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    Ok so I don't know if this thread is still being read lol, I've followed Sarah for years and always though there was something off about her! I mean first she cheats on Jaden with a photographer (who she got a tattoo of) , then videos of her snorting coke and saying the N word come out. After that one of her ex friends allegedly exposed her for basically being a prostitute and you can't forget the Birkin mughsot scandal (she's also been arrested for other theft in the past which is interesting). I think most of that has been mentioned on this thread. She doesn't date anyone who isn't black or popular. Loads of rappers comment on her pictures, I was watching a live of hers the other day and every time she goes live she barely says a word she just stares blankly into the screen in this weird drugged out sociopathic way. Madeintyo commented on her live and she immediately went and followed him and then quickly unfollowed (Kylie Jenner also unfollowed her a few months back). She can't seem to keep a solid relationship with friends (she now hangs out with Wolfiecindy and Alissa Violet) and she briefly was in a relationship with Tyshawn Jones, then had a fling with Zack Bia which is proabably the only white guy she's ever been with lmao. Then her and Terry Rozier were flirting and spotted together and this is all in the past few months lol. Now she's dating FivioForeign (she's always in his stories) an upcoming rapper who has loads of baby mamas and he put a video of her touching him in THAT area on his insta the other day (I have the vid). He also kept mentioning how Sarah and him take percs. His viewers were making fun of her calling her becky and other names and she immediately did the weird stare and kept repeating that she didn't care (like she was trying to prove a point) Also her manager is mad creepy and never shows her face and referred to herself as a pimp in one of her IG captions. Idk she just seems sketchy, personally I think Sarah is obsessed with fame and money and will use and manipulate anyone to keep her in the spotlight. Thats probably why she's such good friends with Chantel Jeffries. She is trying super hard for Nba Youngboy to notice her, she follows him but he doesn't follow her (plus he's 20) and she is ALWAYS listening to his music, liking all his pictures and wears his merch. Also her going to strip clubs, captioning her Insta pics using rap lyrics, always putting videos up of her listening to rap, she's trying to keep up this persona of being a tough "gangster" or something which is completely the opposite of what she looks like. Also im not denying she's got some cute features but she's not that outstanding or even tall enough to be featured in all of these campaigns she's in. Something about her vibe just seems evil. Even if she is being featured in some campaigns that isn't enough to support her lavish lifestyle she always flaunts, clearly she has something else going on. She's 24 now and im curious to see what will be of her in the future, im surprised no one talks about her behaviour (maybe she's losing relevance). Anways ill report back if there's anything new, I don't know if anyone will even see this but I just had to spill the tea haha
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