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  1. Wynter added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Found a discord on any other thread. I asked the creator of the discord if it was okay to post it here they said yes and to share it with everyone that is on pull before it closes. So the link is https://discord.gg/KX3zWV
    It has a halsey sub thread thing. 
    I also got this one for kpop opinions/ blackpink etc if anyone wants. https://discord.gg/FFtCfw
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  2. Wynter added a post in a topic Halsey   

    one of the comments said "this is what gabbie hanna wanted to do with monster" when I find it's the exact same thing. 
    I wanted to post about this a bit ago but I lost my screen shots. The other day I came across Anthony's dad insta (tomlijr) and it kinda reminded me of it. The masks that she gave away back in april might have just been a PR stunt. I looked up the orange international inc on google and you cant really find anything about it. I did find out that it's a clothing company based in New York and China(from Bloomberg, their website and the few things on google). And that he(Anthonys dad) is the ceo of the company..? I looked on LinkedIn(cause that was one of the few things I could only find) for the company and its linked to his Facebook so you can see some of it and you can see that he mentions kelly shami (mark shami's sister.) He even posts a necklace from the jewelry company on his insta. Orange international inc is just a company that owns a couple little clothing companies that are based in New York. On Bloomberg it says that the company is based in Guangzhou china the same place that halsey got the masks. His insta he doesn't have a lot of posts but he mentions halsey kind of alot. It kinda seems like anthonys family was wealthy too, the whole family had yeezys in 2016. Halsey thanked the li family. She might have just got them from the company and said that she paid for them or she might have actually bought them we'll never know. I always thought it was weird that she thanked her accounting company as well..  🤷‍♀️whatever I guess.
    I'm so sad to hear about pull closing, I'm actually going to miss it.  It was enjoyable being able to say anything or question something without her stans defending her. It was nice talking to everyone. I wish everyone well 🥰 (I read in some threads that some people might be making a discords but idk if that's will actually happen. If anyone does make one please link it 🥺)   
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  3. Wynter added a post in a topic Halsey   

    At least she's self aware but I think it's more than twice a year. 
    shes also being vocal about wanting a gf now.
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  4. Wynter added a post in a topic Halsey   

    was she actually friends with him because they only have one photo together and now she has a tattoo that says "life's a mess" along with his 999.  Like they did one remix, took one photo, now she has a another song with him and is the back vocals in another song of his called "I want it." Everytime I see her post something about him it's like she's acting like they were best friends or something in my opinion.             
    OT but did you see that now she as a anime tattoo. It's a faceless tattoo from spirited away. 
    she messaged one fan saying that she sent out the signed vinyls but UMG isn't sending them out..but the company is saying that she hasn't sent them yet. Believe whatever one you want.  I read on reddit that some people are getting their stuff now but others are still messaging UMG and not getting anything. 
    She follows a lot of stans and some bts fans also that's why she replies to them a lot but she does search her name.  Something tells me she as a secret twitter. She doesn't even followed Payton on @halsey. 
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  5. Wynter added a post in a topic Halsey   

    i find she wants to be a trendsetter so bad on red carpets. All her red carpets look so bad there's only a couple looks that I like. But this take the cake on awful looks. 
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  6. Wynter added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Thats the only time she left twitter wasn't it? She didn't leave last year..? 
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  7. Wynter added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Some armys might have been harassing her, that idrk about but she left because of an interview she did. The interview where she says that no one wants to be friend because she's outspoken and shes drama by association. Her fans seem to forget about that interview. She said on ig after that interview was up that she's was quitting interviews because no one knows how to take a joke. She then posted another photo on ig for her fans or something. That's when she stopped posting on Twitter for a little bit. I believe not long after people were making fun of her for her singing. That justin bieber cover tweet went viral and that blink 182 mall video was brought up again too. 
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  8. Wynter added a post in a topic Halsey   

    I really don't understand why she doesn't like/liked being called pop. 

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  9. Wynter added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Yeah I think they recently changed it to that. Billboard put out a article back in november telling people that they are changing the view count on yt and how they count bundles. I think they count every 1600 views as a sale though.
    Yeah it seems like the more I find out about her the more I think shes completely fake but that's just me lol. 
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  10. Wynter added a post in a topic Halsey   

    I think I posted about it before but the more videos they have on youtube about a song the more album sales or whatever they get. Thats why ysbs did so well she made all those different lyric videos. I really feel like they want be kind to be the next closer or next tiktok trend. 
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  11. Wynter added a post in a topic Halsey   

     The mirror picture that she says she took the brace off looks like its heavy filtered so idk about the bruise on her hip. It could be but it could also just be the filter. 
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  12. Wynter added a post in a topic Halsey   

    When the whole Austin Carlile thing happened 2 weeks ago I seen a comment that was talking about her on either reddit or some band members post about it on their twitter. I can't remember which one it was. But the comment said that they read on facebook that it was Halseys friend not her. I don't know where the comment was cause I never saw it, i don't have facebook. But it was the same story. 
    If this story is true the year would be 2011 that's when they toured together. She would have been 17 just turning 18. Because they toured in September.
    She knows her fans will defend her cause I seen a dm of her telling someone that she's sorry that her fans were attacking her. I can't seem to find them because I can't remember who the girl was. It was on google though.  
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  13. Wynter added a post in a topic Halsey   

    same.  3 years ago I sprained my ankle. It was so swollen. My entire ankle and foot was black and purple. I couldnt move it. I had to get a brace for it. I went to the doctor he said it was a 3 degree sprain. I didn't have crutches but I was limping and couldn't stand for more then a certain amount of time. I even went to a concert a week after I sprained it and made it worse (I know it was really stupid for me to do it)  Like bevreface said doing the move at 0:09 with a broken ankle.... you can't be serious. 
    But everyone is believing her, even r/popheads is kissing her ass for the mv. She had broken toes doing this too. I'm just so tired of her.  
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  14. Wynter added a post in a topic Halsey   

    I dont believe the broke ankle shit. 
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  15. Wynter added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Could it be the CGI? Is it Japan that she's supposed to be in? I like the cherry blossoms and all that. But the thing i can't shake is that it kinda seems like shes trying to prove to people she can dance lately, with all these choreographed dances she's been doing. Some of the videos I've seen of her on tour seem that way too like it's all choreographed. Idk what it is or how to describe it.
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