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  1. glitzy added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Ashley has a new video out called "how i learned to love being single" and oh boy.. she is reading the majority of what she says straight off of pull. I'd still really like the girl and her content if it wasn't for how unauthentic and.. may I say, stupid, this video felt? She is in an incredibly weird limbo between "oh feminism me!" and "men have it better!!" and then "feminism oppresses women" and I am so fucking confused at this point. Ashley, have you considered that guys in serious long term relationships don't get flack for it because they're not emotionally dependent on their partners?? Because that's something that you do and project onto people?? How can you say you're happy with being single when your last video 2 weeks ago included year old shots of you and your ex?? It's disrespectful to the guy no matter how much of a dumb fratboy he was??
    I honestly don't know, I could relate to her in some ways and wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, but she's straying a bit too far at this point. In a world where everyone, and especially feminism, is advocating for single life and growing without a partner (and especially the recent trend of female dating strategy, #allmen and all), I don't understand what "relationship pressure" there even is. Nobody celebrates being alone more than the feminism Ashley is subscribed to out of choice. It's not society, it's your brain, Ashley. Stop saying you need therapy and actually GET IT. I'm only like 2 minutes into the video and already don't want to watch it, which is something I've never really gotten from her videos, I was always at least sort of excited. I wanna see people discuss this because arghhhhh me angry
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  2. glitzy added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    It's so counterproductive to those girls. They want their high voice (if natural) to not be a big deal, but a lot of them also seem to think it insta qualifies them for a job in voice acting and they push their ""uwu voice"" so much. It shines a bad light on people who have naturally high voices or actual skill/talent for voice acting, like Lily for example.
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  3. glitzy added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    i think she just took this photo after walking through a bit of rain. i agree that her bangs are cut badly and badly need a professional but they're not greasy. maybe hair spray too? i'd assume she at least knows how to wash her hair before going to fashion week lol
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  4. glitzy added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    so you're essentially just shittalking the girl for being so insecure that you'd assume her to allow an awful person to hurt her all over again? she's proven throughout this whole situation that she has good intentions and I don't think your annoyance with how rapidly her and michael became friends has a say here neither who you think is fit for relationships or not lol, leave the girl alone, she's just trying. like I can see your point with her clinging onto friendships and all, but in the context of what albert and sarah did to her the girl is owed a bit of compassion don't you think? people who are suicidal in their teenage years often find themselves to be more immature and unstable later in life because they yet have to find themselves, which doesn't devalue their relationships or their attempts at dealing with life at a higher age than other people. have some empathy
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  5. glitzy added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    I think lighting and the finish of foundation, or even her preferred setting powder, could unintentionally make her look paler in comparison. I am really pale for example, and tend to go for things that are even a touch too light sometimes because I'm not used to it or because it's the only product with the right undertone. German/Austrian makeup (apart from what you'd order online) have pretty bad shade ranges in my experience.
    Editing this: stumbled across a makeup video of hers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Idy_j48Jxp4
    Her skin on her neck/etc. seems to be a bit more tan, but her face is really fair, just very olive toned (if I'm seeing it right?). She doesn't use a lot of foundation and hers seems to be shade matched and without lots of coverage. She uses a pretty heavy bronzer and matte finishing powder, which could simultaneously make her look more tan at the sides of her face & more pale in the center at the same time. She also matches her blush to her makeup, not to her skin tone, which makes a big difference too imo. In some close-up shots it doesn't look nearly as light as with proper lighting.
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  6. glitzy added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I think a lot of people have an extremely negative perception of themselves, and it's natural, not always productive though, to want to be validated in trying to fight back against that distorted image. Extreme insecurity is often an underlying disorder or problem masked as personality, and usually not at the core of what a person wants to believe about themselves. She has a lot of insecurities, but most of those a person is just responsible, not at fault, for and her reaction to the girl's words seemed genuine.
    I don't know if this is appropriate here, but lowkey attacking people on this thread while you're criticizing Ashley is not a good look and you'd honestly do yourself a favor if you didn't project your hatred for Ashley onto literally anyone who enjoys her content.
    I have to agree on the David thing though, at this point she seems badly clingy, considering that I don't think her and David have kept in contact at all. I really really hope for her that she trashes all that old footage soon, it's not good for her man.
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  7. glitzy added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    Sorry ahead of time if this screenshot doesn't input properly, first time posting a picture lol.
    I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I read her bio lmao, "former D4 pro player / P2" like girl, do you realize that being boosted to barely reach Diamond to then be hardstuck at the lowest division of the tier is not """"pro""""?? Does she actually think of herself that highly? It's embarrassing.
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  8. glitzy added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Honestly pretty fucking offensive to say what was a pretty obvious example of female-initiated domestic abuse is "clout chasing fake news". I get that this is a gossip forum and all but I think that's WAY too much of a stretch, the guy gained nothing from it, nobody knows who he is. Please respect male victims of abuse, the last time this happened to a girl in the same fashion it was a huge topic for well over a month and never questioned to that degree.
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  9. glitzy added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    If you have an issue with her behaviour around feminism, then criticize her fake feminism. Don't insult her appearance in return. Her problematic behaviour does not justify yours. Stop.
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  10. glitzy added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    You are not criticizing her, you are bullying her for her appearance and calling her "man hands". You are not entitled to be an asshole just because it doesn't break a rule, and you are not entitled to put down other's criticism of you by calling them "sensitive". You are obviously just as insecure. Be kinder.
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  11. glitzy added a post in a topic softcozywitch (Serena Lin)   

    The way they worded it was poor, I agree. I interpreted "real woman" as in someone who could be a role model for a child, because they put it in the context of her boyfriend's kid and Serena's immature behaviour. It doesn't make her less of a woman biologically, but her spiel with body image, photoshopping and wanting to make quick $$$ off of nudes she will hate herself for in 2 years does make her an awful role model for the guy's kid (is it a son or a daughter, do we know?), so I get where they're coming from. She is by no means secure, responsible or mature enough to account for the consequences of doing sex work in our age.
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  12. glitzy added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    True, but you're also saying she has the easy opportunity to do the very things that we would criticize her for (like quick $$$ brand endorsements), unless she got lucky enough to work with a brand she really stood for. Ashley isn't very consistent in her opinions (take sustainability for an example), so I think it'd land her with a ton more criticism one way or another.
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  13. glitzy added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I honestly feel for her. She obviously lacks the ability to ACTUALLY self reflect, and that's fine and a step in life, but if she broadcasts her personality for the entire Internet to see it'll get complicated. I doubt that she'd be so down on herself if she knew how to break out of it. She's hurting herself most, not anyone else. I am tired of her constant sex jokes as much as anyone, but I think people are missing the point. I agree with what she needs to do, she needs to do X and Y and Z and she needs to realize X and Y and Z. Those are all things that we are enabled to see by our outside perspective, we aren't Ashley and if we were, we wouldn't get it. Having gone through something similar on my own recently, it's incredible how locked in I was in my own perspective. I feel like I transitioned from feeling like a movie character into an actual person with an actual life and meaning, and the reasons I felt and was that way went so far back that I wouldn't have identified them on my own. I couldn't have. It took a lot of explaining, talking and thinking to finally feel a bit different, and I have an incredibly compassionate and caring partner helping me with all of it. Considering that Ashley is still so hung up on David (who, honestly, wasn't an A+ boyfriend), I think that makes it much worse for her. What we perceive as blaming others is likely her genuine attempt at evaluating her life, but completely misguided at that.
    People focus very hard on how she grew up wealthy, how her parents aren't really "immigrants", etc. and her omitting her wealth (not okay she lied, by the way), but I don't think she's ever talked much about how she felt growing up, besides in the context of fashion. Her behaviour right now does not develop overnight or just by moving to LA, and I think she has serious issues, going far back. She is obviously her own biggest enemy and a huge inhibitor to her own happiness, for apparently little reason. I'm annoyed with how hypocritical she has been and I'm waiting for her to take responsibility (which won't happen, I'm guessing), but I think people should cut her some slack considering that we actually have very little context. I think the most we know is about her sex life and her uterus........ which is weird as fuck and she should stop.
    She obviously has issues with her self worth and confidence, and those behaviours of putting herself down are habitual and hard to stop on her own. She needs therapy and a serious support system to make her aware of it, because I can't blame her for not listening to comments from strangers on YT. Unfortunately, not having that system is also one of her problems, so I don't see it improving soon unless NY actually does something for her.
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  14. glitzy added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Just wanna throw this in here in the aftermath of Ashley's whole PR situation! Mum Tati herself did it and gave away all of her PR lmaooo  She posted the video 4 days ago, but PULL was down for me until now lmao. Ashley, wanna learn a thing or two?
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  15. glitzy added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    It becomes a problem when she normalizes creepy, mid-40 year old guys staring at her on the street because she's wearing short skirts. She explicitly said that to be "funny and relatable". Her audience is young and should not be taught that exposing yourself in public and putting yourself in danger is okay, nor funny or relatable.
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