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  1. Astrid added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Oh damn it, where are we going now? 
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  2. Astrid added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    What music career? 😂
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  3. Astrid added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    She just compared Julia to a dog they treat like a toy......... Always SMOOTH
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  4. Astrid added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Julia, sweetie, if you set your house on fire it will sure look way different from the others, does it means it’s for the better? 
    To be like “everyone else” means you’re average, that would totally be an upgrade for you tho lmao

    Btw why to start to filter and reshape her own face that much?  The more she talks about body acceptance more she shoops her face I don’t get it 
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  5. Astrid added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    She’s whatever Legally Blonde was 
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  6. Astrid added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Eileen kinda reminds me of this giant baby from Spirited Away 
    A big impolite annoying baby

    (Julia doesn’t remind me anyone is this movie cause even anime characters have more realistic personality than her lmao)
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  7. Astrid added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Funny she needs her emotional support dog even tho her wife is standing right next to her. As I said, her whole emotional balance depends on having something between the two of them, and that makes me nauseous, no wonders how that makes HER feels
    I bet the piercing will also be used to nope Eileen away because its healing and sensitive and painful so no touchy touchy. I can only speculate of course but I’m getting those vibes so much lol 
    but for the puppy I think it’s quite simple
    I like smoking, it’s for my emotional support, believe me, it truly is, I get anxious without it so I really need it SO NOW LEMME RELEASE SOME SMOKE IN YOU FACE I’m disabled don’t be mean 🥺
    Kinda same thing with the puppy (except puppies don’t give cancer but you got me) 
    Yes you may have put in your head you “need” something but this is life there are rules some may suck but that’s how it’s get your shit together, you don’t get a free pass because you’re gay and woman and whatever minority you’re in you’re in your mid20s it’s not cute or funny to be a brat 
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  8. Astrid added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    eMoTiOnAl SuPpOrT dOg
    Julia, restaurants have no fault if you need a living creature in between your wife and yourself to prevent her to touch you all the time or being too close.
    Also the Primark panties mask is back!
    I don’t see the point of wearing them if your nose gonna be out but ok
    Btw Eileens tone has changed COMPLETELY lately, it’s like she’s having difficulties to fake her camera over loving persona, she’s openly just taking a piss of her wife pretending what she’s saying is so amazing like WOOOAHHH she doesn’t give a shit anymore 
    Each video it’s more clear how their clock is ticking 
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  9. Astrid added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    This one is always a savage
    Love it! 😂
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  10. Astrid added a post in a topic Lindsay Woods   

    What happened to the plans of being a hairdresser is that she doesn’t like working 😂
    At some point she had some coins from YouTube and lipsticks, she could EASILY have paid for a hairdresser school, COME ON, people working on a 9-5 on very minimum wage in Brazil get to make an absurd effort to pay for this certification to try to get a better life and better opportunities.
    SENAI offers this certificate and the price is not even 1/3 of her rent. 
    And at the time she had some more views she could have gone viral with some alt hair dying like so many Brazilian hairstylists are going now, places like circus hair do a lot of “influencers” hair and they’re expensive af (good for them)
    But she simply can’t move her ass because she thinks the world owns her everything because once she was “famous” on Orkut 
    Now, I do understand people with certain psychological disorders may be prone to act in a certain way that’s not always the most pleasant one and that’s ok and it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person at all
    BUT it can also happen that you’re a shitty person that happens to have a mental disorder, you’re not bad because of the disorder, you’re just shitty. 
    How many people we all know that have some kind of psychological issue are good people even tho they have some difficulties? I’m sure we all do

    At the beginning I saw her and thought “whoa this bitch is so tacky but so coolfor being so unaware of how tacky she’s! She most be nice” but this impression didn’t last long. She’s delusional and full of herself, unbearable
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  11. Astrid added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    I don’t know about the dog shit part BUT I really think Eileen is the kind of person that would kick Julia out on the street without any time to find a place to live as soon as she have enough even tho they’re married and she couldn’t really do this, I 100% believe she would anyway
    So I really hope Julia is the one putting an end of this game and with a backup plan already well set cause I don’t think Eileen is all pink sprinkles and unicorns when she’s mad and out of cameras, it’s all speculation of course, anyway I get a very dark vibe from Eileen, not saying Julia is a poor defenseless victim but I think Julia just married out of pure stupidity and didn’t really checked how deep the waters were before entering in this river of shit
    Eileen is a loner and she has such a fake ass over the top camera attitude together with a shitload of ridiculous words thrown together to try to give the impression she’s so passionate and intelligent while her actions are totally the opposite, so... why to fake stuff? What are you hiding under this act? 
    Also remembering the time she bashed Julia’s mom on a video for the most small petty detail ever, when Julia’s mom accepted her and welcomed her in her house and all Eileen did was to complain and shove her face into her phone even on family dinners. 

    she’s a person full of resentment and another thing I’m sure about Eileen is that she doesn’t really care for anyone and anyone’s needs but hers. It’s so clear how she thinks she’s so much better and superior to everyone, including Julia who she objectifies to the moon and back. 
    She’s a loner, she has been for a long long time, she plays all those stupid internet games with Julia and get to be with a hot young girl but once she’s done with Julia, she’s done with Julia, if you get what I mean
    Clock is fucking ticking to them 
    I don’t like Julia but I really hope she has a safe and calm trip outside of this situation she got herself into 
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  12. Astrid added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    To be fair she got the dog 
    This screenshot gave me depression
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  13. Astrid added a post in a topic Lindsay Woods   

    OMG 😂
    I was going to comment about how annoying it’s this cycle of “I’ll be a strong independent woman now I broke up with my ex” that she repeats hundreds of times but she exposed something even better lmao thank you Kelly, I’d never go through your comments to find this precious pure juice of cringe  
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  14. Astrid added a post in a topic Julia Zelg   

    Omg um watching the new veedeo and it makes me so happy because I feel I found a gemstone of cringe  I’ll have no need to watch cringe content for some months now it totally fulfilled this weird need 
    Also those comments of you guys in here after this veedeo are GOLD please keep it going lmao
    Brw why does she needs to make a footage of showering and brushing teeth?
    Bitch we know what’s to shower and to brush teeth ? couldn’t you just say in the veedeo you went doing your personal hygiene? Like?? 
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  15. Astrid added a post in a topic Lindsay Woods   

    I lost my shit with this video of hers crying she’s traumatized and ended up having metal issues because her mom made her go to regular school and not private school lmao 😂 bitch what the actual fuck she really thinks she’s better than everyone and gets so pissed when she’s not treated as a princess. It’s like when she makes like dozens of stories telling she’s such a warrior and a strong hard worker woman Because she CLEANED HER OWN PLACE....... I’ve seen arms amputees working harder than her lmao
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