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  1. makemecuteinmynextlife added a post in a topic Offline TV General [ + their friends ]   

    True, everyone is different. I hope it works out for them, though!
    And also, very true

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  2. makemecuteinmynextlife added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    This is SO true! I hate that Ashley pretends that everyone is the same as she is. Frankly, it’s insulting. If she actually interacted with people out of her echo chamber of mindless fans/fake influencers friends/guys trying to get in her pants then she would realise how ridiculous she sounds to the rest of us. It’s so frustrating to listen to her trying to speak for everyone. Ashley, you cannot excuse you’re extremely shitty behaviour by pretending that everyone is the same as you. 
    Also, on a side note, I don’t like the “you should marry rich to make movies” thing she said. It’s another example of her pretending she doesn’t come from an extremely privileged background. 
    I think the reason she wants everyone to like her is because she’s obsessed with being a perfectly imperfect movie character and she can’t rationalise the fact that she’s just as flawed and fucked up as every one else on this planet. When she’s doing well, she’s better than other people, and when she’s doing badly, we’re just as bad as her. Like, fuck off.
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  3. makemecuteinmynextlife added a post in a topic Offline TV General [ + their friends ]   

    I’m so happy for her but... doesn’t it kind of seem like a rebound? The Albert thing was kinda recent and she was with him for years. Maybe, I’m just a pessimist but it just seems a bit out of nowhere. Like tbh it did seem like she spent A LOT of time with Michael but idk doesn’t it feel too soon ???? maybe it’s just me
    But anyway I don’t want to keep comparing the two guys but tbh michael and lily are way cuter together than with albert hahaha 
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  4. makemecuteinmynextlife added a post in a topic Offline TV General [ + their friends ]   

    wait this mussttt be a joke right???
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  5. makemecuteinmynextlife added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Imagine blaming romcoms for your internalised misogyny... like A LOT of people grew up watching those movie and we don’t think we’re better than other women and put them down for their interests lol that’s such a bullshit excuse.
    I feel like she barely took responsibility for herself in those videos, and basically acted as if someone forced her to be that way. I get that our environment does change us but she basically said anything she could go shift the blame away from herself. It pisses me off that she acts like everyone else is just as bad as she is. Mind you, I’m not saying everyone else is better and Ashley is the only with that mindset but I just don’t think she should be looking for someone as vague as society, or men, or movies to blame. Like sis?? I honestly just don’t think she even believes in what she’s talking about.
    Also, she’s acting like this stuff was back in 2018 but we all know...
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  6. makemecuteinmynextlife added a post in a topic Offline TV General [ + their friends ]   

    Yeah, it’s acc so cute. I kinda ship them as friends though because I feel like even if she did like him, it would probably be too soon 
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  7. makemecuteinmynextlife added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Anyway, I feel like it’s pretty common for high end events to invite influencer/youtubers just because they know it will bring them more publicity. I don’t think anyone expects them to meet the standards of the event and it’s kind of natural that Ashley wouldn’t look as fashionable compared to the other girls since she’s not a professional or an expert. I didn’t like what she wore either (you can’t even see what she’s wearing cos of the coat lmao) but I just feel like it’s a given that youtubers are going to look out of place at events like that but it’s overall more beneficial to the brand anyway. Most youtubers will always look tacky. So, I can’t really fault her for that cos the brand invited her in the first place.

    Doesn’t this post kinda show that Ashley thinks social awkwardness is a personality trait. It’s like that’s the only identifier she has or something. I swear sometimes Ashley is almost likeable but she’s just too much. Like why does *every* caption have to be all quirky and shit ???
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  8. makemecuteinmynextlife added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Tbh I feel like under all the self deprecating humour and the fake quirkiness, Ashley is actually kind of a boring person. That might sound really harsh but I genuinely feel like all I ever see Ashley following trends or whatever is currently popular.
    Like other people said, if Parasite was her favourite movie ever, why didn’t she mention it until in won an award? It’s really easy to just say you liked it and cash on those “movie nerd brownie points” and pretend you’ve been following the whole film scene last year. It’s like she doesn’t really know anything about film but she wants to seem like she does lol (like why exactly did she major in film again?) Also now she’s mentioning it so much even though that shit was already popular before it won an award. This might sound like gate keeping but I genuinely don’t think she would’ve known about it if Bong Joon-ho hadn’t won an award for it (which is fine btw. Finding movies from award shows is a good thing but the annoying part is just how obvious it is she only likes it because it makes her seem more interested in film than she really is and it’s super popular right now)
    Basically the only things she ever talks about are things that have already been trendy/popular for a long time and then pretends like she’s always known about it. It’s so weird. I don’t know if it’s just because I couldn’t tell before, but I swear she didn’t used to be this generic. Now I just feel annoyed watching her vids because it seems like she basically doesn’t care/know anything about what she’s talking about. Like she’s supposed to be a fashion youtuber but I stg almost all of her outfits are like any teen girl would wear. I feel like all of things she says to try to seem like she’s not like other people is just overcompensating for the fact she only knows how to copy people more interesting than her.
    Maybe I’m just jaded or something but I just find her so boring. 
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  9. makemecuteinmynextlife added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    Those two are just as bad as each other if they’re telling the truth. Like it seems like neither of them a really good people. But she should’ve just let it go especially if her bf didn’t even want to be friends with helen anymore.
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  10. makemecuteinmynextlife added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Yeah, I totally agree. And there's nothing wrong with not having any close friends at your current point in life but I think especially for public figure it would definitely be really hard for her eventually, if it isn't already. And even with that guy she was mentioning for a while (I forgot his name lol), she put him in a video and put him as a reason for staying in LA but I def think she wad getting her hopes up for a guy who was probably thirsty. And I think these issues are gonna be really hard for her because without other people, you can't learn to be self aware. Like a bit of judgement from other people is good but she basically tries as hard as she can to ignore criticism. I wish she had someone to tell her that there are certain problems she needs to address but her fanbase is going to feed her ego so much that I doubt that she ever will anymore. Anyway, it makes me think that she's been alone for a long time. Idk for sure though, these are just my impression.
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  11. makemecuteinmynextlife added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Even though Ashley is only 21 years old, for some reason she always seems super out of touch. It totally seems like she just discovered what tik tok was today lmao...
    Also, ngl it looks a bit shit. I know it sounds harsh but I just honestly think she doesn't have friends to refer to when posting. Like doesn't she have anyone in her life that could tell her honestly if what she's posting is ugly as shit? Like you should obvs post something if you like it but I feel like she just doesn't know that it looks kinda baddd
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  12. makemecuteinmynextlife added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    You totally dodged a bullet. Who even says that to their girlfriend??
    Also Poki and Hasan... is that desperation I smell? If he starts being friend with her again, I’m losing the minuscule amount of respect I have for him. The way she acted towards him was totally not okay. Selling him out for brand image and rubbing dirt in the wound by mocking him on streams aren’t really the signs of a good friend. And I’m starting to think that she thrives off of playing the victim. “This is why I don’t come to hasan’s chat lol.” More like “Guess chat still remembers i’m two-faced lol.” Couldn’t she just talk it out with him off stream if she really cared about making up? But how could we expect maturity from a girl that subtweets her close friend’s breakup...
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  13. makemecuteinmynextlife added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I kind of agree that people should stop policing what is said. The thing is people arguing doesn’t necessarily stop you from commenting or changing the topic. I think posting about how people should stop arguing or that someone’s insults are too mean clogs up the thread just as much as the original post. Also, the way I see it, Dreamycat contributes a lot to the thread when she’s not getting into arguments and there’s some people here and 50% of their post history is them trying to moderate the thread and saying like “this is getting boring” without contributing anything themselves. If all you have to say is that you’re tired of people arguing then just change the topic instead of posting about it because it’s just as annoying. And it’s really discouraging when you’re genuinely trying to explain your thoughts but there’s people who act like you’re only supposed to write whatever pleases them. I don’t always agree with Dreamycat but at least she offers a different perspective. We can either have a thread with the occasional argument or an echo chamber of Yes Men and I know which one I would personally prefer.
    (Sorry, I can’t spoiler cos mobile)
    Anyway, Ashley must be running out of content or something to be making eyeliner videos. Like has anyone genuinely subscribed to her because of her make up? When I first watched Ashley, it was def her personality that made the videos interesting but now I kinda realised that that’s really the only thing that holds her videos together. Because she fills every moment with a one of her life “revelations” or jokes, it makes me forget that what she’s saying is actually really fucking basic information. Like I don’t think I’ve ever genuinely learned something on her channel or thought that I really wanted to wear one of the outfits she’s put together. Like this is literally the girl that has made multiple cropped sweater tutorials that are legit just her hacking the bottom of.
     Yeah, I swear the only way Ashley knows how to make people like her is by humiliating herself in front of them. Like that BTS video in her car. And the sad thing is it actually works. Because people see that she’s just as pathetic as they are and relate to that (since everyone is a little pathetic in some way). She’s like those people that can only make friends by oversharing about their personal problems to make people feel bad for them. And even if she’s annoying, she does have some semblance of a personality so I don’t understand why she has to stoop so low to garner sympathy. 
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  14. makemecuteinmynextlife added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Why does Ashley talk about really sad things in her videos? Like she’s talking about a blanket and suddenly it’s about her being depressed and needing human contact. Or her having acne is because of her crying a lot. I don’t necessarily think it’s bad but I feel like I think a therapist would do her a lot more good then her talking about that stuff in videos. She seems like she has a need to post a lot of personal stuff on social media. 
    Sometimes, I feel like Ashley is just trying to make you feel bad for her. I don’t want to be mean but I think it’s kinda unfair to go easy on someone just because they say things to garner your sympathy. After a while it all starts sounding like “boo hoo” and don’t think she’s the only one with that problem, but still. I just can’t tell if sees feeling sorry for herself, trying to make her viewers feel bad for her, or she’s just saying because... idek?? When you deliberately share something really personal then there must be a reason, right? 
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  15. makemecuteinmynextlife added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    (Sorry for some reason it won't let me quote you)Yes, you can find pictures of him and he looks 100% white. 
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