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  1. sarahsenpai added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    you guys always say this shit about mira, kota and kaka 
    taylor white knight
    my hobby is pull just like you, you little piss bag
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  2. sarahsenpai added a post in a topic Dakota's videos   

    omg. lol.
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  3. sarahsenpai added a post in a topic Taylor R - Model work   

    You promote and provide a place for crazy people to harm these girls. You are apart of the system that harms them. These girls are just using SNS like any other person on IG - you should be discussing millions of girls then who are attention seeking. If you were pretty enough you would be doing the same - being on this site is attention seeking for validation on your jealous opinions, otherwise you would keep it to yourself and discuss with your friends in REAL LIFE instead of putting it under all the girls names online.
    P.S. I have also seen moderators on here post pictures of girl's homes and addresses, so its not just the "few crazies". Then the rest of you discuss the private information posts and even contact their families. I saw it.
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  4. sarahsenpai added a post in a topic Taylor R Tay Tay Real Face   

    Doing this kota clone crap has aged her in real life too. She botched herself.
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  5. sarahsenpai added a post in a topic Taylor R - Model work   

    A gossip site isn't supposed to post pictures of people's homes, pictures of their work place, police reports of private citizens who are not celebrities, even stalker pictures of the girl's taken from behind in public, and contacting family members or employers of the girls who aren't even involved or discussed on here! I've seen it all on here! Don't kid yourself. You are apart of a hate site and there is no other way you can spin it. Just because there's "OMG MAKEUP" threads doesn't negate the fact that this site has been running for years and taunting girls who are not celebrities. Most of the girls you guys harass on here are not celebrities and deserve to use the internet without being harassed just as much as you think you deserve to not have someone like me writing my opinions on here.
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  6. sarahsenpai added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    Damn, no wonder why you're on a hate site everyday.  Dat face tho. You should go to Korea and try that new face swap surgery imo.
    Before anyone starts squaking "OMG BULLLY!!1!!!":
    1. she put herself out there - all of you use that as an excuse to bully girls online. 
    2. she's a on hate site that bullies and criticizes girls everyday - if she can't take it she shouldn't dish it.
    Don't be hypocrites.
    oh and: MY OPINION!!!!!1!!!!
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  7. sarahsenpai added a post in a topic Kotaclone   

    This girl is just copying the biggest copy cat of Dakota.
    Dakota is the king ping in this shit style and Taylor is the most notorious for being a crazy copy cat of Dakota and the others follow tay tay's lead.
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  8. sarahsenpai added a post in a topic Deleted/rare videos   

    *cringe to death*
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  9. sarahsenpai added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    she's just living off her daddy's money in order to leach off the popularity of other j voggers in order to "one up" dakota, which will never happen lol.
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  10. sarahsenpai added a post in a topic Taylor R - Model work   

    This is a hate site, not a community. If you want a community- delete all the threads stalking and taunting girls on here. 
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  11. sarahsenpai added a post in a topic Taylor R Tay Tay Real Face   

    Exactly Tomie. I agree.
    Taylor has been trying to be famous for YEARS. She saw Kota shoot up with her fame in modeling and is now trying to wear her skin. Taylor is the biggest fame whore and uses her daddy's money to support it. She has no real skills and if she didn't have her dad's money there would be no way she could support herself living in Japan. At least Kota can live in a 2 bedroom apartment in Tokyo with HER OWN MONEY THAT SHE EARNS FROM MODELING. 
    It's hilarious how Taylor white knights are so thirsty for snowflake attention that Taylor can manipulate them by giving them "crumbs" i.e. ideas, beauty tips, clothing ideas that she STEALS FROM OTHER PEOPLE ONLINE that she doesn't actually use!!! A lot of these people on here defending her so desperately are 1. her friends, 2. her sister carly 3. taylor herself and 4. the lonely thirsty pullars on here who want to interact with snowflakes  and taylor si the only one that will throw "pearls" to them that she steals from other people lol. 
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  12. sarahsenpai added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Isn't funny how that thread was locked on lolcow and then the owner said that she will PERMANENTLY BAN anyone who makes another thread about Taylor? The thread wasn't even trolling - it was showing her real face pictures. So, why is Taylor's threads and forums suddenly highly censored and moderating for any "offensive" *cough cough factual* content? You know what that SAYS? Taylor is apart of lolcow or one of her friends owns it and moderates it for her. A bunch of other threads have been derailed and been made a mess out of on lolcow, but those threads weren't locked and then said if anyone makes another thread about this person they will be permanently banned.
    Then when people started calling out the owner claiming that Taylor could be apart of lolcow's censorship of her, the owner suddenly REASSIGNS her position and gives away the site?
    How can you people be so hyper analytical about other girls on here, but turn a blind eye to obvious censorship of Taylor's bullshit?
    Taylor has a major hand in how these forums discuss her and what they show. If not her directly, then indirectly by her friends on here.
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  13. sarahsenpai added a post in a topic Taylor R Tay Tay Real Face   

    Good job seeing this user's manipulation. This user is a Taylor stan and will white knight her to the end because taylor gave them "tips" that she ripped off of other people online in order to make you feel like she's *devulgging her beauty secrets* and "helping you out" LOL
    I applaud you Tomie.
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  14. sarahsenpai added a post in a topic Taylor's issue that she will reveal soon?   

    probably reveal that she wants to wear dakota's skin and ask the hate forums to find kota's address.
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  15. sarahsenpai added a post in a topic Taylor R Tay Tay Real Face   

    nah this thread has all the real photos of her face.
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