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  1. apricotfaerie added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Oh yeah, I can remember her ranting and insulting her ex and his new partner (never would've thought it to be you to be frank). Haven't followed her in a long time now since it's gotten REALLY annoying. Keep that drama to yourself, Susa, none of your neckbeard fans care about that shit, they only want you to post lewd photos of yourself not hear about how shitty all men are.
    I hope that you and especially your fiancé can stand over that bullshit and ignore her manic hate posts. 
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  2. apricotfaerie added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Never would've thought to see her posted here lmao.
    She's been following me for quite some time and was always kinda sus to me 💀 also: how on earth does she manage to afford so many cosplays, all that neptunia merch and her dog (bless her dog, she did nothing wrong) all on ALG II??? I remember talking to her about her ordering on taobao over aliexpress because it's "way cheaper!!!" (it isn't, i ordered via both taobao services and aliexpress and payed more for taobao in the end). 
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  3. apricotfaerie added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    I can see where you're coming from and I wouldn't put it past her, but coming from someone who is the same age as her (born 1999 as well if we can trust her word) I can attest that yes, there were a bunch of people in that age bracket wearing that style and getting monroes. Maybe it's just her eyeshape and the botched plastic surgeries (fillers and tit job) that make her look significantly older. 
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  4. apricotfaerie added a post in a topic Sarah Spaceman   

    This looks WAAAY too heavy for what it's supposed to be like. But "muh artistic freedom".
    Looks like a giant diaper. 
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  5. apricotfaerie added a post in a topic Rocksy.chan   

    Fella isn't responsible for his looks, she on the other hand did all of this to herself. Only to look like a cripple, it's depressing. 
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  6. apricotfaerie added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Her face is so punchable ugh
    I love it when people use the "but she has videos she took that look like that" as if video editing and filters aren't a thing. You don't even need a stupid expensive editing program with plug-ins to catfish like that, SNOW does the work for FREE. 
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  7. apricotfaerie added a post in a topic Rocksy.chan   

    The screenshot quality probably adds to it but she looks like a fucking Deathstalker from Fallout. I'm a short girl myself and there's a reason out bodies look so compressed, she only made it worse with surgery. Also her face looks like as if she has some kind of birth defect YIKES. 
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  8. apricotfaerie added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Look what her beloved creative freedom got her to, this looks NOTHING like Rosalina. Wig looks like it's pulled straight out of a dumpster by how ratty it's looking not mentioning how absolutely inaccurate the colour is, it's almost a golden blond instead of a pure platinum. Dress looks super cheap and poorly sewn together, I would never look at the whole thing and think "hey look at that rosalina walking there!". And don't let me get started on that crown, who let a pre-schooler wreck havoc on that??
    By this point she deserves one, keep us posted on it! 
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  9. apricotfaerie added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Totally agree with you. Cosplay can never be 100% eco friendly, it's just impossible (You wouldn't be able to import anything, won't be able to use ANY plastics, wigs etc. and have to 100% produce your own fabrics from harvesting cotton to weaving the actual fabric + only natural dyes). Being environmentally conscious about your decisions is a good step but won't be doing much for actual climate change since it's such a small percentage in comparison to how much BIG companies are polluting air and water without ANY legal restrictions. If you truly want to be 100% eco friendly, don't cosplay. It's a hobby/craft that would never be entirely eco with how much we have to outsource. It would eventually get too expensive. Look for hobbies that you can do with a good conscious like gardening/farming or hiking instead. If you still want to be creative, look into making paints yourself and do that. 
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  10. apricotfaerie added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Never really cared about Steven Universe after season 3 so I couldn't really compare the colour inconsistencies but holy shit.
    Either she's actually colour blind or just really fucking lazy with the "i can photoshop that later anyways so I can rush out a costume and enter a contest that I'm definitely going to win uwu" mindset in mind. 
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  11. apricotfaerie added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Those look like the Rosalina model used in Smash due to the ugly ass stars they used on the dress that Sarah so loves because they give her a reason to make it look extra (it does not). Thing is: that isn't an official Nintendo render in the first place, it's a fanmade one that took her smash 4 model.
    Smash Bros WiiU

    Smash Bros Ultimate
    Thing is: she doesn't know how lighting, surroundings and texture of materials will change it's local colour. Of course it's going to be more blue tinted if the sateen dress she's wearing is reflecting the blue of the surrounding stage. The statement that "colour is a spectrum" is fucking bullshit in this context and has nothing to do with the fact that she's either colourblind or too stupid to see the difference in hue between the base material & fabric she has lying right in front of her. There's nothing even remotely close to turquoise or mint. Nothing about this design screams Rosalina apart from the wig but that's hard to fuck up in the first place. You wouldn't make a Peach cosplay, change the design to be unrecognizable and make it red? Also why use her official render for the mario franchise in this side-by-side when that fanmade render fits her narrative so much better? 
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  12. apricotfaerie added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Her twitter got nuked and she's become irrelevant so I doubt you'll be able to find anything
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  13. apricotfaerie added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    I developed body dysmorphia over shit like that because I was exposed to heavily photoshopped girls in my most impressionable years in my teens due to starting cosplay at 13. Difference between these girls and me is that I don't photoshop my photos to hell and back just to satisfy my body dysmorphic disorder.
    Threads like these actually easen the stress I put upon myself because I KNOW that these girls don't look like that even though my brain constantly tells me that I look like a monster for not having a teeny-tiny waist and massive, round hips because the cosplayers don't have them either. The girls posted here are so much prettier unshopped so don't get any of us wrong here, but most cosplayers are being posted for a valid reason. Check Fegalvao's and Jenna Lynn Meowri's threads on here if you're interested why people are trying to uncove their delusions.
    If this is vile to you, idk how you'd react to the girls at lolcow writing about the same girls that are posted here. PULL is pretty tame considering this isn't the same kind of anonymity. 
    Also: Maybe don't sign up for a gossip forum with the nickname you go with on every other public social media platform. Just a heads up, doesn't leave a good impression. 
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