrived and I got all excited, but they left a note basically saying I have to wait till Monday, but Monday is a family holiday and my post office will be closed.
    I also have an important app on Tuesday, so I can't pick it up right away.

    I just want my alien mood ring, NOES locket and Riverdale hightops, goddammit. 
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  9. thechurchesareburning added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    - Cherry Pepsi is superior when against Cherry Coke, but Vanilla/Orange Sherbert/Georgia Peach/British Columbia Coke will have my heart forever.
    Why must this hurt...Valentines day will be spent loving these beverages, ladies and gents. Also, yes, those last 2 flavours exist in Canada. Not sure if they're available anywhere else. They are so good yet so sour, sometimes. Hah.
    - Loving psychopathic characters and thinking they'll love you back is not only idiotic, but ignorant. 
    Do you guys remember the Creepypasta fangirl phase? No? Well unfortunately, I was victim to this disease.
    Psychopaths are not capable of feeling emotion, and if they can their emotions will be very shallow. They also don't feel remorse. So, like...have fun trying to sweet talk Ted Bundy or JEFf ThE kilLEr xDDD [god, that hurt.]
    - Judging someone else's eyebrows is stupid. 
    I see this a lot in the makeup world and it's so pointless? Eyebrows are there to protect your eyes and help with expression.

    So why does it matter if someone has arched eyebrows, or thin eyebrows? Doesn't matter if they're doing their job.
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  10. thechurchesareburning added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    There is a movement called "LGBDropTheT", and it's filled with lesbian/gay/bisexual individuals who believe they are being victimized and ridiculed by the "corrupted" side of T. Although they do agree that there are normal T's wanting to just be accepted, they target the ones that are forcing themselves onto lesbians/bisexuals/etc.The amount of incidents I see is sickening. 
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  11. thechurchesareburning added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    - Bisexual individuals are not transphobic if they don't want to date transgenders.
    This is such a common argument and it's getting to the point where it's annoying? You're not transphobic for not wanting to date a transgender, although this is being pushed on us bisexuals and we're being called every name in the book. You don't have to date cisgenders [I don't like saying this tbh], or transgenders, or anybody. I, myself, find it an uncomfortable subject because of how inflamed the community is now. /: It's like the ouroboros; eating itself for no specific reason other than tearing the community apart. 
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  12. thechurchesareburning added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    These people really lookin' like the girls from "Human Form"

    Does anyone else agree that some of their heads are too small compared to the rest of their body...they look like reverse Bratz dolls.
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  13. thechurchesareburning added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    - "Poor" people are not 'disgusting' individuals.
    I recall seeing a post that a woman made, and it was along the lines of  "why poor people are disgusting, and have no class". Growing up I always used manners. Just a year ago I had to go into a hospital [for private reasons] and the staff complimented me on my usage of manners.
    In fact, they are the most polite, well mannered people I have ever met. All they want is to have food on the table and a roof over their head.
    I would rather be poor, than rich and have a negative opinion on people just trying to live.
    - Calling men cowardly for crying is disgusting, and should not be normalized.
    Crying is apart of sadness. Sadness is a human emotion. Crying can also be apart of happiness. Preventing men from having emotions is such a horrid thing to think of and support. 
    It is not cowardly to cry. A good cry feels good as hell. I don't cry much but whenever I do it's like a release. Don't feel shame for crying. If anyone shames you, it's due to them not being hugged enough as a kid.
    - Making fun of somebody for things they can't change is just plain low.
    You can change your weight. You can change your hair colour. You can change your hair style.
    But judging someone based on their height, or their bone structure, or whatever else, is just fucking disgraceful. If their nose shape, or their small lips bother you so much that you have to make fun of them for it, why don't you pay for their nose and lip jobs? Otherwise, mind yourself.
    - Don't buy or care for a CARNIVOROUS animal if you can't handle its diet. You also cannot expect animals with a meat-based diet to survive off of just plants.
    Do y'all remember the woman who had a fennec fox named Jumanji and she fed it a VEGAN DIET?
    Fennec foxes can eat plants, but not survive off of them. They eat rodents. Eggs. Reptiles. Insects. They can also eat cat/dog food with meat ingredients in them.
    Here's the article if you haven't heard of this incident yet. The poor thing went half blind, developed skin issues and had spontaneous convulsions. I want to slap her across the face.
    And the idiocy I see from time to time is ridiculous;
     "Humans can survive from plants, we can train animals to do the same!"
    Sorry Jessica. I don't see sharks eating sea weed, or hyenas eating berries, or tigers eating leaves for the rest of their lives. That would throw off the food chain, and you will be the one to blame when the animal kingdom is all fucked up. 
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  14. thechurchesareburning added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    Just 5 minutes ago, the clock turned to 12 and it's now my birthday, but I already wanna sleep this whole day away with my ferret  even though my mum's boyfriend wants to throw a party for me. Gahhh.
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  15. thechurchesareburning added a post in a topic Posts Hidden/Your content will need to be approved by a moderator?   

    It ended after a couple of days for me. They just need to see whether you're trustworthy. Give it a week maximum. 
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