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  1. witchflora added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I'm not a writer but I write sometimes 
    and thanks
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    and i also refreshed the page a few times and then idk it was 1 am and i fell asleep
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  4. witchflora added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I'm scared of fulfilling my dreams because what if there's a void at the end of the rainbow? The scariest thing in the world is having nothing to hold on to, when you're just floating in space and no one can hear you scream
    My stupid ass STILL keeps imagining a fucking FAIRYTALE to pop up any second out of the universe's ass when I know it's never gonna happen and even if it does i WILL RUIN IT EVEN IF ITS THE LAST THING I DO 
    I wish the internet had never existed and neither did books and movies and anything which takes you out of reality 
    Maybe then this reality wouldn't be so painful
    The worst thing is that all this pain? It's meaningless and there is no god and no justice and no soul mates and no twin flames and no enlightenment
    It's just me trying to claw out of a black hole which won't stop until it destroys everything 
    What if i become a singer and I'm still unhappy? What if I'm famous and still unhappy? What if I'm rich and still unhappy? With my soul mate and still unhappy? In Japan or Korea and still unhappy? Having kids, pets, a car and still unhappy? 
    What if I have everything and I'm still unhappy? 
    That would be worse than death. 
    And there should be no god because if he exists and I don't have him
    If I don't get what I want then no one is getting what they want. 
    Life is just like a game and you have to log out sometimes because there is no alternative and the goals are endless and everyone i love has either left me or is dead so 
    But hey that's just life so suck it up and domt let anyone hear you cry because even if they did
    They wouldn't do a damn thing.
    I hope God doesn't exist because if he does and if he let me go through all this shit 
    I'm gonna kill him. 
    I hope I'll have a wonderful next life because I sure as fuck am paying for all my sins in this one. 
    Thanks, God. 
    Love ya.
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  5. witchflora added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I hate being called a "racist, elitist, materialist, superficial" person or even worse a "fetishist" for having certain preferences in men and being told that "the perfect guy doesn't exist" like bitch I'm perfect and I exist? 
    Aesheticism has always been a part of our culture and I don't get why people are preferring old, sad people with dark backgrounds instead of young, happy people with cheerful backgrounds 
    Idk if I mentioned this before but i hated it when someone commented on yt that unhappy endings are more realistic like what kind of fucking world are we living in that people can't even hope lmao 
    Also psychology is spreading like a disease and claiming every behaviour as a mental disorder, just google "concept creep" I rue the day i ever studied it and labelled myself in so many shades of mental 
    And the school of life sucks. There is a school, it's called life. Why you gotta learn from someone else's life? Ugh disgusting 
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  14. witchflora added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hey there, I've been on this site a couple of times and decided to make an account so that I could rant a bit since I let out on Facebook and was feeling embarrassed since all my relatives and friends were there.. anyway ~ 
    People here remind me of my snarky temporary friend so . . . 
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