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  1. Kobo added a post in a topic Tsuruko   

    So after watching the video Mikan put on Youtube where shes hanging out with Pip. Holy shit Pip is so boring, the whole video was so awkward to watch. She might be tired but I have a feeling shes like that all the time. She's so lucky shes cute otherwise she'd be getting nowhere in life.
    Her teefs are also yellow. Shes like a female neck beard.
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  2. Kobo added a post in a topic ProJared, AtelierHeidi and HollyConrad cheating   

    Jared mentioned an incident with Pamela. I hadn't ever heard of it but she is covering it here. Tbh I can't be bothered watching it.
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  3. Kobo added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    I haven't posted on this site since 2017. I have had to break that personal rule because of this. 
    I really, really hope shes okay. That's all I have to say. 
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  4. Kobo added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I don't know how this happens to her so frequently. Rarely any other YouTuber has to take down their videos for audio issues and the like but for her its so often. She needs an YouTube Audio for Dummies book(TM).
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  5. Kobo added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    New video is up. I suck at embedding so I'm not going to try.
    I am so thankful they allowed her to film during her appointment. I am suffering from hormonal acne so it was super educational and informative. It makes me want to go there since where I live doesn't really offer such a thing but I can take some of the things I learnt from the video onboard at least. The rest of the video is meh but the beginning makes up for it.
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  6. Kobo added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    This is literally me right now. I'm about to move out of home for the first time to the other side of the country and not knowing whats happening to them day in day out is so terrifying to me. 
    I hope we can get through this, I want some sleep damnit. 
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  7. Kobo added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    See this is why I hate articles branding shit like this a "trend". It's not a damn trend, it's a joke. How can people not see that? Now these old whiny piss babies like Stephen group all of us with Taylor and don't take us seriously in other respects. 
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  8. Kobo added a post in a topic Rosie!   

    Thats what I thought at first tbh
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  9. Kobo added a post in a topic Rosie!   

    Poor baby. I am so supportive of Adopt Dont Shop when it comes to pets but in times like this I'm glad that dog may potentially go (if it is actually for Taylor) to an owner who will love it. I know its still supporting such a gross industry but man.. that poor thing, get it away from those breeders. 
    If it is for Taylor, I wonder how Rosie will go. Will she benefit from the social interactions while Taylor isn't at home or will she just completely stress out even more and hate it because 1. Rosie is Taylor's dog and may get jealous and 2. Rosie is just a stressed mess in general.
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  10. Kobo added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    thank you brian.
    Workaholic? Fuck off. 
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  11. Kobo added a post in a topic Make-up casualty: to sanitise or to dump?   

    My apologies, I should have explained it better. The actual eyeshadow part came out of the plastic packaging/housing, so like the stick of pure eyeshadow crayon flew out. Like if a lipstick fell out of it's tube.
    But yeah thats what I'm thinking, an eye infection isnt worth it. :<
    Mmmm yeah wiping off a layer is smart. If I were to do it I was just going to douse it in the alcohol, haha. Though removing a layer sounds much more ~safe~. Thank you for linking this! 
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  12. Kobo added a topic in Beauty & Fashion   

    Make-up casualty: to sanitise or to dump?
    So it's Summer where I live and I've had my first casualty in the make-up department. I was going to use my 3CE Eye Crayon (which was like $28AUD ) but when I was opening it the actual product flung out of the packaging and landed in old, brown water that was in a vase of flowers.
    So, should I just hold it a funeral in the bin or would I be able to sanitise it with rubbing alcohol or something? I'm so sad.
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  13. Kobo added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Giiiiirl that turtleneck. Makes it look like she was in a ski accident. 
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  14. Kobo added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    That image also goes back on what she said like a week ago about how when she's out of cosplay she's someone else, wearing hoodies, leggings and the like. While she's in cosplay she's half naked, heavily shooped and made up (wearing makeup). I dunno about you.. But I see that 'persona' in that image and but don't see a costume in sight. 
    Mmmok Jess. Try and stay "relatable" and "down to earth".
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  15. Kobo added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Just a lil extra personal opinion too. It's not very responsible to flaunt/show the bidders and buyers name. I wouldn't want my username to be shown.
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